Timeline of the Meiji Period

Timeline of the Meiji Period (1868-1912)
Emperor Mutsuhito creates the Five Charter Oath that ends exclusive rule
by the bakufu and introduces a more democratic government.
A family register system identifies the Ainu as being Japanese, no longer
recognizing them as a distinct people.
The Constitution of the Empire of Japan creates the Imperial Diet, elected
House of Representatives and the House of Peers.
Yukichi Fukuzawa writes an essay "Leaving Asia"arguing that Japan should
become one of the civilized countries of the world. His writing influences
many economic and technological developments.
During this period, Japan employs over 3000 foreign experts and sends
many Japanese students overseas to seek new knowledge.
Japan takes control of much of Asia’s market for manufactured goods,
especially textiles.
Ainu people are forced to farm government plots or work in the fishing
industry and their language is outlawed.
Government-sponsored telegraph cable links are established in all major
Japanese cities.