World Regional Geography—Paper

Hurt, Cultural, Fall 2008
25 points
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Living on a Lifeboat
Your mission is to write a review and critique of the article “Living on a Lifeboat” by
Garrett Hardin. Instead of only summarizing his main points, you should analyze them as
well. You may want to answer many of the following questions:
-What are the main ideas of the article?
-What is the Tragedy of the Commons?
-What do you think about his overall arguments?
-Do you agree or disagree with the lifeboat metaphor?
-Is it the responsibility of wealthy countries to feed nations that are unable to feed
-Are the problems discussed in Hardin’s 1974 article better or worse today?
Length of papers will vary, although you’ll likely need two or three pages to thoroughly
address the issues raised by Hardin. Your TYPED, DOUBLE SPACED, and STAPLED
paper is due at the beginning of class on Thursday, September 4.
-Summary of specific “Lifeboat” themes, strengths, and weaknesses
-Analysis of themes, strengths, and weaknesses
-Appropriate grammar, spelling, paper structure, etc.