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A Beautiful Mind
Film, Beautiful Mind
Clever mathematicians, maths drives him insane.
Show's complexity of subject
Film: A Beautiful Mind
A film about parts of his life (dramaticised)
Very respectful of his ability yet not envious since his intellect classed him as not
John Nash (?) A beautiful mind
weird socially awkward (& skitz !) but nice person
strengthened a stereotype
The film "A Beautiful Mind" - rented on dvd.
It was about a clever mathematician who went a bit crazy trying to crack codes.
I enjoyed it a lot.
Beautiful mind, cinema
Mathematicians were shown as (mostly) harmless freaks
it somewhat agreed with the image of mathematicians i already had
a beautiful mind, friend's place
the guy was really good at his maths
a nice story line
Fil - A Beutiful Mind
Film about the life of a Fiels Medalist
Good film and interesting
Beautiful Mind – on TV
Crazy mathematician
I like how good at maths he was but he was too bonkers
The guy in A Beautiful Mind
He was schizophrenic
It was a good film. I considered pretending to talk to imaginary people in tutes to
freak my tutor out.
Film “A Beautiful Mind” (first seen by me when shown on TV, I think)
Film is a (semi-) biography of the mathematician John Nash; it charts his life from his
early twenties until the present day, focusing on his struggle against Schizophrenia;
most of the maths mentioned is concerned with economics
(for which JN won the Nobel Prize) or cryptography (the film is mostly set during the
Cold War)
poignant; it gives quite a good insight into research mathematics as I understand it,
though focussing on only a small part; (the film suggests that Nash’s Schizophrenia
was brought on by his involvement in government code-breaking, whereas there is
some consensus, I think, that it was more linked to his efforts to prove the Riemann
The film A Beautiful Mind – at home on TV
John Nash’s eccentricities
It focused way too much on his mental illness as opposed to his maths
Nash, in the film A Beautiful Life
He is desperate for maths and can sacrifice for it
I think we have to make a good balance between maths and other aspects
The film 'A Beautiful Mind'.
... I remember most of it...
A good film. However, it's a shame that so many films depict mathematicians who are
in some way pitiable.
the film "a beautiful mind" was about a mathemetician, and i saw it in the cimema 4
years ago.
Describe the main things that you remember about it:
it was a film about a fields medalist
it was a good film
John Nash in a Beautiful Mind (film and book)
He was an amazing mathematician who was able to think in a different way to his
I felt like that was something that I could aspire to be
Film: A Beautiful Mind, on Video
About a mathematician who loses his mind. He goes to Harvard and starts looking at
the flight of birds… mathematically.
He was cool. Fun seeing a "clever" person, caning up the maths. It's inspiring.
"A beautiful mind" - cinema ca. 2003
the pecularities about being a genius
maths was being too popularised
A beautiful mind, cinema
Describe the main things that you remember about it:
Early fame followed by insanity - why never any movies about STABLE creative
It was gripping and beautiful, though a bit much insanity. On the whole sympathetic
to Nash though
A Beautiful Mind (Cinema)
Excellent story acting by Russell Crowe (sic). Amazing that it was based on a true
story about a mathematical genius.
Some people love maths so much that it can be their life goal to prove or disprove a
theory or come up with something monumental that can apply to everyday life as well
The film - A Beautiful Mind - at home. (I have it on DVD)
Russell crow!!
An amazing film that was a story about life. It made me think about how we see
things from a mathematical point of view--- Patterns, Shapes, Colours.
1. I liked "A beautiful mind" as showed the effect of Maths and a Mathematician. It
was interesting to see his strong emotions.
Film: A beutiful Mind.
Film about a Mathematical genius.
I liked the film.
Beautiful mind with Russell Grove usually at home on TV.
The movie shows Mathematicians as wisy people.
A Beautiful Life, Cinema.
It was the best picture Oscar when fellowship of the Ring should have won.
A Beautiful Mind
Genius, Learner, Strange, Mental illness.
