Computer Hardwae and Software Maintenance Midterm Review

Computer Hardware and Software Maintenance
Study Points For Midterm Exam
What is the purpose of the BUS within a computer system?
What is the purpose & function of a computers power supply?
Compare LCD and CRT monitors.
What is inserted into DIMM slots on a motherboard?
What are some common operating systems?
What is the purpose of the NIC?
Which slot on a motherboard is designed for a graphics card?
What cable is used to connect a hard drive to the motherboard on older motherboard
What is the main difference in USB and Firewire computer ports?
Place the following storage measurements from smallest to largest. TB, Mb, GB, Byte
What can be installed into expansion slots on a motherboard?
What are the common parts of a computer’s hard drive?
Convert decimal into binary.
Convert binary into decimal.
What unit of measure is used to measure the speed of a CPU?
What is the difference in a warm boot and a cold boot?
What are the common back panel components found on most desktop computer systems?
What devices does an IED cable usually hook up to?
What is the purpose of the ESD strap?
What are the common tools found in a computer technicians toolkit?