Study Guide - Abnormal

Study Guide
Exam IV
Abnormal Psychology
Spring, 2011
Two of the following will be the essay questions on Exam IV:
Describe the different phases of the sexual response cycle identified by Masters and
Describe the three categories of sexual disorders in order of prevalence and define each.
Discuss the symptoms, possible causes, and treatments of female sexual arousal disorder
and male erectile disorder.
Briefly explain voyeurism, exhibitionism, and frotteurism.
Distinguish among and define substance intoxication, withdrawal, abuse, and
Describe the cognitive and behavioral treatments for alcoholism, and the elements
of relapse prevention programs.
Discuss some of the major impulse-control disorders mentioned in the text.
Describe the different components of the biopsychosocial approach to physical
health. Provide examples.
What are the two branches of the human immune system?
Who may be committed to a psychiatric institution? Identify and discuss the criteria and
circumstances under which a person may be involuntarily committed for psychiatric
treatment. What rights do committed persons have?
Discuss how competency to stand trial is determined. Discuss characteristics of people
most likely to be referred for competency evaluation and those most likely to be found
incompetent to stand trial.
Describe the verdict of guilty but mentally ill (GBMI).