Marketing Mix Review

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Marketing Mix, Review
Define the following:
Marketing Mix
Product (define and list 5 things for this)
Price (define and list 3 items)
Place (define & list 4 items)
Promotion (define & list 4 items)
Target Market
Consumer Market
Industrial Market
Market Share
Market Segmentation
Market Concept
Directions: Use the following links to determine what the marketing mix is for Coca-Cola and UnderArmour. (also find link on class website)
Promotion (also find link on class website)
Directions: Read the following scenario, keeping in mind the following key concepts: the four Ps of the marketing mix,
industrial market, consumer market, customer profile, and market share. Below, note the details of this scenario related
to each concept.
Scenario: An apparel manufacturer makes garments for sports-related activities. A major portion of its business is
selling sports-related garments to high schools, colleges, and professional sports teams. The other portion of its
business focuses on young males and females who buy sports-related apparel for their personal use. These young adults
are between the ages of 20 and 35 with household incomes of over $50,000. They are active and fashion-conscious.
The garments are designed to be comfortable. They use fabrics that are currently in fashion and are priced a little higher
than most competitors. The company has 40 percent of the athletic apparel market. Some of the reasons for its
popularity are the use of professional athletes to endorse this brand and the extensive advertising done in broadcast
and print media. Sports-related magazines like Sports Illustrated, Golf, Tennis, and Health and Fitness are used to
promote the brand. Consumers can purchase these products in specialty sports shops and major department stores.
1. What are the Four Ps of the Marketing Mix in this scenario:
a. Product:
b. Price:
c. Place:
d. Promotion:
2. Who is the Industrial Market in this scenario:
3. Who is the Consumer Market in this scenario:
4. What makes up the Customer Profile in this scenario:
5. What is the Market Share in this scenario: