North America Landforms

North America Landforms
1. Use page 129 of your textbook to label the map with the landforms listed below.
A Landform with and asterisk * next to it is not in the book and will be one point extra credit for each landform
that is placed on the map.
2. Color the map according to the patterns of the Physical map on page 117.
3. Create a key that shows the different elevations on the map.
4. Write one observation and one conclusion about the elevation and landforms of the United States.
Appalachian Mountains
Canadian Shield
Cape Cod*
Cascade Range
Chesapeake Bay*
Columbia River
Colorado Plateau*
Colorado River
Florida Everglades*
Great Basin
Great Plains
Great Salt Lake
Gulf Atlantic Coastal Plain
Gulf of Mexico
Gulf of St. Lawrence
Hudson Bay
Lake Erie
Lake Huron
Lake Michigan
Lake Ontario
Lake Superior
Long Island*
Louisiana Delta*
Mississippi River
Missouri River
Ohio Rver
Platte River
Puget Sound*
Rio Grande River
Rocky Mountains
Si erra Nevada Mts.
Snake River*
St. Lawrence River
Wasatch Mountains*