Review short story unit

Short Story – Test Review
Plot diagram:
Narrative Hook
Rising action
Falling action
“A Day’s Wait” –
Why was Schatz so quiet the day he was sick?
What time of year does this story take place?
Why doesn’t Schatz want anyone in his room with him?
Schatz thought that he was going to _______________.
“Seventh Grade” –
Victor & Michael: both are interested in _______________
Michael does what to get girls to notice him?
Victor is interested in _______________ in particular
Why does Victor pretend to know French?
Mr. Bueller’s personality =
“Thank You, M’am” –
What does Roger intent to do to Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones at first?
Mrs. Jones can be described as:
Why does Mrs. Jones take Roger home?
Why does Roger want money?
Why does Mrs. Jones give Roger money?
“Names / Nombres” –
Why does Julia have problem with her name when she comes back to America?
Why didn’t she like to tell her classmates she was from the Dominican Republic?
In high school, what did Julia like to be called?
Describe how Julia felt when her family attended school events:
Julia’s friends called her something Mrs. Alvarez hated; it was _______________.
“Zebra” –
Explain why Zebra was just standing in the school yard when he meets Mr. Wilson.
Why was John carrying a plastic bag?
Describe what the helicopter Zebra made for John showed his classmates (feelings).
Why was Leon’s name inscribed on the wall the John Wilson visited?
How did John Wilson lose his arm?
“A Crush” –
What started the gossip in town?
Explain why the ladies dislike Dolores.
Why did Ernie bring flowers to Dolores?
What happened as a result of Ernie giving the flowers (cause / effect)?
What is the theme of the story?
Terms –
Short stories
Rising action
Falling action
Main character
Minor character
“Zebra” – think about the story he tells about the bird with a broken wing – how does this relate to
“Seventh Grade”--How did Mr. Bueller respond to Victor’s lie about speaking French? (what did he
do/ not do and why?)
“Names / Nombres” – why is the title in two languages? How does it relate to the main idea?
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*Do not worry about short story vocabulary words!
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Literary terms quiz
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