Assessment Information Sheet Program Concentration Area

Assessment Information Sheet
Program Concentration Area: Engineering & Technology
Career Pathway:
Testing Agency:
Exam Blueprint:
Exam Cost:
Duration of Exam:
Number of
Cut Score:
NOCTI Customer
Setup and Test
Students must successfully pass the following three courses in order to
sit for the End-of-Pathway Assessment:
 21.44100 Foundations of Manufacturing and Materials Science
 21.44500 Robotics and Automated Systems
 21.44400 Production Enterprises
MSSC Certified Production Technician (CPT)
Includes four modules (assessments):
 Safety
 Quality Practices & Measurement
 Manufacturing Processes & Production
 Maintenance Awareness
Note: Students must pass all four assessments to receive CPT
Manufacturing Skills Standards Council (MSSC):
Exam Dispensed by NOCTI:
Complete exam blueprint competencies are made available to school
sites by MSSC once sites are established as MSSC Assessment Centers.
For a brief description of the competencies covered on each exam, go
to the following link:
$18.50 per assessment module ($74.00 per student for all four
90 Minutes per module
Note: Administration can be one 90-minute session or two 45-minute
Test code 7667 (Safety): 78 questions
Test code 7668 (Quality Practices & Measurement): 80 questions
Test code 7669 (Manufacturing Processes & Production): 84
Test code 7670 (Maintenance Awareness): 84 questions
Safety – 76%
Quality Practices & Measurement – 75%
Manufacturing Processes & Production – 74%
Maintenance Awareness – 73%
Become an Authorized MSSC Secondary Assessment Center
 Sites interested in becoming an Authorized MSSC Secondary
Assessment Center must register through the MSSC at no cost.
Contact Ryan Beal or Katie Garvas (703) 739-9000 to obtain
the order form. Also, go to the following link to learn more
about establishing your school site as an assessment center:
Assessment Information Sheet
Testing Format:
Site coordinator/proctors are required to attend a
webinar‐based Assessment Training workshop facilitated by
Once the training requirement is met, the site coordinator will
receive a testing agreement form from NOCTI (via email).
The testing agreement must be completed and returned to
The site coordinator will be sent a welcome email with account
details, an order form and any supplemental materials needed
to successfully manage the MSSC testing program.
The Client Services Center will be used to manage the testing
program and access resource materials. A site code and
password are required for access and are provided in the
welcome email.
Order Process
 The site coordinator will register test takers and submit the
completed MSSC assessment order form to the MSSC. The
MSSC will confirm the order and send approved orders to
NOCTI. Note: The MSSC requires two business days to verify
 Once NOCTI receives the order from the MSSC, the order will
be processed and the site coordinator will receive email
 Site coordinators will retrieve the user codes from the Client
Services Center (using the log‐in credentials provided in the
welcome email) and provide the user codes to the test proctor.
 The test proctor will distribute user codes to test takers on the
day of testing and oversee the online test administration.
 Final test scores will be emailed to site coordinator at the
completion of the test.
 Certificates will be sent to the site within 6 weeks by the MSSC.
Administered using QuadNet, NOCTI’s online administration system.
Complete computer setup information is available at the Client
Services Center.
Windows Users
Minimum Operating System and Hardware Requirements:
 Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP, or Windows Vista
current with service packs and updates. All necessary service
packs and updates can be obtained at no charge by using the
Windows Update feature on your local machine.
Assessment Information Sheet
Test Availability:
Testing Agency
GaDOE Contact for
GaDOE Contact for
Curriculum Area:
128 MB RAM
Pentium II-350 MHz processor
1024 x 768 resolution is highly recommended
Mac Users
Minimum Operating System and Hardware Requirements:
 OS X version 10.3.9 or higher
 128 MB RAM
 G3 processor
Year round availability
Name: Heidi Speese
Title: Senior Project Coordinator
Telephone Number: 800-334-6283, ext. 225
Email Address: [email protected]
Specific Inquiries
Ordering: [email protected] or 800-334-6283
General, Technical Support, Scoring: [email protected] or 800-3346283
Name: Mamie Hanson
Telephone Number: (404) 657-6279
Email: [email protected]
Name: Ronald Barker
Telephone Number: (404) 657-8316
Email: [email protected]