Sadness, Good film.
A Beautiful Mind.
A disturb mathematician.
People perceive them world differently.
"A Beautiful Mind" - Film.
He was a genius mathematician but had several mental problems.
Enjoyed the film, found the maths. He used fascinating & complicated!
A Beautiful Mind - Cinema
Mathematician goes mental.
Quite good. Russel Crowe is nice.
A Beautiful Mind (The Film).
A Beautiful Mind.
A Mathematician wins the Nobel Prize.
It was a very good film.
Ridley Scott's ' A Beautiful Mind ' (Cinema).
Portrayal of genius combined with mental disorder.
Respect for character; also feeling that character was above highly unusual and do
not often encounter mathematicians in film media portrayed in a 'normal light'.
Russel Crowe - Beautiful Mind.
Can't really remember it.
Russel Crowe Character in 'A Beautiful Mind'.
Stay of his life - Trouble Academic. Powerful film.
Enjoyed it, sympathised with character.
The film with Russell Crowe (I can't remember the film's name)
He's a great mathematician who was schizophrenic.
It was a good film.
The Russell Crowe Film - A Beautiful Mind.
Very academic - difficult for everyday people to grasp.
Beautiful Mind
A beautiful mid about 2 years ago.
He was a brilliant mathematician.
It was good.
A film named a Beautiful Mind.
A man has a disease but can break codes when he is not on medication.
Film-A beautiful mind.
About a Schizophrenic mathematician.
No Strong feelings/opinions.
Film, A Beautiful Mind.
He was really smart.
It was a good film.
Movie (TV) ; A Beautiful Mind.
From signs and formulas.
Very confusing
Film A beautiful mind.
A mildly satcophrenic man who was used to create codes and started going crazy.
The fact that if you have some disabilities it makes you worse up something and
bothers at others.
A Beautiful Mind, TV.
A very intelligent Mathematician, who was slightly mentally ill.
It was interesting.
A beautiful mind.
It was about a crazy Mathematician who was god at Maths.
A beautiful mind.
When they realise he is imaging everything.
Really enjoyed it. Confusing at times.
A beautiful mind/ DVD.
It was really boring but it had a Mathematician in it
Educational but in a boring way.
Films - A beautiful mind.
A Mathematician is seen as incredibly smart, and becomes schizophrenic with his
obsession of numbers.
1.The film a beautiful mind. 2. I read a book which was about an artistic boy who
talked about Maths often. I can't really remember but I think it's could "The dog in the
night time".
A Beautiful Mind - Cinema.
The main character was scitsopherenic but an immensely talented Mathematician.
He won the Nobel prize at the end.
I thought it was a great film and taught me dedication and strength will get you
through life and also maths is key everyday life.
A beautiful mind.
That there was something wrong with the main characters brain, he was like a genius
at the beginning.
Really sad at the end.
Beautiful Mind
The man character was a Mathematician.
Russel Crowe "A beautiful mind".
Russel Crowe was crazy.
That's a good film.
A beautiful mind, Sky movies.
Images of Toad Hanks looking up at the newspapers cutouts.
I enjoy the movie - it excited me.
Film - A beautiful mind.
It's about a Mathematician.
It wasn't bad, relatively interesting.
Cinema - 'A beautiful mind'.
He used very complexed Mathematical knowledge to prove certain things.
I felt he was very intelligent - a genius.
Film : A beautiful mind (Mixture of Science and Maths).
He was a mathematical genius but was a bit crazy!
I enjoyed the film in general but I think that it has contributed to a bad stereotype of
'A beautiful mind' - Film.
It is about a mathematician who suffers from mental illness.
Although there was not a lot about Maths and is mainly a drama, I still enjoyed
watching it.
The film " A Beautiful Mind".
The man used Maths to work the facts of life out, through equations.
I really enjoyed it and found it amazing how one mind was able to do that using
Mathematical skills.
