Sci Method Vocab

Scientific Method- Used by scientists to conduct experiments
Hypothesis- The prediction scientists make before an experiment. What
we think will happen.
Procedures- The steps followed in and experiment.
Constant – The things that scientists keep the same for each part in the
Control Group- The thing or group that is not being experimented on but
is used for comparison.
Variable- Something that changes.
Independent Variable- The part of the experiment that the scientist
changes on purpose, what we test.
-------------------Conclusion- What was learned from the experiment.
Dependent variable- What happened in the experiment. The results,
what responded to what was tested.
Mass- How much matter an object has.
Volume- How much space something takes up.
Graduated cylinder- A tool to accurately measure volume.
Meter- The metric unit of length
Gram- The metric unit for mass.
Hazardous- Dangerous.
Flammable- Can catch fire easily.
Eye wash- An area to flush chemicals from eyes.
Graph- A way to present data.
X axis- The horizontal axis on a graph (across)
y axis- The vertical axis on a graph (up and down).
Pie chart- A graph used for parts of a whole.
Bar graph- A graph used to show comparisons.
Range- From the largest to the smallest #. In the birthday graph the
range is 10-1 = 9
Interval- The number used on the graph. In the birthday graph the
interval is 2 because the y-axis is counting by two’s.
Triple beam balance- The tool used to measure mass.