Lesson Plan Template

Lesson Plan Template
Grade: Third
Title of Lesson: Here We Are
Time: Est. 30 minutes
GLCE(s)/HSCE(s) Met: G1-3-G1.0.1
Subject: Social Studies
Specific Objective(s): Create an awareness of where MI is situated with
Canada, surrounding states, and great lakes. Students should know that MI’s
location makes it unique.
Material List: Black line outline map of MI (see Elementary Links-Michigan on
Homepage) World Map USA Map
Assessments: (Including Rubrics if Used)
1) Pre Lesson: Discussion of how MI is a part of the U.S. “puzzle”
2) During Lesson (“Checks for Understanding”): Teacher reviews
progress of map labeling
3) Post Lesson: Students complete black line map and review over the
next several lessons
Necessary Student Prerequisites: Knowledge of the four cardinal directions
Special Classroom Needs: Wall Map of Michigan or Overhead Transparencysame black line as students
(Some students may need to be grouped in twos or threes.)
Hook (Anticipatory Set): We are going to look at where MI is located and see
who can discover things that make MI unique.
Step-By-Step Instructions (with “Chunks” of Learning):
1. Look at a world map, or globe, and find Michigan, move to a United States
Map and find Michigan.
2. Look at black line map of Michigan.
3. Discussion/review of the four cardinal directions N, S, E, & W.
4. Ask who knows what is north, south, east, and west of MI.
5. Label maps together: MI, Upper and Lower Peninsulas, the Great Lakes,
boarding states, and finish with Canada.
Differentiation Portions: This is a “do together” activity but some, or all,
could work in groups and check each others work (spelling and placement) early
finishers could add color to their map (sandy coastline, blue edges for water,
green interior for MI).
Modeling Portion: Use of wall map and overhead
Guided Practice: Entire map is done together with overhead
Questions Throughout Lesson with Possible Constructed Responses:
In which direction is_______________? What is both north and east of MI?
What direction would you have to go from Ohio to Canada? And anything else
you can think to ask.
Closure/Student Reflection: Review the map labels and directions. While
discussing MI’s place in the United States and World.
Technology Elements: Maps from the Elementary Links page
Teacher’s Self Reflection: Did I cover this enough to have a foundation to
begin the history lessons?
References: Black line map from Elementary Links page