Before enter to discuss the definition in the next chapter, in this chapter will be
explain a little about background of the study, formulation of research problems,
purpose of the study, significance of the study, scope and limitation of the study,
definition of Key Terms, and the organization of the study.
A. Background of the study
Everyone who has born in the world must have language. Language is a
system of sound, words etc. used by humans to communicate, thought and
feeling.1 It is a means of communication or to explain idea or knowledge to
another person. When we communicate, we use language to accomplish some
functions such as arguing, persuading or promoting. Without using language, it is
hard to image how people can cooperate one another. In other word, language is
very important in human life. In this world, there are many kinds of language.
One of them is English.
English is one of the most widespread language on earth. The people use it
either as the first or a second one. English is used for communication means from
many countries in the world. So, English is unifier language of people in the
world that will not cause misunderstanding or misinterpret in the communication.
Martin H. Manser, Oxford Learner’s Pocket Dictionary, (Oxford : Oxford University Press,
1995). P. 233.
In Indonesia, English is a foreign language that is important to develop the
science, technology, culture and communication with other introduced in the
world. Because of too important, English need being introduced to children. The
children have good memories capacity which is very valuable in learning
language. Teaching English need special ways and appropriate methods to
overcome some troubles and difficulties because English is different with our
native language and sometimes, it is regard as not important to be learned. The
learners regard that they are Indonesian, not American, Australian or European.
So, based on it, they are not serious and lazy to study English. And it’s evidence
the more shows that a lot of learners in Indonesian get some troubles and
difficulty in mastering English well.
“Children learning English as a foreign language also make errors which can
be seen as a sign of active learning. These errors give us evidence that both first
and second language children are not just imitating what they hear like parrots,
but working out how the language system operators. The errors give us windows
to look through and see what they have discovered about long so far”.2
English has been taught starting from elementary school up to university.
Based on the 1994 elementary educational curriculum, they are several local
subjects including English, which maybe given to elementary school.
Elementary school places English as one of required program that develops
students’ basic skill. Teaching English at elementary school needs a long time to
acquire it perfectly; more over there are four integrated skill such as listening,
speaking, reading and writing that must be mastered well. It is obvious that all of
Jayne Moon, Children Learning English, (Hongkong : Oxford University Press, 1993), P.1
skill and components are sharply different from the first. Teaching English is
different with teaching other lessons. Teacher’s rule is much needed. The teacher
should try to improve their skills and knowledge. He must be able to explain
briefly, clearly and correctly, moreover he has to explain the material interesting
so students will feel interest and have better motivation in learning English. In
other word, the teachers may remove an interesting situation by using various
suitable teaching technique and media for teaching and learning process, will not
run well. Moreover students will face many problems. The factor which influence
students in English learning in elementary school are; mother tongue, materials,
social interaction, media and background of the family.3 The problems in learning
English which came from students are, got minim score in English lesson
compared with other lesson because there’s no desire from student self to study
English well, as like join English guide out of school as in English course. The
researchers want to know some problems concerning with English teaching
learning and how the teacher overcomes there problems. The problems are from
teacher in their teaching and student for their learning in English.
Based on the background above, the writer want to research about problems in
English teaching learning to students of SDN 2 Karangrejo. Finally the writer
takes the title” A Descriptive Study on Problems in English Teaching Learning At
SDN 2 Karangrejo”.
The writer wants to describe the English teaching learning because :
Kasiani KE Suyanto, English For Learners (EYL), (Jakarta : PT. Bumi Aksara, 2007). P.21.
1. The English teacher who gives educations and teach them is not a specific
teacher. The English teacher is not graduated from the English Department
and he doesn’t have experience in teaching English.
2. The students have low in linguistic and non linguistic, because they have
different intellectual capacity, motivation, interest or some other factors
influence their learning.
3. The school is located in a village that is not supportive to English teaching
and learning.
B. Formulation of Research Problems
1. What are the teacher’s problems in English teaching and learning at SDN 2
Karangrejo ?
