Vocabulary Words for Reading and Social Studies

Vocabulary Words for Reading and Social Studies
Vocabulary Test on Friday, October 21st
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Reading: Play Ball! & Earth Smart
donate- means you give some of your time or money to help other people.
unaware- you do not know that something is happening.
members- are people who are part of the same group.
contribute- you work with a group by giving your time, money, or efforts to read a
common goal.
solar- energy from the sun that is used for electricity.
recycled- is to have made something new form an old item
nature- all the plants, animals, and natural resources in the outside world
compost- a mixture of rotting matter, such as , leaves, grass, or straw that can be used for
Social Studies: Bar and Line Graphs ; Protecting Our Environment
graph- is a special kind of picture that shows information in a way that is easy to
bar graph- has bars to show amounts at one time
line graph- show how something changes over time, a line connects dots that give
information for different dates
coast- is land next to a large body of water
peninsula- land that has water on three sides
Ex. The state of Florida
island- is land that is completely surrounded by water
wildlife- are the wild animals that live in an area