TV "A beautiful mind".
Just some giving solving equations.
Good Will Hunting
Film: Good Will Hunting
The ease at which the main character was able to solve complex problems
I thought that the main character had a brilliant mind - something I would like to have
The film Good Will Hunting
It was quite a good film.
The guy who was good at maths was pretty screwed up but that wasn’t anything to
do with him being good at maths I don’t think…. Which was nice.
Film: Good Will Hunting
Fictitious film about a former janitor who is discovered to be a genius (particularly at
Film had the effect of portraying being good at mathematics as almost equal to
intelligence yet not something that was uncool.
Good Will Hunting, DVD at home
Interesting portrayal of a 'cool' mathematician
Film Good will hunting.
Film tells the story of a genius in maths who initially didn't have a chance to show off
his skills.
I enjoyed the film.
The film - Good with hunting - at home on TV.
An average boy with a dead end job but he was extremely talented in solving
problems in maths & was a good film.
I enjoyed the film. Its good to see more intellectually based films on TV.
Good Will Hunting.
Good Will Hunting.
Working - class, non educated guy was a math genius - It's in your genes.
Matt Damon in Good will Hunting.
Really good at maths, less good at social interaction.
I identified a trend; people who had great math skills struggled in other areas of their
"Good Will Hunting"
Boy genius wasn't interested in mathematics protests or helped him develop his skill.
A film can't remember name - Good Will Hunting.
Mathematicians are Geniuses.
Didn't think about it.
Good Will Hunting - Film.
The ability to do math as a gift.
In general the ability had a positive impact.
Good Will Hunting.
Matl Daman, Robin Williams, Genius.
Entertaining, Wish I could be good at maths.
Good Will Hunting. Cinema
A brilliant maths genius.
It's a rare valuable talent.
good will hunting - Film
Good Will Hunting
Film about a mathematical genius who is discovered and is working on a theory at a
top university.
Good Will Hunting - I enjoyed the film and it got me thinking about some of the
mathematical genius that work in a similar way to the main character in the film.
Good will hunting.
Brilliant mathematician with no education.
Good film
Good will hurting.
About the main character was a brilliant Mathematician who grown up in a stress.
I though it was a good film but unlikely to actually happen.
Good will hunting. ' Badman film'
A true genius that is caught up in a mad world where he get himself into sticky
Good film
Films - good will hunting.
A Janitor was a Maths Wiz.
It was weak.
Good will hunting, on the T.V.
It is about a young lad who is a Maths genious have gets in all of trouble (will the
It was a great film hope to see more like it!
Really good at maths, less good at social interaction.
Rain man. Saw on TV.
The man could calculate with amazing accuracy, including complex sums.
Felt amazed that such calculations could be mentally solved.
TV - Rainman
Extremely good at sums, very clever.
In the film Rayman.
He was amazing with numbers.
I thought it was ok.
Film: Pi, on Video
About another mathematician who loses his mind. This time in search of the pattern
of the trancendental number PI. He gets all paranoid, then opts for power drilling into
the side of his head after which you see him chilling on a bench without the worry of
maths and all that nonsense clogging up his head.
I feel it demonstrates how maths can be a bit pointless and there is more to life than
numbers… Enjoy the beauty of the earth instead.
The film "Pi" - watched on tv.
It was about another crazy mathematician.
It was not very good - there was no real storyline.
A film calle Pie, some books
The importance of math in building new technology, and the Renaissance
(Enlighment) (sic) progress in Art
I was a bit surprise and it was new to me how the maths is a base for everything in
our current civilisation
The movie pi , saw it on TV.
Endless numbers
The guy was opposed by pi.
Pi - on DVD
Again, troubled mathematician/disturb/trouble lead character.
Good film, need to watch.
Film - Pi (TT)
The Protagonist was good at Maths.
It was good.
Film - Pi
A man tries to make sense of the lottery.
