Personal Dictionary Project

Personal Dictionary Project
One of your assignments will be to keep track of your own new vocabulary. As
you read, keep track of new words; you will compile this list, adding new words
every week. The words may come from your textbook, newspaper or magazine
articles, or your outside reading book, but you must cite their location. The
requirement is 50 words—each entry is worth two points, for a total of 100. The
following is an example of what your entries must look like. If you do not follow
directions, you will lose points.
placid (plas’ id) adj. calm
(Original sentence) “Crying, whistling, calling, they skimmed the placid sea and
left the shore.”
(Source) “The Birds.” DuMaurier, Daphne. Timeless Voices, Timeless Themes:
Gold Level: 51.
(synonyms; antonyms) mild, tranquil; choppy, rough
(your own sentence)
Your sentences will be written in class on the day they are due. I will collect PDPs
February 13 and April 25. Extra credit entries (15) will be accepted March 21.