1Emanuel_Density Worksheet1

Unit 2.2 Worksheet 1: Material Identification
Given this graph of experimental mass vs. volume data, answer questions 1-4.
1. Discuss the physical meaning of the slope of the lines on this graph.
2. Why do the data for metal 1 produce a graph with a different slope from the graph representing
metal 2?
3. What is the physical meaning of the vertical intercept of this graph?
4. Use a reference source such as the Internet or a textbook to find what elements the metals tested
could be. Explain your answers.
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MPS 2.2 Physical Properties-Density ws1 v2.1
5. Suppose you have two materials with different densities. In the boxes below, draw a diagram of
the atomic structures that could account for the difference in the densities of the two materials.
Less Dense
More Dense
Given the following mass vs. volume graph, answer questions 6 and 7
6. What is the density of this material?
7.What would be the volume of a 200. g sample of this material?
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MPS 2.2 Physical Properties-Density ws1 v2.1