Lee and Marlene Canter

Lee and Marlene Canter
* Assertive Discipline was designed to assist educators in running an organized, Teacherin-charge classroom environment.
*The Canters believe that we, as the Teacher have the right to determine what is best for
our students, and to expect compliance. They believe student compliance is imperative in
creating and maintaining an effective and efficient learning environment.
What Assertive Teachers look like in action:
* they react confidently and quickly in situations that re quire behaviour management.
*they have a firm, Teacher-in-charge class which is in the best interests of the students.
*they believe that students wish to have their behaviour directed by the teacher
*they show their concern for today’s youth when they demand and promote appropriate
classroom behaviour.
*they listen carefully to what their students have to say, speak respectfully to them, and
treat everyone fairly (although not necessarily equally).
Non-assertive Teachers…
*typically feel it is wrong to place demand on students, fail to establish clear standards of
behaviour, and if they do, they fail to back up their words with appropriate actions. They
are passive.
Hostile Teachers…
*typically use an aversive approach characterized by shouting, threats and sarcasm. Both
hostile and non-assertive teachers are violative of the student rights cited above. Both
styles should be eliminated.
Which style of teacher are you?
To become and assertive teacher, follow these 5 steps:
STEP 1 ~ recognize and remove roadblocks to assertive discipline
STEP 2 ~ practice the use of assertive response styles.
STEP 3 ~ Learn to set limits.
STEP 4 ~ Learn to follow through with the limits you have set.
STEP 5 ~ Implement a system of positive assertions.
* feel free to check out our slideshow on Dr. Cantalini-Williams’ website!
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