Other films
Stand and Deliver (1/3); Catch Me If You Can (2); Back to the Future (2); The Da
Vinci Code (2); 1 each: Primer; Oceans 11; Mission Impossible 1 and 3; Matilda;
Dambusters; Enigma, Mean Girls; The Prestige
Cinema "The Prestige"
Mathematically based magician's tricks
interesting, maths feels like an alien subject for people more maths orientated, not for
Mean girls DVD on the TV.
That their was a maths challenge.
It was hard, did not understand the questions.
Film prime[r]
White shirts, Beards.
A bit dull.
Oceans 11: film
Time estimation, deciding & picking the team & qualities, deciding peoples cut.
Good film, Interesting.
Standing deliver (Film).
Standing deliver (Film). When the pupils from lots of different backgrounds come to
learn more about Maths during the summer holiday.
Also possibly Stand and Deliver?
In a film.
Students coming from different backgrounds to achieve their best grade.
I thought it was quite good.
Films a man who worked in a school.
He was very intelligent and was well known for his Maths skills.
Just felt that he is good at Maths, everyone good at something used it was Maths.
Back to the future (film).
It was about a mad scientist but he used a lot of maths to help him complete his
It think although it was quite complicated and I didn't understand all of it, it shows that
maths is so useful and important in life.
Back to the future, Scientist/Mathemetician.
He was crazy.
I laughed.
Mission impossible
Film - Da Vinci copy/Book.
Fibonacci. The perfect ratio.
Interesting, helpful if ever study it.
The Da Vinci Code.
Haven't watched it yet.
Looks like a good film.
Movie - Matilda.
She was very good at Maths.
I would to be like her when I grew up.
Cinimal/Catch me if you can.
It wasn't based on maths but had Maths involved in it.
Catch me if you can.
He makes take money so that's Maths.
It was cool I'd like to do that become a con artist or something a career in crime.
Film : The dambusters.
Guy was a genius.
Mission Impossible 3 cinema.
Equations are written on a glas window to calculate the distance from one building to
I think this could make Maths more appealing to young people watching the film.
"Enigma" and Jokers.
It was a gangster.
Unidentifiable films
Film (on TV).
Images of crazy mathematician frantically figuring out sums.
Depicted the general idea of 'crazy' mathematicians.
Guy was working out a problem which involved maths.
Didn't have any.
Movie (187)
Man was a maths teacher and dies.
Maths wasn't related to much but the students all hated it.
Movie ? About a unknown genius in Maths, which works as narrator in a university.
Emotional and make you self-reflect.
It was a thriller film and the characters had to work out Mathematical puzzles to find a
It was a rubbish film.
The film was based on Maths work.
It was good, I looked the film.
People solving problems.
I thought it was good.
History of no 1 Maths film.
History of digits introduction of no. 1 and other members.
Films in a cinema.
Unfashionable Maths teacher. Found love in another Maths teacher.
It was okay I suppose.
I have seen a film based on Newton, seen a documentary on a Mathematician.
I only remember watching it.
It was out of place.
Einstien film
Einstin film
The number 1.
It was ok.
In a Mathelete competion.
Living it, or using your brain to solve something is an achivement.
General comments
Have heard about films like "A Beautiful Mind" and "Good Will Hunting" where people
are exceptionally determined, and TV documentaries.
Film about people who can do really long multiplications and calculations in their
head very quickly. Even films like Matilda.
I think to have this kind of ability is amazing. But not when people brag. Everyone
has something they're good at, good for you if its something like maths.
I hear about maths in every day life in films etc.
Not what film or TV program I heard it from.
You need maths in life for everything, so it didn't bother me.
Cinema ticket prices.
If you cannot count the money you cannot pay the correct amount.
No feelings or opinions.
Cinema with the prices.
Someone adding up the total on the cash register.
Didn't have any.
Films, I have seen film storylines closely related to maths
I remember the Mathematicians being pretty cool and not the geeks you thought they
might be.
