Secondary National Strategy
Outline lesson plan
How Science Works
Handout KS4 7
2c Work accurately and safely, individually and with others, when collecting first
hand data.
6d. The properties of a material determine it’s uses.
Breadth of study context
Lesson objective (s)
ALL students will:
 Be able to describe the properties required for a good MP3 player case
 Be able to evaluate a method for it’s accuracy
MOST students will:
 Plan their method in order to get accurate results
Planned sequence of
activities, including
starter and plenary.
Describe for each
activity, its purpose in
the teaching sequence.
SOME students will:
 Be able to carry out accurate measurements
Starter: Show students pictures of different MP3 players – ask what problems
they find with them.
How does an old player look compared to a new one?
Students work in small groups to discuss the properties of an ideal case for a
Today we are going to look at How easily different materials will shatter…
Main activity:
Significant or uncommon
Any particular advice or
instructions for the
Plenary: Students leave their apparatus and results tables around the room
and then go around each group and evaluate each others methods for
ACCURACY using a prompt sheet..
A variety of different materials to test. Several different sample sizes.
Range of Newtonmeters.
Range of mass sets.
Range of rules/measuring devices.
Cardboard/newspaper to put on floor in case of falling masses!
G Clamps? With wooden blocks.
Pictures of MP3 players.
Clamp stands for rulers.
Prompt sheet for the plenary….include space for students to write good points
about each other, and points for improvement.
Have fun!
Science notes
LM/Consultants’ Network Meeting
January 2006
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Take 4 students to the front of the class and demonstrate different
ways of measuring their height – get students to assess the accuracy
of each measurement (e.g use a 30cm ruler, use a metre ruler, against
a height chart with no care taken…..etc.)…agree on a definition of
Agree on the actual OUTCOME of the measurements….we are looking
to see the effect a force has on each material. (May need a worksheet
or demo here?)
Students carry out practical in small groups…remind them they are
looking for ACCURATE results…