The Balance Sheet of Life

The Balance Sheet of Life
Our Birth is our Opening Balance
Our Death is our Closing Balance
Honesty & Faith are our Intangible Assets
Values & Behaviours are our Goodwill
Education is our Brands and Patents
Commitments are our Investments
Heart is our Fixed Asset
Character & Morals are our Stock-in-trade
Love and Emotion are our Cash Account
Patience is our Interest Earned
Friends are our Debtors
Prayers are our Deposit Account
Happiness and Sorrows are our Current Account
Smiles are our Prepayments
Excuses are our Overdrafts
Sympathy is our Creditor
Tears are our Interests paid
Suffering and Pain are our Taxes
Apology is our Accrual
Promises are our Loans
Kisses are our Dividends
Ambitions are our Convertible Loan Stock
Achievements are our Capital Introduced
Our Sins are our Drawings
Gifts are our Bonus Shares
Experiences are our General Reserve
Repentance is our Revaluation Reserve
Our Deeds are our Retained Profits
Our Life Partner is our Suspense Account..…….
Nasheeb Rassan
“Great opportunities seldom come, but small ones surround us every day”-