Chapter 6 Quiz Group 6 1.All of the following are differences

Chapter 6 Quiz
Group 6
1.All of the following are differences between idiocentric and allocentric
personalities EXCEPT…
A. Health Consciousness
B. Contentment
C. Shopaholics
D. Travel and Entertainment
2. A Paris-based organization that conducts international measurements of
lifestyles and sociocultural change in more than 40 countries
3. Which of the following is NOT involved in psychographics?
A. Anthropological factors
B. Psychological factors
C. Sociological factors
D. Geographical factors
4. Which of these is not relevant to consumer behavior?
A. Materialism
B. Socialism
C. Frugality
D. Need for cognition
5. Which of these is a form of pychographic analysis?
A. Lifestyle profile
B. Product specific profile
C. General lifestyle study
D. All of the above
6. ____________ occurs when the symbolic meanings of different products relate to
one another.
A. Consumption Constellation
B. Psychographics
C. Product Complementarity
D. Branding Strategies
7. ___________ refers to analytical techniques that combine data on consumer
expenditures and other socioeconomic factors with geographic information about
the areas in which people live, in order to identify consumers who share common
consumption patterns.
A. Food Culture
B. Branding Strategies
C. Psychographics
D. Geodemography
8. Person, product, and setting combine to express a _____________.
A. Consumption constellation
B. Consumption style
C. Pattern of behavior
D. Lifestyle profile
9. The Pillsbury Doughboy is an example of a(n) _______________.
A. Doppelganger brand image
B. Animism
C. Brand personality
D. Personality trait
10. AIOs are a combination of which three categories of variables?
A. Activities, interests and opinions
B. Attributes, income, and origin
C. Attitude, interests, and opinions
D. Attributes, income, and occupation
11. The “party animal” of the mind operates to maximize pleasure and avoid pain,
guiding its behavior, according to…
A. Psychology
B. Pleasure Principle
C. Reality Principle
D. Motivational Research
12. Which of the following is NOT a method used to perform psychographic
A. Lifestyle profile
B. Product specific profile
C. General lifestyle segmentation
D. Diverse product profile
13. Which of the following is NOT a Shadow Characteristic archetype according to
BrandAsset Valuator®?
A. Slave
B. Orphan
C. Librarian
D. Destroyer
14. _______ is the system that mediates between the id and the superego.
A. Impression
B. Temptation
C. Ego
D. Gratification
15. A lifestyle profile…
A. looks for items that differentiate between users and nonusers
B. identifies a target group
C. bases groups on similarities of preferences
D. tailors questions to a product category
16. When marketers from other companies team up to promote two or more
products they are using which strategy?
A. Product Strategy
B. Consumer Strategy
C. Marketing Strategy
D. Branding Strategy
17. ________ allow us to describe who buys, but _________ tells us why they do.
A. Demographics; psychographics
B. Psychographics; demographics
C. Demographics; lifestyles
D. None of the above
18. A _________ is a pattern of food and beverage consumption that reflects the
values of a social group.
A. Food preference
B. Food behavior
C. Food culture
D. Food prototype
19. After walking by McDonald’s, Abby received a message on her cell phone about
the new items on the McDonald’s value menu. The marketing technique
McDonald’s is implementing is called:
A. Lifestyle marketing
B. Behavioral targeting
C. Psychographics
D. None of the above
20. What does a motivational researcher identify?
A. Consumer Behavior
B. Consumption Motives
C. Biological Behavior
D. Buying Motives
1. C
2. D
3. D
4. B
5. D
6. C
7. D
8. B
9. C
10. A
11. B
12. D
13. C
14. C
15. A
16. D
17. A
18. C
19. C
20. B