2015 Girls Volleyball Policies

Updated September 18, 2015
BCSS Registration
Player registration forms for all Girls' Volleyball teams must be submitted on-line to BC School Sports by October 5.
** AD’s must ensure all students are registered with BCSS on STARS or they may be ineligible to play.
Additional registrations may be made no later than October 19 or seven days before the beginning of zone playoffs (in the
case of Senior teams), whichever is earlier.
BC Zone Playoffs (Lower Mainland)
Senior “AAAA” (266 or more girls): Teams advance to the BC "AAAA" Championships from zone playoffs.
Senior "AAA" (161 - 265 girls):
Teams advance to the BC "AAA" Championships from zone playoffs.
Senior "AA" (71-160 girls):
Teams advance to the BC "AA" Championships from zone playoffs.
Senior "A" (70 or fewer girls):
One or two teams advance to the BC "A" Championships from a tournament
involving all "A" schools.
Type of Schedule for League Play
Senior: Double Round Robin (Premier); Single Round Robin (Div.1)
Junior: Single Round Robin vs own division
Juvenile: Single Round Robin vs own division
Bantam: Single Round Robin vs own division (triple ball)
Playing Days for League Play
Senior: Tuesday and Thursday evenings primarily
Junior: Tuesdays and Thursdays primarily
Juvenile Mondays and Wednesdays primarily
Bantam: Mondays and Wednesdays primarily
Type of North Shore Playoffs
In the Senior league regardless of the number of teams:
1 vs. 4 in Game 1; 2 vs. 3 in Game 2
Winner Game 1 vs. Winner of Game 2
In multi-division leagues
In single division leagues
1/4 finals:
West 1 versus East 4 at the home of West 1.
East 2 versus West 3 at the home of East 2.
East 1 versus West 4 at the home of East 1.
West 2 versus East 3 at the home of West 2.
Winners of W1-E4 and E2-W3 at home of the highest finisher.
Winners of E1-W4 and W2-E3 at home of the highest finisher.
Winners of semi-finals at a designated host school.
1st versus 8th at the home of the first-place team.
4th versus 5th at the home of the fourth-place team.
2nd versus 7th at the home of the second-place team.
3rd versus 6th at the home of the third-place team.
Winners of 1-8 and 4-5 at home of the highest finisher.
Winners of 2-7 and 3-6 at home of the highest finisher.
Winners of semi-finals at a designated host school.
*Highest North Shore located seed earns the right to host on the condition that their MAIN gym space is available
**For the 2015 season, the Bantam Playoffs will involve 8 teams per division with cross overs
-26. Arranging Officials
The home school provides both the referee and umpire (for Seniors see note below); and the scorekeepers, plus linesmen
(mandatory for Seniors and when possible for all other age divisions).
The visiting school may provide a down official, providing they notify the home school no later than noon on game day (and
preferably sooner).
For Senior (and Junior) games, whenever possible, a Professional Referee will be allocated by the Referee Allocator.
Each participating team will be billed its share for the Referee using the "Senior 3/5 match" rate noted below,
dependent on the official's qualifications.
Volleyball BC Referee Costs:
Sr Game
Jr Game
$37.50 per referee
$30 per referee
**$6 is added to the daily price for referees for EACH zone they have to travel across.
***Allocation, administrative, and education fee of $14%
Game Times
A. For Bantam, Juvenile, and Junior Games, they must start no later than 15 minutes after the scheduled start time under
penalty of possible default, except in cases of unavoidable delay.
To ensure that referees are available to cover the majority of our SR games, double headers, where four teams play at one
venue may be necessary. Game times will be 6PM and 7:30 PM. (will vary for Sunshine Coast schools)
At the Junior levels, Howe Sound, Elphinstone, Chatelech and Don Ross teams may play twice on a given day and the
game times will vary.
Game Equipment
The home school provides the game ball (leather mandatory) - red, white & black (Baden 15-OC).
