John, Paul, George and Ringo – The Beatles

Who is ‘John, Paul, George and Ringo – The
Beatles Tribute’ ?
Me & My Monkey - The Beatles Tribute
Rod Bollinger as John Lennon (vocals, guitar, keyboards, harmonica)
Paul Sacco as Paul McCartney (vocals, bass, keyboards)
George Jara as George Harrison (vocals, guitar)
Michael Daniel as Ringo Starr (vocals, drums)
The two original members, George Jara (George Harrison) and Rod Bollinger (John Lennon), have been with the group
since it’s inception just six years ago, adding Michael Daniel (Ringo Starr) shortly there afterward, and as recently as three
years ago, adding Paul Sacco (Paul McCartney) to complete the line-up. Since then the band has traveled extensively
perfecting its' world class ‘Tribute to The Beatles’ along the way. With numerous television appearances, and headlining
many festivals as well as opening for a handful of classic rock favorites in the United States (even playing with the likes of
Denny Laine (of Paul McCartney’s Wings) and Gordon Waller of Peter and Gordon), Me & My Monkey was more
ready than ever to invade the shores of the U.K. In an interview with a brit-pop magazine, Paul Sacco (Paul McCartney)
states: “We feel there is only one way to do this…the right way. We’ll stop at nothing to give people the feeling that they
are actually seeing and hearing the Beatles live.” “We actually are very competitive within the band itself, as far as the
attention to detail. We are our own toughest critics.”
*The Cavern Club - Liverpool England "The Most Famous Club in the World"
The Dallas Stars - NHL
The Dallas Mavericks - NBA
The Texas Rangers - MLB
Texas Motor Speedway
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer - MGM
MPI - Meeting Planners International
Six Flags Over Texas
Frito-Lay Corporation
Weekender's International
NAPA - Genuine Parts Company
Radio Shack World Headquarters
United Way
Clear Channel Broadcasting 92.5 KZPS
Belo Corporation - ABC
CBS Radio - KLUV Radio
Habitat For Humanity
Choctaw Casinos
FW Weekly 2003 Cover Band of the Year
FW Weekly 2006 Cover Band of the Year
Fort Worth Convention Center - Ft. Worth, TX.
Arlington Convention Center - Arlington, TX.
RioFest - Harlingen, TX.
Texas A&M University – Kingsville
…just to name a few. More references available upon request
“Things We Said Today…”
“…And anyone who’s seen Me & My Monkey, knows it’s like holding a mirror up to the Beatles!” - Malcom Mayhew - Ft.
Worth Star Telegram
“Paul Sacco is a dead-ringer for Paul McCartney… Me & My Monkey is one of the greatest tribute acts in the world”
“Just one listen to Rod (as Lennon) and George (as Harrison) playing the note for note double lead guitar on “And Your
Bird Can Sing” would cause any die-hard mop-topper to dial up his Doctor Robert!” - Brett Johnson - NBC News
“The highest viewer rated Beatles website with the most viewer-rated votes over all -” - The Beatles Internet Resource Guide
"We loved Me and My Monkey. They are professional, flexible, and
responsive in every way- not to mention great musicians. The second they
began playing the crowd started dancing, young and old, and never stopped. A
year after our daughter's wedding reception our friends still comment on
what a blast they had. John, Paul, George, and Ringo would be proud."
Tom and Kathy Grieve
MLB athlete/Texas Rangers/Broadcaster
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Live Review of Me and My Monkey – The Beatles Tribute in Liverpool, England
“… go and see the greatest tribute band in the world: "Me and My Monkey."
“Rod had the crowd in stitches with his accent.” “Paul Sacco is a dead ringer for Paul McCartney!” “They played at The
Cavern Club, Royal Court Theatre, and they apparently closed Castle St. (Mathew Street Festival – England’s
Largest Free Festival). “…Everyone I talked to said that Me and My Monkey was the best Beatles Tribute band in the
world! Hey they should know they grew up with this band!”
Staff writer
NEC held a 60's themed party for some of our largest customers at John
Ascuaga's Nugget Hotel and Casino in Reno, Nevada. The focal point was
Me and My Monkey and everyone had an absolute blast. The Beatles music and
costuming were big hits, and people of all ages and backgrounds thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The band's
professionalism and talent make them an excellent entertainment choice and I look forward to hiring them again!
Frank Viola
AGM, Sales Support – NEC