DGCA Paper-2 Question Paper, OCT
1. Trickle charging in lead acid battery
a. prevent sulphation
b. for fresh & fully charge
c. maintain electrolyte
2. High pass filter allow to pass
a. Carrier frequency
b. Audio frequency*
C. Steady to dc level
d. ATA
3. Refueling of the a/c from stored can & barrel must be run with
A. Plastic fuel strainer b. chamois’s & non conductive strainer
c. Chamois & metal screen*
d. any non conductive strainer
4. Higher resistivity in which material
a. lead b. copper c. aluminum
d. silver*
5. power factor in R-C circuit
a. 0
b. between 0& 1
c. between 0 & -1
d. unity
6. Before fuelling using pressure fuelling
a. Truck pump pressure must be correct to the tank
b. Truck pump pr. Equal to tank booster pump.
c. -------------------------------------------------------------7. RF frequency range
a. One band HF 3-30 mhz
b. Two band HF & VHF
c. Three band HF , VHF & MF
d. Four band HF,MF,VHF,UHF*
8. Voltage gain 200 and current gain is 50 calculate power gain
a. 4
b. 10000mA
c. 10000uA
(old 9A)
d. 10000
9. (A¯+B¯) boolen algebra indicate
a. A¯+B¯ b. A¯-B¯
c. A¯.B¯*
d. A¯.B
10. Oscillator circuit used in
a. +ve feedback*
b. –ve feedback
c. zero feedback
11. NAND gate input connected together the circuit is
a. OR
c. NOT*
12. In digital circuit NAND GATE
a. OR
b. NOT
13. During forming process of al. alloy making repair
a. Hammers and mallet*
c. rotary machine used
b. Hit & try to max. achieve
14. Bend allowance is
(15A pg.146)
a. Thickness of material to bend
c.length of material required to bend*
b. Radius of material to bend
15. 20000 ?/v
a. 5ma b. 20mA c. 50 mA d.200 mA
16. Smoke detector used in cargo & baggage compartment
a. Chemical detector
b. photo electric cell* detector
(15A pg.144)
17. Fittings used in a/c
a. Thimble
b. shackles
c. terminal
18. Which pin used in tierod terminal& secondary control
a. Tapper pin
b. flathead pin*
c. cotter pin
d. both a&b
19. Turnbuckles are fitted in cable assembly for purpose of
a. Making for minor adjustments *
20. Convert binary to decimal 10110101
a. 254
b. 264
c. 181*
21. An aircraft cable have
a. High mechanical efficiency
c. setup by without backlash
b. Important for precise control
d. ATA*
22. MTCS regarding cable wire
a. The dia of the wire determine the total dia of the cable*
b. Length of the cable c. material
23. In primary control cable is used
a. 7×19*
24. a/c control cable made of
a. carbon steel*
25. which fastener is used for securing cowlings
a. gust lock fastener
c. camloc*
b. shakproof
d. both 1&3
26. bulb diagram
a. r1 will glow
b. r2 will glow
c. both r1&r2 will glow*
d. none
27. part no. AN470AD3-5 AD indicates
a. 2017-T
28. Universal head rivet combination of (The universal head rivet is a combination of the roundhead,
flathead, and brazier head.)
a. Countersunk , brazier head
c. countersunk ,flathead
b. Flathead, brazier head*
29. Rivet is identified by
a. Part number
b. AN standard no.
c.MS standard no.
d. ATA*
30. In rivet head marking indicate
a. Material*
b. coating
c. heat treatment
d. ATA
31. Solid shank rivet identified by
a. Shape
b. color
c. size of shank*
d. ATA
32. NAS stand for
a. National aerospace standard *
c. national aviation standard
b. National aircraft standard
33. Which washer is used in high vibration condition
A. Shakeproof lock washer*
c. lockwasher
B. Special washer
34. Regarding helicoil MTCS
a. Made of 18-8 stainless steel wire
c. have diamond shape cross section
b. Threads in unified coarse
d. ATA*
35. Which type of micrometer used with torque wrench
a. Flexible beam
c. rigid & frame
b. Rachet type*
d. ATA
36. Identified aircraft nut diagram
a. Boosts aircraft nut*
c. elastic stop nut
b. Elastic self locking nut
37. The castle nut AN310 is used in drilled shank
a. AN hex head bolts
c. eye bolt
b. Clevis
d. ATA*
38. Bolt identification diagram
a. AN standard steel bolt
c. AN standard steel bolt(corrosion resistant)*
b. Close tolerance bolt
39. MTCS
a. When bolt is tightened nut is hold &bolt head is turn
b. Screw is turned by its head *
c. Threaded screw is pointed
40. Brinell hardness no. measure
a. Dia of impression*
b. resistance to penetration
41. Which treatment is reduce the hardness of harden steel
a. Normalizing
b. annealing*
c. case hardening d. tempering
42. H2 indicate
a. Strained hardened only
b. strained hardened & partially annealed*
43. Lockbolt diagram identified
a. Pull type
b.stump type*
c. blind type
44. Intergrannular corrosion which type NDT method used
a. UST*
b. eddy current
c. x-ray
45. Aircraft cooling system consist of
a. A source of compressed air, heat exchanger, turbine*
b. Bleed air , turbine , heat exchanger
46. Chord line
a. Leading edge to trailing edge*
b. Wing tip to tip
c. Trailing edge to leading edge
a. Indicate all engine parameter
48. Identifiy line diagram
a. Visible
b. stitch
c. datum*
49. Aircraft jacking MTCS
a. At least 4 jacking points provided for jacking purpose
b. Jacking leg does not interfere to any aircraftsystem*
c. Before jacking parking brake should be ON
d. ATA
50. 1159000000 indicates
a. 115.9MHz*
51. Demagnetization by holding the parts done by
a. AC current *
b. DC current
c. both AC & DC
52. Slat is used for