2. What are the student’s problems in English teaching and learning of SDN 2
Karangrejo ?
3. What are the solutions for the problems ?
C. Purpose of the Study
The study is directed
1. To know what the teacher’s problems in English teaching and learning at
SDN 2 Karangrejo.
2. To know what the students’ problems in English teaching and learning at
SDN 2 Karangrejo.
3. To know what are the solutions for the problems.
D. Significance of the study
In Theoretically the result of this study its expected to give worthy
contribution for the science in English teaching and learning, especially for
elementary level, because the way of teaching at primary level is very different
with the second level. So, with this information, for all subjects who are interested
in the English teaching will be understand and know about a good technique and
method in teaching English.
In practically, the writer hopes that the result of the study is useful.
1. For the teacher
a. Research finds are expected to provide information to English teacher’s
about problems which faced by his/her students.
b. To increase better techniques in English teaching process.
c. He will get input how to overcome students’ problems well.
2. For the students
To inform the students in their problems in learning English and the better
way in English learning process.
3. For the Headmaster
a. To give suggestion and motivation to the teacher and students in English
teaching learning well.
b. To give information to headmaster about English teacher’s problems and
students’ problems.
c. To improve students’ English ability.
4. For the writer
a. The writer knows the problems in English teaching and learning
(linguistic and non linguistic factors) faced by elementary students.
b. To develop technique of teaching as a candidate of English teacher.
E. Scope and Limitation of Study
1. Scope
The scope of study focuses on a descriptive study on the problems in
English teaching and learning at SDN 2 Karangrejo Kampak.
2. Limitation
The limitation of this study focuses on a descriptive study on the problems
in English teaching and learning at SDN 2 Karangrejo Kampak that can be
found into three elements in teaching English at SDN 2 Karangrejo Kampak,
they are.
a. English teaching and learning process
b. Problems of English teaching and learning
c. The solution of the problems English teaching and learning
F. Definition of Key Terms
1. Conceptually
a. Descriptive Study
Descriptive study means developing of time and thought to investigate
something and the data collected as in words. According to Jean Piaget
(Swiss Psychology) learn to think for children, because he curtained by
this method he will gets answer the epistemology question, as like “how
do we get science” and “how do we know what are we know”. 4
b. Problem in English Teaching
A problem is something that is difficult to deal with or understand.
Teaching means work of teacher in giving instruction to students.
c. Problems in English Learning
Learning is gaining knowledge or skill in a subject or activity. In this
study, problems are difficulties in getting knowledge about English.
2. Operationally
Problems in English teaching learning at SDN 2 Karangrejo, its means
four and those problems that faced by students at SDN 2 Karangrejo. Problem
in this study contain :
a. The teacher’s problems mean difficulties of teacher to transform English
knowledge, mastering material, selecting media, and technique of English
teaching. Pupils may have found English very difficult because of the way
Syaiful Sagala, Konsep Makna Pembelajaran, (Bandung : CV. Alfabeta, 2005). P. 24
English lesson was taught and a change of method could stimulate their
b. Student’s problems mean difficulties of students in achieving goals.
Students admitted and have difficulties in mastering material learning and
factor that influence student’s problems.
G. The Organization of The Study
This thesis by the title A descriptive study on the problems in English
teaching learning at SDN II Karangrejo.
This thesis is divided into five chapters.
Chapter I : (Introduction), it includes : background of the study, formulation of
research problems, purpose of the study, significance of the study.
Scope and limitation of the study definition of key terms and
organization of study.
Chapter II : (Review of Related Literature), the writer explains following aspects:
English teaching at elementary school the teacher’s problems in
English teaching at elementary school, student’s problem in English
learning at elementary school and the last is the solutions of
problems teaching and learning at elementary school.
Chapter III: (Research methodology), the writer presents research design, setting
and subject of the study, kinds of data and data source, population
and sampling, variable, methods and instrument, and data analysis.