Reporting Scores
The winning team must send in the final score (i.e. 3 sets to 1) immediately after the match via e-mail: gkarvelis@sd44.ca or
by 24 hour voice mail: 604-903-4848 or text message @ 604-340-6157
**Please ensure you are specific with dates/divisions/sports when reporting scores
10. Cancellations/Forfeitures
 Teams must note special scheduling requests no later than the League Organizational Meeting.
Any scheduling requests that are made after the LOM are the responsibility of the team that requested the
schedule change.
 If a new date cannot be agreed upon, the team that requested the rescheduled game will lose that game by forfeit.
Penalties (NEW POLICY)
At the discretion of the NSSSAA Executive:
a) In addition to paying referee/facility fees in full, teams may be fined $50 for any forfeitures or postponements.
b) Teams may be fined $200 for dropping out of the league after the schedule has been drafted.
c) Teams that forfeit TWO (2) league games may be ineligible for any NSSSAA playoffs and/or zone playdowns
11. Players Playing Up (NEW POLICY)
Unlimited movement of players during the regular season is allowed; however, once ONE NSSSAA playoff game
is played, that athlete must remain with the higher aged division.
*The spirit of this rule is to increase participation by ensuring more teams are fielded.
It should not be abused so that
 athletes are being displaced to make room for players participating in two divisions
 teams can challenge for championships at multiple levels.
-3Special Policies on Game Rules
All games must be played under the rules of the Canadian Volleyball Association Rule Book, unless exceptions have been
incorporated in these Special Policies.
Height of net
All heights refer to the centre of net.
7' 4 1/8"
7' 4 l/8"
7' 2.6"
7' l/2"
6' 10.7"
224 cm.
224 cm.
220 cm.
215 cm.
210 cm.
C. Substitutions
NOTE: All age divisions:
(a) There is no limit as to the number of times a player may leave or re-enter the game as long as the maximum number
of 12 substitutions (plus a libero) is adhered to and as long as they leave or re-enter for the same player.
(b) Once you have a designated partner, that is the only player that you may leave or re-enter that game for (this may
change between games).
(c) These substitutions may occur at any point in the game.
(d) All other substitution rules must be followed.
D. Changing into uniforms
Teams wishing to change into their uniforms after the warm-up may leave the floor and are entitled to a reasonable length of
time before returning.
E. Jewelry
Referees are instructed to advice teams to remove jewelry. While dangling jewelry must be removed, pins and studs are under
advisement only. Watches, rings, and other hand and arm jewelry must be removed.
F. Uniforms
Uniform tops are to be numbered front and back, and shall be of the same color and design.
Shorts are to have the same appearance, but may have some insignificant minor differences
G. Team Rosters
Teams may dress and play more than 12 players for all matches.
H. Time-Outs
Timeouts are 1 minute in duration. Teams can return onto the court during the timeout period.
That is, teams are not required to wait for the other team to return.
I. Service Receive
Players are permitted to overhand receive (volley) on serve receive
J. Playing Ball off Roof & Other Overhanging Obstructions
Players may play ball that makes contact with roof (& other overhanging obstructions) provided that contact was made on
own side of the court and within the perimeter of court. Please refer to description below.
K. Contact with the Net:
Contact with the net by a player between the antennae, during the action of playing the ball, is a fault. The action of playing
the ball includes, but it not limited to, take off, contact (or attempt) and landing.
A player interferes with play by:
 Touching the net between the antennae or touching the antenna itself during the action of playing the ball.
 Using the net between the antennae as a support or stabilizing aid.
 Creating an unfair advantage over the opponent by touching the net.
 Making actions which hinder an opponent’s legitimate attempt to play the ball.
Players close to the ball as it is played, or who are trying to play it, are considered to be in the action of playing the ball, even
if no contact is made with the ball.
Libero Player
What is a Libero? A Libero player is basically a back row, defensive specialist who may enter the game without a formal
substitution. There are a few restrictions in the playing actions of the Libero.