a. Reduce stalling speed*
c. drag increase
b. Speed increase in takeoff
53. Micrometer vernier scale reading
a. .2792*
54. Micrometer reading
b. 1.456
d. none
55. Leveling of aircraft carried out by
a. A scale used with plumb bob placed with level
longitudinally & laterally*
56. Regarding tie down MTCS
a. Tie down connect to lift strut
b. The 1 inches slackness provided for movement*
c. ---------------d. ATA
57. Useful load
a. Max. gross weight – empty weight*
58. For engine starting which type fire extinguisher is used
a. Co2
c. halogenated*
b. dry powder
59. Which generator have poor voltage regulation
a. Series*
b. shunt
c. compound
60. Which type fire extinguisher is used on class-C fire
a. Co2
b. Halogenated hydrocarbon
c.dry powder
d. both a & b*
61. In case of short circuit of capacitor ohmmeter indicates
a. Infinity
b. reads zero & stay there*
62. Semiconductor diode measure in ohmmeter what it will indicate
a.Low resistance in both portion of lead
b. one side of portion high & opposite side low resistence*
c. high resistance in portion of the lead
63. Self inductance one hennery equal to
a.10v & one amp/second c. 1v &10 amp/second
b. 1 milivolt & 1 amp/second
d. one volt & one amp/second*
64. The iron core provide in transformer
a. Low reluctance for magnetic line of force*
b. Reduce Eddy current loss
65. Inverter MTCS
a. It convert dc to ac*
c. rotary inverter consist of AC motor & ACgenerator
b. Solid state static inverter used as a rectifier
d. ATA
66. NOT gate indicate
a. Inverse *
67. Battery connection MTCS
a. When removing battery negative lead remove first*
68. Bypass ratio
A. Ratio between air flow core of the engine & fan air*
69. Engg. Drawing Round solid section indicate
70. Total piston displacement
a. Depend upon compression ratio
b. Piston displacement in cylinder
c. Both a&b*
71. Kirchoff mesh law
a. ?IR = 0 *
72. ATA code 27
a. Air condition
b. auto pilot
b. c. Fire protection
d. Flight control*
73. R.M.S. value of half wave circuit current is 10 amps , what will its value for full wave
a. 14.14 amps*
c.20 amps
b. 14.14 ?
74. While storing the aircraft in the hanger
a. The fuel tank should be empty
b. The fuel tank should partially filled
c. The fuel tank should be filled*
75. Taxi signal
a. Left turn*
76. For the statement “output is low when all inputs are high” gates are
a. Positive OR/ negative AND
b. Positive AND/ NEGATIVE OR
c. Positive NAND / negative NOR*
77. When lead is increased then a point is reached when a faint luminious spark of bluish colour appears
along the length of counductor this effect is known as
a. Corona effect*
78. 8 – bit resister that store the memory o/p when read operation is performed
a. MDR*
79. Computer which receive data & does not transfer data
a. Memory Address Register(MAR) & IR *
80. Working principle of airspeed indicator
a. Differential pressure between and static and pitot probe*
81. Transistor is used over vaccum tube having drawbacks
a. Transistor have low power dissipation
b. Have low input impedance
c. Dependent upon temp.
d. ATA*
82. A metal which can be hammered , rolled or pressed into various shapes without
cracking ,breaking or leaving some other detrimental effect
a. Malleability*
83. Which type of aluminum used in aircraft construction for stringer , bulkheads , skin , rivets, extruded
a. Wrought aluminum alloy*
84. A bolt is used on shear load
a. Clevis bolt*
85. A punch is used of drive out damaged rivets
a. Pin punch*
86. After servicing , electrical leakage in ni-cd battery should be checked by
a. Miliohmmeter
b. Milivoltmeter
c. miliammeter
d. any of the above
87. A D.C. generator consist of
a. Rotating armature, field windings ,pole shoes*
88. Moving coil instrument measure
a. Only D.C.
b. Only A.C.
C. Both AC & DC*
89. IN repairing the primary & secondary structure
a. Structural repair manual*
90. The welding method suitable for welding tools & equipment is
a. TIG
b. Gas metal arc welding
c. Shielded arc welding*
91. After welding if found pitting adjacent the weld it probably indicates
a. Rapid cooling
b. Excessive heat during welding*
c. Both A & B
92. During flight instances , when angle of attack increases , centre of pressure moves
a. Forward move*
93. Most of the aircraft use 400 hz AC system use because
a. Has high inductive reactance
b. As in a & this allows to use of small motors & equipments*
94. After charging ni- cd battery if any of the cells are found unbalanced the battery
should be
a. Deep cycled*
95. 1180 about aluminum alloy means
a. 99.8% pure aluminum alloy with one control overheat treatment
96. Regarding aircraft wire AN-20 and specification MIL- W-5806
a. It is Copper wire
b. As in 1 and has high conductance air than inconduit
c. aluminum wire
97. Identify diagram
a. Automatic , push reset, push reset &pull off,switch type*
98. When drilling soft metal the cutting angle
a. 90 degree*
b. 118 degree
99. When charging lead- acid battery that indicate
a. Cathode plate color chocolate brown
b. Voltage increase
c. Sulphuric acid specific gravity decrease
100. When hydraulic lock detected
a. Remove either front or rear spark plug and rotate through. *
(a) Low resistance indicates forward bias