Basic Kitchen Devices and
• A kitchen utensil is a hand-held tool used to
prepare food
• Can you think of any kitchen utensils?
• Make sure you take care of utensils and clean
them after each use
Measuring Utensils
• Cooking is math oriented- proper measuring is
a must!
– If your measurements are off, it could impact the
• Dry measuring Cups- used to measure _____?
– Examples: Flour, sugar
– Usually come in a variety of shapes, and
Measuring Utensils
• Liquid Measuring Cup- measures __________?
– Made of clear glass or plastic
– Examples: milk, and stock
• Measuring Spoons- measures
small amounts of liquid and dry
– Usually comes in sets of 4 (1/2 tsp., 1 tsp., ½
Tbsp., 1Tbsp)
Measuring Video
Cutting Utensils
• Paring Knife- trimming and peeling vegetables
• Chef’s Knife- chop, dice, and mince fruits and
• Serrated Knife- cuts delicate items like bread
• Butcher knife- Cuts large pieces of meat
• Cutting board- protects knife blade and
• Peeler- thinly peel carrots, potatoes, and apples
Cutting Utensils
• Can opener- opens cans
• Grater- Shredding, and grating foods
– Example- shred cheese, slice potatoes
• Kitchen shears- cut open bags and cuts herbs
Mixing Utensils
Mixing bowls
Large Spoons
Rubber spatulas are used to fold ingredients
Rotary beater- whip, beat, and mix
What is the main purpose of a mixing utensil?
Cooking Utensils
• Kitchen fork- Used to hold meat for slicing or
turning food over
• Turner- used to flip foods
• Tongs- Flip meat while broiling or frying
• Ladles- serve punches, soups, and stews
• Slotted spoon- remove food from cooking
Other Utensils
• Colander- rinsing fruits and vegetables,
draining cook foods like pasta
• Strainers- Used to separate food from liquid
that is too fine for the colander
• Thermometers- takes the temperature of
• Rolling pin- used to flatten dough into a thin,
even layer
• Timer- ???
Cookware vs. Bakeware
• Cookware is your pots and pans used to cook
• What is bakeware?
• Skillet- frying pan
– Is this a cookware or bakeware?
• Square and circle pans are used to bake cakes,
bar cookies
• Muffin pans are used for cupcakes and muffins
• Other pans to think of:
– Pizza
– Loaf
– pie
Quiz Time
• 1. Give 2 examples of ingredients that would
be measured in dry measuring cups.
• 2. True/ False A rolling pin is used to roll
dough into balls
• 3. Name 3 pieces of bakeware that could make
a cake
• 4. True/ False Not all cookware and bakeware
materials are suited for every use
Let’s form Kitchen Groups!
• Teacher will assign the groups and kitchen #
• When groups come together write your names
on a sheet of paper
• Go to your kitchen!
– Find an object you can use to measure 1 Tbsp of salt
– Find an object you can mix a large amount of dry
– Find an object you can bake cupcakes in
– Find an object you can use to stir ingredients with
while cooking on the stove
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