I felt this was a good way to posting them as it provides a good image for Maths and
In sci - fi films on TV.
That most terms used were Mathematical to show scientific discovery.
I did not really have any opinions or feelings about it.
Action movies
That Maths helps work out satistic questions.
The curious incident of the dog in the night-time
Books - 'Curious Incident of the dog in the night time' - about a boy with autism, uses
maths a lot. 'Bible Code' used maths to decipher codes
Books interesting to view other peoples opinions on maths.
Books - The mystery of the dog in the night.
Used a lot of number sequences e.g. prime numbers child was autistic.
I thought it was very good and well constructed.
In a book "Curious incident of the dog in the nighttime", Puzzles, Puzzle book,
Sudoku etc.
The book about an autistic boy, who does a lot of maths, and includes & series of
very complex mathematical puzzles. Puzzles were fun to do and very addictive.
The book was sad, but the puzzles were extremely complex maths, that I could not
comprehend. Was addictive to the puzzles and found thorn very interesting.
Books - 'Curious Incident of the dog in the night time' - about a boy with autism, uses
maths a lot. 'Bible Code' used maths to decipher codes
Books interesting to view other peoples opinions on maths.
Book - The curious incident of the dog in the night time.
The theory the boy had were extremely complicated many of my maths teachers
couldn't work them out.
2. I enjoyed "The dog in the night time", as it showed how same artistic people feel
and what goes an in their minds. It gave a real insight into the life and mind of an
artistic person.
Book "The incident of the dog in the right time" can't remember the name.
The main character solving a lot of problems.
Curious incident of the dog in the night time.
Some aspects as the documentary.How the pattens in maths were comforting for
him. He felt the need for routine and regularity, whilst finding numbers easier to deal
with than people.
I found it an extremely interesting insight into the way other people's minds work. It
made me appreciate different perspectives.
Book - The curious incident of the dog in the night time. I read it.
In the book, the main character was autistic so he was really good at maths. He
would describe Maths problems and their solutions at A-level standard.
I thought it was good because it added to the authenticity of the book in describing
the boy's condition but the problems were too advanced for me to understand.
Book- The curious incident of the dog in the nighttime.
Had lots of maths problems in it that the character in the book used to help him in
everyday life.
Quite interesting, seeing life from a different point of view.
1.The film a beautiful mind. 2. I read a book which was about an artistic boy who
talked about Maths often. I can't really remember but I think it's could "The dog in the
night time".
The Da Vinci code
Film - Da Vinci copy/Book.
Fibonacci. The perfect ratio.
Interesting, helpful if ever study it.
Book - The Da vinci code.
References to the fibonnaci sequence.
Book, Da Vinci Code.
Finabonic numbers, Codes.
Bits silly, but maths is ok.
Fermat’s last theorem
Simon Singh's Fermat's Last Theorem, read the book aged ~15
Describe the main things that you remember about it:
Really interesting, page turning book.
It seemed to provide a hint of what further study of maths could lead to (not that I'm
likely to become a famous mathematician!)
Fermat. Book on fermats last theorem by simon singh (?)
portrayed fermat as pretty arrogant
again strengthens stereotype
Fermat's last theorem by Simon Singh, a book
The book showed unknow but interesting facts from both history of maths and lifes of
famous mathematicians
Really good book, encouraging to study maths
Book: Fermat's Last Theorem, Simon Singh
Book about hoe Fermat's Last Theorem was eventually solved
Interesting book, gave insight into the world of Mathematics.
Other books
1 mention each: I was always bad at maths; Godel Escher Bach; Jurassic Park; 2
mentions: Digital Fortress
"I was always bad at maths" - German book trying to explain what mathematicians do
and some stereotypes considered, by the German Professor A. Beutelspacher
funny jokes and stories about maths and mathematicians. Why is mathematics not
more recognized in society?
What were your opinions and feelings about it?
enjoyed reading it!
Book: Godel, Escher, Bach by Douglas Hofstadter.
