Environmental Science Chapter 4 Review Sheet: The Organization

Environmental Science Chapter 4 Review Sheet: The Organization of Life
For the test tomorrow: 1) complete and study this review sheet, 2) look over your notes, 3) make sure you
corrected all quiz mistakes, 4) study your notes. In addition, make sure you know how to make line gaphs.
1) Use your book or notes to define the following terms
a. habitat
b. abiotic factors
c. natural selection
d. population
e. evolution
f. species
g. artificial selection
h. adaptation
i. biotic factor
j. resistance
k. bacteria
l. fungi
m. protists
n. plants
o. animals
2) Give several examples of biotic and abiotic factors in an ecosystem.
3) Describe the importance of habitat to organisms.
4) How is natural selection related to the process of evolution?
5) Which two kingdoms contain organisms that can use energy from the sun to make food
6) Which of the following kingdoms includes algae?
7) Give an example of adaptation.
8) Give an example of the evolution of resistance.
9) Describe artificial selection by giving an example.
10) Name the 6 kingdoms of organisms and give example for each.
11) Give an example of a vertebrae and invertebrate animal.