JAR-66 B2 Certification privileges

Max allowable Certification Scope “Avionici” Certifying staff category B1 Lim, B2, A
JAR 66.20 Categories and certification privileges
66.A.20 Privileges
JAR 66.25 Basic knowledge requirements
66.A.25 Basic knowledge requirements
(a) Certifying staff must demonstrate by examination a level of knowledge acceptable to the JAA full member Authority,
in subject modules appropriate to the JAR–66.20 category for which a JAR–66 aircraft maintenance
licence is issued or extended.
(b) The levels of knowledge are directly related to the complexity of certifications appropriate to the particular JAR–
66.20 category which means that category A must demonstrate a limited but adequate level of knowledge,
whereas category B1 and B2 must demonstrate a complete level of knowledge in the appropriate subject modules.
Note: JAR–66 Section 2 Appendix 1 contains detailed information on category A, B1 and B2 levels
of knowledge.
B2 Certification privileges, ATA related.
AMC 66.25 Basic Knowledge – Introduction
13.3 Autoflight
(ATA 22)
13.4 Communication
(ATA 23)
(ATA 34)
13.5 Electrical Power
(ATA 24)
13.6 Equipment and Furnishings
(ATA 25)
only : Electronic emergency equipment requirements;Cabin entertainment equipment.
13.7 Flight Controls
(ATA 27)
only : System operation: electrical, fly by wire.
13.8 Instrument Systems
(ATA 31)
13.9 Lights
(ATA 33)
13.10 On board Maintenance Systems
(ATA 45)
14.1 Turbine Engines
(ATA 73)
only : Electronic Engine control and fuel metering systems (FADEC);
14.2 Engine Indicating Systems
(ATA 77)
Exhaust gas temperature/Interstage turbine temperature systems;
Engine speed;
Engine Thrust Indication: Engine Pressure Ratio, engine turbine discharge pressure or jet pipe pressure
Oil pressure and temperature;
Fuel pressure, temperature and flow;
Manifold pressure;
B1.1 limited. Certification privileges
Air Conditioning and Cabin Pressurisation
Fire Protection
Ice and Rain Protection
(ATA 21)
(ATA 26)
(ATA 30)
A Certification privileges
Category A certification privileges shall be restricted to work that the licence holder has personally performed.
See: AMC 145.A.30 (g) Personnel requirements
1. For the purposes of category A minor scheduled line maintenance means
any minor scheduled inspection/check up to and including a weekly check specified in the operators approved aircraft
maintenance programme.
For aircraft maintenance programmes that do not specify a weekly check, the competent authority will determine the most
significant check that is considered equivalent to a weekly check.
2. Typical tasks permitted after appropriate task training to be carried out by the category A for the purpose of the
category A issuing an aircraft certificate of release to service as specified in 145.A.50 as part of minor scheduled line
maintenance or simple defect rectification are contained in the following list:
a. Replacement of wheel assemblies.
b. Replacement of wheel brake units.
c. Replacement of emergency equipment .
d. Replacement of ovens, boilers and beverage makers.
e. Replacement of internal and external lights, filaments and flash tubes.
Already covered by B2
f. Replacement of windscreen wiper blades.
Already covered by B1 Lim
g. Replacement of passenger and cabin crew seats, seat belts and harnesses.
h. Closing of cowlings and refitment of quick access inspection panels.
i. Replacement of toilet system components but excluding gate valves.
j. Simple repairs and replacement of internal compartment doors and placards but excluding doors forming part of a
pressure structure.
k. Simple repairs and replacement of overhead storage compartment doors and cabin furnishing items.
l. Replacement of static wicks.
Already covered by B2
m. Replacement of aircraft main and APU aircraft batteries.
Already covered by B2
n. Replacement of inflight entertainment system components but excluding public address. Already covered by B2
o. Routine lubrication and replenishment of all system fluids and gases.
p. The de-activation only of sub-systems and aircraft components as permitted by the operator's minimum equipment list
where such de-activation is agreed by the competent authority as a simple task.
q. Replacement of any other component as agreed by the Agency for a particular aircraft type only where it is agreed that
the task is simple.
NOTE: This list will be periodically updated in the light of ongoing experience and technological changes.