PBS Global Warming video

Global Warming – The Signs and the Science
The Evidence
1. In the arctic, they aren’t worried about the warming, they are worried about
2. Over the last 100 years the world has seen an average 1 degree Fahrenheit rise, but in the
arctic and Alaska the average has climbed _______________ in the last 50 years.
3. January 2002 in the Antarctic an area the size of Rhode Island melted in less than a _______
4. Glaciers are retreating at about ___________the rate as the average of the last 150 years.
5. What are the causes and why is this all happing now? As far as the human control there
have been changes in the ________________ of the atmosphere, in the form of greenhouse
gasses and toxic metals which are unparalleled in the rate and magnitude for many millions
of years
6. In the cycle of carbon from the atmosphere, where does the excess carbon get stored?
7. What is an example of ancient sunlight that we use? ____________
8. What happens to that ancient sunlight that we burns? _________________________
9. Transportation is responsible for about ________% of the Carbon output
10. Electric power generation is about _________ more
11. The concentrations of CO2 that remain in the atmosphere for 100 years has increased from
280 ppm in the industrial revolution to ____________ today
12. Who is the biggest greenhouse gas emitter in the world today? _________
13. By 2050 who is projected to be the biggest emitter? _________________
14. How big will the world population be by mid century? ________________________
15. Are you a part of the environmental cycle? ____________
16. Rising temperatures are expanding the range for infectious ________________ like ebola
and vibrio cholera
17. Doubling the ambient CO2 causes ragweed pollen production to go up by _________%
18. What outbreak occurred in Greeley, CO due to a climatic change in weather?
19. What happens to the water temperature close to S. American in El Nino? _______________
20. State a few examples of extreme weather occurrences which have occurred recently?
21. Do these occurrences prove that global warming is the cause?___________
22. Climate change will tend to make already dry areas even drier. 1 degree will reduce water
availability by about _________%.
23. With 3 billion more mouths to feed the amount of food we need to produce will increase by
24. Nitrogen in the atmosphere may trigger the release of more stored carbon. Where is that
nitrogen coming from? ______________
25. The North Atlantic transports warm water up, and then it cools and sinks. If freshwater
from melting glaciers enter, what will happen to this movement? ____________________
26. Did the US sign the Kyoto agreement (which would have each country limit their CO2
output)? ___________
27. Why does it take a long time for the CO2 put into the atmosphere to have an effect?
28. Are we for sure going to have horrible disasters due to climate change? _______
If not,
should we worry about it? ________________________
29. How much has the Martin County, Florida sheriff’s office save in fuel by using hybrid
vehicles in non-pursuit applications? ____________%
30. What are some energy saving techniques that can be used in houses and other buildings?
31. Do we have zero emission coal technology? __________
32. Should we wait for new technology to solve our climate change problems? ____________