Online – Hofstra 2013 Contract

JP’S Sports & Rock Solid Promotions Inc.
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The Long Island National
Online Contract – 2013
JP’S Sports Promotions will be hosting a two day show at Hofstra University which is located in
Uniondale Long Island New York.
The University is approx. 20 miles from New York City.
Show hours will be Sat. 10:00am – 5:00pm and Sun10:00am – 4:00pm
We will have one free autograph guest each day with paid admission. Additional paid autograph guests
will be added.
We will have approx 100 booths and 100 additional tables at the show.
There are two types of setups available. The first being a 8’ by 12’ booth setup with two 8’ tables
supplied. The second being a table setup with an 8 foot table supplied.
CITY:______________________________________ STATE:________ ZIP CODE:______________
TELEPHONE:____________________ FAX:___________________ EMAIL:____________________
NY STATE SALES TAX NUMBER:_____________________________________________________
Please reserve the following booths/tables.
__________ 8’ by 12’ Booth is $350 total for both days and any additional booths are $325 each.
__________ 8’ Table is $175 for both days and any additional tables are $165 each.
Please note a $100 deposit per booth or $50 deposit per table are required with return of this contract.
Your request constitutes your acceptance of all show rules and policies as stated on the reverse of this form.
Once received & approved a copy of this form will be sent back to you.
Amount Paid:______________ Your Signature:_____________________________ Date:_______________
1) Applicants for table space must be at least 18 years of age. Applicants under 18 years of age must have a signature from a
parent or legal guardian.
2) Refunds on table fees will not be made unless the table is resold by JP’S Sports & Rock Solid Promotions.
3) The re-sale or transfer of tables is not permitted.
4) Dealers must provide their own table coverings for the show.
5) The registered dealer is expected to be at the show for the entire show or have a working representative there for them.
6) Badges will be supplied for dealers and must be worn at all times.
7) A booth/table reservation entitles the dealer to 2 badges per booth/table reservation.
8) Each dealer is required to follow all state, federal and local laws regarding taxes.
9) Dealers are required to have and display a NY state sales tax certificate.
10) The dealer assumes the responsibility of his/her own insurance coverage.
11) You may not sell any misrepresented, forged, stolen, counterfeit merchandise of any kind. If a dealer is
found doing so they can and will be removed from the show.
12) No games of chance and/or gambling games are allowed.
13) Security guards supplied by JP’S Sports & Rock Solid Promotions will be on duty for the entire show.
14) Neither JP’S Sports & Rock Solid Promotions nor the facility where the show is taking place are to be held responsible for
the damage or loss of any material or an injury or loss to any person for any reason.
15) Dealers are expected to dress, present and conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.
16) Dealers are expected to keep the booth/table areas clean at all times.
17) JP’S Sports & Rock Solid Promotions reserves the right to deny a table rental to any individual for any reason without
18) No Soliciting of any kind of any other Sports Card and Memorabilia show is allowed inside a JP’S Sports Rock Solid
Promotions Show, unless approved by JP’S Sports Rock Solid Promotions Management.
19) JP’S Sports & Rock Solid Promotions reserves the right to establish any additional Rules, Policies and Procedures.
20) Terms specified on this form are deemed as a contractual agreement between the registered dealer and JP’S Sports & Rock
Solid Promotions.
21) Submitting this form the dealer agrees to all rules, policies and procedures stated on this form.
Please read all of the above before you submit this form