Committee Crossword - Goshen Community Schools


Congress Crossword

(Chapter 12, Sections 1, 2 pp. 320-333)

Across 2. Type of committee that is permanent where bills are first sent to be reviewed 3. Leader and most powerful person in the House of Representatives 10. Date that a new session in Congress begins 11. A temporary committee made up of both chambers to find a compromise on a bill 13. The committee in the House of Representatives that decides which bills will come back to the floor to be debated on 14. The number of standing committees in the Senate 15. Leader of the Senate when the Vice-President is absent 16. Speech given by the President reporting how he/she feels the country is doing

Down 1. Leader of the Senate 4. Says that those in Congress the longest get the more important positions 5. A committee made up of members of both chambers 6. Leaders for each party 7. The number of Joint Committees 8. Assistant floor leader who checks to see what party members will or will not vote for a bill 9. Meeting where party leadership and committee membership is decided 11. The leader of a standing committee 12. The number of Standing Committees in the House of Representatives