m:robe Battery Life Issues

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m:robe Battery Life Issues
The specifications for the m:robe music players note the continuous playback times as approx. 8
hours (WMA) and approx. 12 hours (MP3). The footnote for these times cite an environment of
WMA/MP3 tracks formatted at 128 kbps, 44.1 kHz at room temperature (25C(77F)), with the
backlight turned on, and with the volume set to a medium level. Below are usages and settings which
can reduce playing time by increasing battery power consumption.
Random Play
Random Play consumes more power than sequential play because it uses search algorithms that
consume more power. To determine if the player is set in Random Play use the following steps:
m:robe100—In the MAIN MENU go to MUSIC SETTINGS and RANDOM. The player will show
OFF or ON.
m:robe500—Press the TOOLS icon in the lower right corner of the LCD screen. PLAYBACK
SETTINGS will show the RANDOM PLAY status (OFF/ON).
Large Library Content
As the content of the Library in the m:robe increases the firmware resources used to search for tracks
employ more complex tasks. These tasks consume more power, thereby reducing playtime. You may
also experience search times becoming longer. Just as with the hard drive of a computer with a large
data content, the m:robe is searching through a greater amount of data and will slow down.
Using the EQUALIZER functions apply more sophisticated processing of the tracks during playback.
These functions consume more power than standard playback. For example, ON THE TRAIN mode
has a higher power consumption the other EQUALIZER functions. Longer playing times will result
by setting the EQUALIZER to OFF.
High mp3 Compression
High mp3 compression and Variable Bit Rate (VBR) formatting use more power because of the
complexity of the track decoding process during playback. Use lower quality compression.
If the BACKLIGHT in the m:robe 100 is always set to ON the player will use more power. The user
can set the length of time the BACKLIGHT remains on after a selection to save power—3, 5, 15, and
30 seconds.
LCD Screen
Use of the LCD screen in the m:robe 500 consumes significant power resources. It is recommended
to use the bundled Remote for function controls to extend playing time.
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Last updated on March 9, 2016
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Charging via USB
Charging an m:robe via the USB port is not recommended. Usually a USB port will have 500
milliamps (1/2 amp) of current. It is likely to be even less—100 to 300 milliamps. It is not the
voltage but the amperage which determines how much operating time you will get with any battery
powered electronic device. ALWAYS use the AC Adapter Charger when charging the m:robe. The
output is 2 amps and will allow longer playing time than a USB charge. Normal charging time is 3
Cold Temperatures
Batteries in cold temperature environments lose efficiency because the lower temperatures slow the
chemical process producing the current powering the player. If the player is to be used in a low
temperature environment it is recommended that it be kept in a pocket inside the coat so the player
can be warmed by body heat. An outside pocket will not warm the player sufficiently to boost battery
Headphones and Speakers
m:robe music players are designed to be used with earbuds and featherweight earphones. When used
with these accessories the playing volume is more than sufficient. Heavier headphones and minispeakers require higher wattage to produce sound. Therefore the sound level of the m:robe will have
to be set to higher (even maximum) levels to drive these accessories, causing greater battery drain.
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