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MUN Issue Research: Position Paper Assignment


The next step in our Model UN preparation is to write a position paper for the three issues addressed by your committee. A position paper is

written descripti on of your country’s policies on the issues.


The position paper should be 1-2 pages, single-spaced. Please doublespace between paragraphs.

Be sure to include plenty of specific details. Use the Topic Background

Guide you received for each topic as a starting point. The sources cited in that report, along with the organizations mentioned, should be helpful.

Include parenthetical documentation of your sources, and prepare a Works

Cited page. Both must be in proper MLA format. Use your

Pocket Style


, or refer to www.dianahacker.com for guidelines on MLA formatting. On the Diana Hacker site, click on

Student Sites

, then click on

Pocket Style Manual

, then click on

Research and Documentation Online

(you will be redirected), then click on

Documenting Sources

in the

Humanities (MLA)


Your Position Paper should include the following information…

A brief introduction to your country and its history concerning the topic and committee;

One or more body paragraphs that include: o

Your country’s actions on the issue on a


level; o

Your country’s actions on the issue on an



(including UN resolutions, conventions and declarations your country supports) o

Quotes taken from sp eeches on the issue made by your country’s head of government or government representatives

A conclusion that describes what actions your country believes need to be taken to resolve the issue.

Suggested Resources:

A great place to begin researching is the UNA-USA website. Go to www.unausa.org and click on

Model UN

. Look on the left side of the page and click on

Model UN Preparation Guide

. There you will see links that provide help with Position Papers and a number of research links. Also, the

Cyberschoolbus site may be helpful as well. That address is www.cyberschoolbus.un.org.


: A grading rubric will be provided in class. Please note that the Position

Paper should be a


document that has been carefully edited! I am more

than happy to consult with you about your paper and/or read a draft. Please take advantage of my help!