IB English Exam Components

IB English Exam Components
Internal Assessment: 50% of score
10 % World Lit. 1: compare / contrast paper on TWO of the
The Stranger
Chronicle of a Death Foretold
10% World Lit: 2: Free choice paper / “creative” paper on the work
you did NOT write about in World Lit 1 or Hedda Gabler
The above two essays are required of ALL students in IB English 4. Both will be
completed by winter break.
Oral Presentations: 30% of score
Informal oral presentation: completed junior year
Formal Oral Commentary: based on the following: (March of sr. year)
The Great Gatsby
Frost poems “Design”; “After Apple Picking”; “Mending Wall”
T.S. Eliot’s “Lovesong of J.Alfred Prufrock” (taught senior yr.)
Hamlet (taught senior year)
Students will be given a passage from one of the above works to discuss.
The commentaries are taped and sent to an IB moderator.
(Note: Students in IB English 4 who are not taking the IB exam will be given an alternative oral
presentation assignment)
External Assessment: 2 written exams in May – 50% of score
Paper 1: Unseen commentary: 25%
Students have two hours to write a commentary on their choice
of a previously unseen poem or prose passage
Paper 2: Response to Literature: 25%
Students have two hours to write a response to literature on a
question of their choice. Responses are based on at least 2 of
the following works: (all novels will be read spring semester)
Heart of Darkness
Things Fall Apart
The Guide