Chapter IV: (Result of Research and Discussion), it includes description of the
location of research, the design of English teaching learning to the
students of SDN II Karangrejo, the teacher’s problems in English
teaching to the students of SDN II Karangrejo, and student’s
problems in English learning to the students of SDN II Karangrejo.
Chapter V : (conclusion and suggestion), the writer presents the conclusion of this
research and give suggestion.
A. Research Design
Before going to the point of research, it is better to know first the definition of
research. Research is the people initiate which is done as systematic to follow
mythology rules, examples observation as systematic, decontrol and based on the
real theory and be reinforced by the indication.
They are many kinds of research design based on the characteristic research,
such as research, descriptive research, development research and soon. Based on
the characteristic of research, the kinds of this research are designed to give
information and clear illustration about social situation with the objective of
descriptive research. In this case the point of descriptive research is to collect and
accumulate the basic data in descriptive way, it intents to make description about
problems of English teaching learning.
The research designed used by the researcher is descriptive qualitative. The
researcher saves the data to describe to observed object by using statistic it intense
to make description about the problems of English teaching learning at SDN II
Karangrejo. So the research emphasize on trying to find out the linguistic
(vocabulary and pronunciation\0 and non linguistic (psychological, sociological,
society environment) problem of student and teacher.
B. Subject of The Study
The place of the research at SDN II Karangrejo for fifth class. The researcher
chose this class because she thinks it is easy to be observed. So they will know
what problem that they faced in teaching learning.
C. Variable
Variable is all object of the research. To obtain preciously, it’s necessary to
identity the variable. This study includes single variable. That is the problems in
English teaching learning.
Than for making easier the researcher it’s divided into two sub variable, they
are :
The teacher’s problems in English teaching
The student’s problems in English learning.
D. Kinds of Data and Data Source
Data is something important in the research. The data sources of data are
subject where data can be gotten.5
1. Primary data
It gotten and collected by the researcher thought the first object directly. They
are questionnaire and interview.
Suharsimi Arikunto, Prosedur Penelitian Suatu Pendekatan Praktik, (Jakarta : Rineka Cipta,
2002), P.42
2. Secondary data
It can get from the other resources. It can from the history of the school or the
documentation in observation.
E. Method of Collective Data and Instruments
The method of collective data and instruments is one of important thing in
research to help her work easier, more effective and more efficient. There are
some method and collecting data. There are questionnaire, interview, observation
and documentation.
1. Questionnaire
This questionnaire is the questions written about that are used to get
information about their selves or other from object. It’s will be done by the
students about their problem. The aim of questionnaire is to get information
about the student’s problem in English learning.
2. Interview
The interview is done by the interview to get some information. In this
research, the interview will be done by the research; it can get from
headmaster, the English teacher or students directly.
3. Observation
Observation is the way to get data of research. it’s used to get data of English
teaching learning process, it know and interpret setting happened activity of
teacher and students in the classroom. In this research, the researcher uses
direct observation, the instrument to collect the data.
4. Documentation
Documentation is something that is written.6 Documentation method is data
collecting used by the research by using written object. They will take the data
from some related documents. They are geography of school, the students and
English teacher’s data, vision and mission etc.
F. Method of Data Analysis
After the data were collected, the researcher analyzed it. In this research, the
researcher has two kinds of data, they are quantitative and qualitative.
1. Quantitative approach
Quantitative approach is concerned with the amount or number of student’s
problems in English teaching learning to the fifth year of SDN II Karangrejo.
2. Qualitative approach
Its concerned with how the student’s problems in English teaching learning to
the fifth year of SDN II Karangrejo.
Ibid, P.158
- Azhar, Arsyad, Media Pembelajaran, (Jakarta : PT. Raja Gravindo Persada,
Arikunto, Suharsimi, Prosedur Penelitian Suatu Pendekatan Praktik, (Jakarta :
Rineka Cipta, 2002).
Suyanto, Kasiani English For Young Learners (EYL), (Jakarta : PT. Bumi Aksara,
A Descriptive Study on the Problems in English
Teaching Learning for the Fifth Year Students of
SDN II Karangrejo
A Thesis Proposal
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