Linking Maths with music and art in a very interesting way.
Made me very interested in studying Maths further.
Digital fortress. Dan Brown.
It was about code-breaking and numbers.
It was a very good read.
Book & digital fortress.
Maths linked to cryptography and code breaking.
'Bad Guy' is a brilliant Mathematician who is trying real well bodies email. relative
potential but not that believable.
Book: Jurassic Park, Micheal Crichton.
Inclusion of a Mathematician as a character and each chapter beginning with an
iteration of chaos theory.
Very interesting character, lots of philosophical and Mathematical theory.
Books like Maths books on times table and other staff.
Good I liked it so I can learn about it.
Unidentifiable books
Pascal, I saw it in books.
Pascal's triangle
Pascal was a genius with numbers.
Name: Cauchy, I saw his name in a book.
Cauchy Theorem
Cauchy was a genius in Mathematical analysis.
She was a character that was really passionate about Maths.
That she was a little stupid cause 2 find Maths really hard and uninteresting.
The equations
It is alright.
The main character was also a Mathematician.
Didn't have one.
Books -It was a book that had to solve like a mystery & it improved Maths.
It was all right. I don't really have feelings about books.
A book I read.
It described different theories etc mainly entertained with the physics or space travel.
I remember feeling quite interested and intrigued by the theories.
General comments
Mathematical novels.
Story with useful & fun Maths trivia along the way.
Very good because it was not focussed entirely on Maths.
Internet & books.
It has facts, useful guidelines.
Helps us to do other work.
A completet history of Mathematics - my book sheet.
Full of complicated diagrams and long words.
Very complex and hard to understand. Quite dull and uninteresting.
Book - Can't remember the name.
Just a character saying how hard they found Maths.
At the time I agreed.
Revision books
Revision book - CGP group.
Mathematical problems
Fun to look at and read.
Selling maths books made by CGP.
That it helps you study Maths.
Revision guides / WH Smiths.
Helped recap previous things taught in class.
Really helpful
Book, revision books from school.
It helped me to understand things more.
Can't remember
Book - Revision book.
It has all the subjects topics that I was studying.
It was useful when revising.
Book - revision guide.
Long and boring, Lots of pictures.
Books that will help and describe Maths.
Good with help.
Books, GCSE Maths revision guides.
Expensive but worth it because they really do help. Good illustrations to make it
Good because it helps you to revise and learn things if you are unable to access the
internet at home.
Revision book
A lot of numbers and formulaes.
It was boring.
A revision book.
I remember seeing numbers.
It made me depressed.
Revision book
Questions based on various subjects.
Boring and some questions were difficult.
The web
My maths website
Playing my maths.
I should learn more on the games.
Internet - My Maths
Internet website (
It was revision website for GCSEs and other examinations.
I was revising so I was interested in learning.
A website called "My Maths".
It was very useful, has lots of problems and equations for you to solve and help you
to learn.
It helps me to memorise, and throughily grasp concepts that I haven't been able too,
in class.
My Maths
Maths games and how to do different things.
It is quite good.
My Maths
Read pages then play game.
My Maths, Internet.
It had different Maths options.
I thought it didn't really help.
My and I saw it in school.
It was ok.
My on the internet.
Useful for revision.
Useful and effective. - Internet
Reminds you and tells you about everything to do with Maths.
Good for revising but a bit boring.
It was a good revision website called mymaths.
It helped me learn confidently.
My Maths, internet website.
Adding, takings away, times, dividing.
It helped me with my Maths work.
My Maths in school.
A Maths website for school pupils, help revision.
Good, help me for revising.
In lesson on my Maths. Internet
It described circle theorems well.
It was ok, the presentation could be improved.
My, Internet.
It was a usual way to revise Maths without a teacher
It was easy to use so everyone can use it.
My Maths, Internet.
It helps you with Maths school work.
It was very helpful and I would recommend it to anyone else needing help with
My Maths internet.
