Lifeboat Exercise


Lifeboat Exercise

Imagine that the cruise liner, on which you have been having the vacation of a lifetime, has just sunk, following a devastating explosion in the boilers. With very little time available to save yourself, you now find yourself adrift in a lifeboat with other survivors, miles from the nearest land and without the means of contacting the outside world to call for help.

Your lifeboat is totally alone and contains other survivors like yourself. The lifeboat, however, is not quite full and has the capacity to take four more survivors and no more. As time goes by, the lifeboat comes across the following survivors in the water:

Mother and child (count as one)

Liner’s First Mate

16 year old boy (high dependency drug user)

86 year old woman

Winner of a reality show


80 year old survivor of the Asian Tsunami disaster

Secondary school teacher

Lone parent

Foreign National


Head of an organized drug consortium

In your group, your task is to decide which four survivors in the water you wish to save. Be prepared to justify your decision afterwards to the group as a whole.