This class is designed aid students in preparing for the Michigan

This trimester class is a computer-based practice/review for juniors preparing for the Michigan Merit Exam
(MME). The MME now includes:
 ACT plus writing–
– English, Reading, Science, Math, Writing
 Work Keys –
– Applied Math, Reading for Information
 Michigan Items –
Social Studies, Science, Supplemental Math
Diagnostic testing (pretests) in English, Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies are taken by
students that then place them in individually appropriate review lessons. These lessons (units) will contain
beginning, intermediate and advanced placement in relative instructional components with each subject area.
After approximately two weeks, a post-test in the subject is taken to assess improvement. Most work is
computer-generated and expected to be done in class, however, to aid students desiring extra time and/or to
accommodate excused absences; students can work at home on instructional components (units), as well as, any
other outside sites. However, pre and post-tests MUST be done in class when directed by teacher. Only one
pretest and posttest are allowed (as shown by the program) unless approved by the teacher. Students wishing to
redo a unit (entire 2 week work session) may do so under the teacher’s supervision.
Modules in Test-Taking Strategies and National Career Readiness (Work Keys) are also included. Also
included is completion of the Junior-year requirements of student’s Educational Development Plans (EDPs)
through a website maintained by the Ottawa Area ISD.
Grading Criteria:
As facilitators, the teachers of this class will be monitoring the progress students using the following criteria:
Pre/post-test improvement, both on a Full ACT/MME Test, as well as individual subjects
Work completed and time worked on needed units (programs provide teachers with time-on-task
Usage of class time on task, including behavior
Weekly printed reports evidencing work completed
Grades are based on a student improving HIS/HER abilities in subject knowledge/test-taking skills and are NOT
a comparison level with other students. The grade in this class indicates a student’s efforts and progress as
defined by the grading criteria and are not an indication of scoring/success on the MME/ACT test itself.
Course Resources:
Students will be working with several on-line resources, but primarily:
ACT Student (
Test Gears (
Work Keys (
Michigan Electronic Library(
Test Preview (
Spark notes (
Spark notes (
Purdue Writing Lab (
o worksheets/
o Chemistry:
o Multiple topics:
o Physical Science:
o Biology:
Social Studies
o Student generated sites
Students are advised to keep a record of portfolio names and passwords for future use (accounts are kept active
during their senior year) and duplicate accounts are not allowed.
Additional Lab time is provided at lunch in 559 Lab and several afterschool opportunities. (Check with Mrs.
Durham for specific days.)
Christy Durham
Rm. 559