Help now learn things in a fun way!
He is quite fun!
My Maths / Intenet.
It helped a lot with algebra.
It was helpful.
My Maths website-Maths lesson.
Explainations, demonstrations.
Quite useful but sometimes I don't understand their explanations.
Internet websites,My Maths
It has Maths games to help make the learning fun.
It was good, because it made learning, fun exciting and something different other
than being stuck in a classroom being bored.
My Maths gold = Internet. BBC 2 early hours of the morning.
Number & games.
Computer games- on the computer.
Computer games- Playing maths games on my Maths.
Computer games-It is quite good.
Playing on My Maths site.
Made me think I should learn my timetables more.
On the computer, My Maths.
The colour on the home page.
It was helpful.
My Maths on Internet.
Lots of revision, some Maths games.
Ok, gets boring after a few minutes.
Maths revision pages bitesize, My Maths. Using my Maths at school.
Good fun, helpful and easy way to learn.
Bite size my Maths.
It is good fun.
Maths, TV.
I thought it was boring.
Internet websites:- Bitesize & My Maths.
Bitesize games & my Maths games.
It is ok but a bit boring.
Internet - My Maths.
Bit boring but its supposed to be quite helpful.
Internet my Maths resources in school.
Lots of different games.
Very good, but most you need an interactive whiteboard.
My Maths on the Internet.
Lots of Maths.
Some parts ok, it got boring after a while.
Internet -
It is a Maths website to help with revision.
I found it very useful.
BBC Bitesize
TV, GCSE, Bite Size.
Tried to block it out.
Computer game - Bitesize.
It was all about maths.
It made easy to revise.
In a maths class going on things like bitesize.
It was quiet easy.
GCSE Bitesize and Sugar magazine.
The website helped me improve my maths and helps me revise for exams. The
magazine had a small maths quiz inside.
The internet is very helpful. The magazine does not really help.
Website GCSE Bitesize.
It was to help with our GCSE's.
It was helpful.
Website. BBC Bitesize.
Lots of revision exercises and again, done in a fun way.
It is a revision website.
It was a quick and easy way of revision.
I saw it on the internet and it was called the BBC - Bitesize website.
I remember reading lots of different facts about maths and there were games that
tested your knowledge and what you know on the certain section you were reading.
I thought it was good and that more people should know about it.
Internet : BBC Bitesize maths.
Maths revision, questions, puzzles and games.
Very informative and useful, fun.
Internet BBC bitesize website.
Lots of revision pages and games to play to help you revise.
I thought it was quite good and it helped me with my SATs. I am now using it to help
me with my GCSE's too.
Internet Bitesize
Internet website, BBC Bitesize.
Explaining about how maths can help when your older I think.
That maths obviously can be extremely useful in later life in whatever career you
decide to take.
Internet Websites (bitesize).
It was ok. It made sense. I could test myself and see how good/bad I was.
Internet where we have to go on BBC Bitesize.
It wasn't that good, pretty boring as we were only allowed to read & answer as.
It wasn't that good, pretty boring as we were only allowed to read & answer as.
Internet, BBC Bitesize.
Helped me
Internet, Bitesize.
A website to help you with learning more about maths and testing you.
It was quite good but they could be better.
Internet, you can find bitesize games.
The games and the revision on maths.
It is really good and other people should do it.
Maths cleverly broken down/made easy.
Easy to understand.
BBC bite size maths. Internet.
Puzzles, Games.
BBC Bitesize (Web).
Very good for revision. Multiple answer questions.
Not sure if test would give you a choice between answers,
BBC Bitesize, Intetnet.
Revise maths for test by answering questions and reading.
It was helpful to me as I remembered a lot for my tests.
Bitesize internet
Helping understand equations.
Explains maths that is hard to learn.
Bitesize website
Helping to teach maths revision.
Good idea.
Internet - BBC Bitesize, when I go on the computer to revise subjects, such as
maths, Math text book - at home or school.
