ADVANCED BIO FINAL EXAM 2013-14 Name___________________
Directions – answer the following in complete sentences and paragraph form. Be
sure to complete this section within THIRTY-FIVE TO FOURTY-FIVE minutes so
you’ll have enough time to complete part II of the exam. Be sure to put your name on the
answer sheet.
1. Imagine you are an oncologist explaining cancer to a group of interns.
- What are four ways an oncologist can differentiate cancer cells from benign
cells in a biopsy?
- There are three genetic mechanisms that regulate the cell cycle. What are these
mechanisms, and how does their malfunction lead to cancer?
- Surgery, radiation and chemotherapy are traditionally used to treat cancer.
Name and explain the use of three alternative cancer treatments.
2. In our Marine Biology unit we devoted much time investigating barrier islands. We
visited Wallops Island and studied formation of, succession on, and evolution of
barrier islands.
- Name and describe the three theories that explain barrier island formation.
- Also describe the process of succession on a Mid Atlantic Barrier Island from
the intertidal zone to the Maritime Forest.
- Be sure to include pioneer species, seral communities and climax communities,
along with details of the process of dune buildup.
- Finally explain the meaning of the phrase “The Tragedy of the Commons.”
- Provide two examples of how barrier islands suffer as a result of “The Tragedy
of the Commons.”