Document Analysis assignment

Social Work 200
Document Analysis Assignment
Each student will read and independently write an analysis of each of three
historical documents. Each analysis is worth 10 points. The documents are all
available in Gorgas Library electronic reserves. The authors and titles of the
documents are as follows:
Document 1
Choose one of these documents for your first Document Analysis assignment (both on
course reserve):
Chapter 3: Baptist Appeals for Religious Liberty, from Church, F. (2004) The separation
of church and state. (course reserve)
Chapter XIX: The Underlying Philosophy, from Richmond, M. (1917). Social Diagnosis.
(course reserve)
Document 2
Mrs. Charles Russell Lowell. The Economic and Moral
Effects of Public Outdoor Relief
Document 3
Mrs. Florence Kelley, The Family and the Woman’s
Your analysis papers should be at least 350 words long and include the following
Background about the document that indicates who its author was, when it was
written, and to whom it was addressed.
A summary of the major points of the document. What does it say?
Your interpretation of why it was written. What was the author trying to
accomplish in writing the document? Was the author successful in influencing
social welfare policies?
Your reaction to the document. Based on your understanding of the historical
period in which the document was written, do you find the author’s argument
convincing? If you had been a responsible adult at the time the document was
written, would have supported the author’s position? Why or why not?
You may discuss the documents with others, but each student must write his or
her paper individually. Please be mindful of the University of Alabama policies on
academic misconduct.