The Specific Rules for a Libero Player are as follows:
 The Libero must wear a numbered uniform of a different colour or design in contrast to the rest of the team.
Designation of the Libero
 The Libero must be recorded on the score sheet before the match. His/her number must be indicated next to his/her name
 For Volleyball Canada competition, (including BC Volleyball) at all levels, the Libero may be re-designated after each set.
 The Libero player must also be added to the line-up sheet of the first set.
Libero/Player Replacements
The Libero is allowed to replace any player in a back row position
Replacements involving the Libero are not counted as regular substitutions and are unlimited in occurrences.
There must be a rally between two Libero replacements.
The Libero may only be replaced by the player whom he/she replaced.
Entering the court: The Libero may only enter or leave the court by the sideline in front of the team bench between the
attack line and the end line.
The Libero may replace a player, and a player may replace a Libero:
i) at the beginning of each set AFTER the umpire has checked the starting line-up.
ii) When the ball is NOT in play.
iii) BEFORE the whistle for service.
iv) For a regular substitution to occur the substituting player must replace another player on the court, the
Libero cannot be involved as either player.
In the event the Libero is injured, a new Libero can be designated as long as the replacing Libero is not on the court at the
moment of redesignation.
The re-designated Libero remains the Libero for the remainder of the match.
The injured Libero may NOT re-enter the match.
Playing Actions
The Libero is restricted to performing as a back row player. The following restrictions also apply:
i) NOT allowed to complete an attack hit from anywhere (including playing court and free zone) if at the moment of
the contact the ball is entirely higher than the top of the net.
ii) NOT allowed to serve.
iii) NOT allowed to block or attempt to block.
iv) A player CANNOT complete an attack hit from higher than the top of the net, if the ball is coming from an
overhand finger (hand set) pass by a Libero in the front zone.
v) The Libero CAN “bump set” the attack hit.
vi) A player CAN attack the ball above the height of the net if the Libero uses an overhand finger pass from behind
the front zone.
The Coach may give instructions to the players on the court while standing or walking within the free zone in front of
his/her team’s bench from the attack line to the warm up area without disturbing or delaying the match.
NOTE: a) The Coaches Movement rule is extended to all levels of play.
b) If the Coach is standing or walking, all time outs and substitutions must be requested by the Coach from the
extension of the attack line in the free zone. Coaches must signal and verbalize their request for a timeout
and/or substitution.
c) The Coaches Movement rule only applies to the Head Coach. The Assistant Coach, Manager, Trainer must
sit on the bench.
Scoring System
a) A set (except the deciding set) is won by the team which first scores 25 points with a minimum lead of two points. In
the case of a 24-24 tie, play is continued until a two-point lead is achieved.
b) The deciding set (3rd in best of 3, or 5th in best of 5) is played to 15 points with a minimum lead of 2 points.
c) The team winning a rally scores a point (Rally Point System).
If the team that served wins the rally, it scores a point and gains the right to serve.
d) Ball Touching the Net - While crossing the net (within the crossing space), the ball may touch the net.
NOTE: The ball may now touch the net during the service. This is called the New Service rule.
e) Service - There is only one service attempt and the server must hit the ball within 8 seconds after the first referee
whistles for service.
NOTE: i) The server is allowed only one toss to serve within the 8 seconds.
ii) Dribbling or moving the ball in the hands is not considered part of the service execution.
** For triple ball, there is a cap of 30 for all sets except the final deciding set which has a cap of 20.
All tiebreakers, regardless if it involves a team or teams not making the playoffs, will be determined by
1. Record head to head
2. Set differential head to head
3. Record vs. league opponents in descending order (top down)
4. Set differential vs. league opponents in descending order
5. Coin toss (unless teams involved are willing/able to organize a tiebreaker game)
**For Seniors seeding purposes, the seeding is based on FINAL LEAGUE STANDINGS. Moreover, teams that play in the Premier
Division are automatically seeded higher than teams playing in Division 1.