Vertebrate Booklet You are to create a booklet that depicts members

Vertebrate Booklet
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You are to create a booklet that depicts members of each of the following vertebrate phyla.
The book has to contain the following:
*An introduction discussing the 4 structures that characterize chordates, the two subphyla
of invertebrate chordates, and what characterizes the subphylum Vertebrata.
A picture of an example of an animal in each Phylum (can be computer generated  )
*Common information about each phylum (reproduction, nutrition, symmetry)
*Any additional information asked for in the groups
Jawless fishes (include classes Myxini, Cephalaspidomorphia)
Fishes and Amphibians – Why are jaws and fins evolutionary advantages? Include classes
Chondricthyes – How do they reproduce?
Osteichthyes – What adaptations do they have?
Amphibia – What are their eggs like? Include Orders Urodela, Anura, Apoda
Amniotes – What is an amniote? Include classes
Reptilia – What is an ectotherm?
Aves – What are some of the bird’s adaptations?
Mammalia – What is a placenta? Include subgroups
Monotremes – What is special about them?
Marsupials – What is special about them?
Primates – What are the characteristics of them?