Fungi Review

Fungi Review
1. What are some similarities and differences between fungi and plants?
2. Describe the roles of fungi as decomposers and as parasites. Give examples.
3. What are mycelia and hyphae?
4. What carbohydrate is in the cell wall of fungus?
5. a) What are the parts of a lichen?
b) What does each contribute to the other?
c) Why are lichens important?
6. Given your knowledge of fungi, what growth conditions might favor the fungus that
causes athlete’s foot?
7. With which kind of organism are mycorrhizae associated?
b) Why are they not considered parasites?
c) What role is played by each member of the relationship?
8. The reproductive cells of fungi are called _____.
9. What is a saprobe?
10. Explain the difference between a saprobe and a parasite.
11. How are they important to other forms of life?
12. What characteristic of yeast makes it an unusual fungus?
13. How do yeast reproduce?
14. What kind of fungus is used to make penicillin?
15 What advantage would a fungus that produces an antibiotic have over one that does
16. Most mushroom mycelia grow in the soil. Why do mushroom fruiting bodies grow
above ground?
17. What are some of the other uses humans have found for fungi?
18. A spore may develop hundreds of kilometers away from its origin. Explain how this
is so.
19. a) Fungi use what type of nutrition?
b) They obtain food how?
20. The following conditions are likely to be the most suitable for the growth of fungi
a) warm and dry (b) light and dry (c) dark, cool and humid (d) light, warm and humid