BBC Bitesize is a revision site for your GCSE's, there are different topics in maths
which you can revise, Text books-full of questions for you to learn.
Very good source of information about maths. Structured in an easy way to learn.
Internet - Bitesize
It was easy to learn from.
Internet - Bitesize
It is good for revision at all ages.
It was quite good.
Internet - Bitesize
Revising and answering questions.
It helped and was good.
Internet - Bitesize
The website to help with revision.
I thought it was useful.
Internet - GCSE Bitesize website; Books - maths book (Sums).
Internet - Revision sites like Bitesize.
Different topic to use.
I prefer to do random topics or questions instead of revising in order.
Bitesize on the BBC.
It was a good help.
Games on GSCE bitesize.
It help me a bit.
I remember a BBC Bitesize website fun of tests for maths.
I didn't really want to go on it but did because I needed to revise.
Internet - Bitesize helps revision.
Very helpful when trying to revise. Although not everyone has the internet.
BBC Bitesize on the internet.
The maths games.
It was ok. Not brilliant.
BBC Bitesize programs, Computer games.
Revision, Test yourself, Puzzles.
Helped me to recap things, I didn't quite understand. Revision.
BBC bitesize website - maths section.
It had the topics of our course and I used it to revise and to help with homework.
It was quite useful.
BBC Bitesize website. Saw it on internet.
Questions, Tests to help with revision.
Didn't really help me with my maths.
Bitesize - Internet (BBC).
Helps all ages with mathematics and other subjects. Has games, questions etc. all to
do with maths.
I think it's a good way to revise for subjects like maths and is very understandable.
Question where hard.
Bitesize maths; TV at home.
Can't remember
Can't remember
Bitesize website
Revision for maths GCSE.
Good website
CBC Bitesize
Lots of colours.
Internet GCSE bitesize.
Puzzles in school in maths; internet at home on bitesize.
I remember trying really hard to work out the questions.
Nothing really, I just thought it was hard.
TV - Guide Programs; Internet - BBC Bitesize.
TV - people working out sums & solving problems; Internet - helping with areas that
you may need help on & testing you.
Good - testing yourself.
TV, BBC Bitesize.
It was colourful, simplified and easy to remember.
That it was a good programme, worth watching to help make future progress.
BBC Bitesize on TV adds.
It made me curious about maths.
Bitesize adverts to tell you about revision.
Yes I thought it is useful.
Computer games (Can also be found in bitesize).
Its fun
It helped a lot.
Sometimes Maths is good but some times its boring and a waste of time.
BBC bitesize - TV, bright, bold, colourful short animation.
Effective advert.
Revision bitsize internet BBC.
You revise through and learn new methods.
Quite interesting website.
Website. BBC revision.
You could and research about anything.
Excellent website
It helped with the build up to SAT's.
It was very helpful.
Internet - BBC Bitsize.
The revision notes about various aspects of Maths.
It was very helpful-easy going.
GCSE bitesize
Helped me when it came to exams.
Internet (Bitesize)
Easy to understand.
Internet website - Bitesize.
It's for revision.
Quite helpful
Internet, School/home.
I used bitesize for revising for my SATs.
Well laid out and easy to revise from.
Internet, GCSE Bitesize.
That there was lots of information to help you with and games.
That it was really helpful to revise from and helps if you were stuck.
BBC bitesize - Internet
Gives you tests and helps you revise.
Quite good for revision.
BBC Bitesize
Revision I lots on Maths.
It was quite useful.
BBC bitesize on internet.
Adding and subtracting.
It was ok.
BBC Bitesize revision games, Internet.
301 darts involving doing the Maths yourself.
Rather boring
BBC bitesize, Advert.
Good useful for revising.
BBC revision bitesize Math games.
Playing games but has something to do Math.
It was quite good when I was getting record for the SATs exams.
Bite size, Internet.
Adding, Takings away, Times, Dividing.
It helped me with my work.
Clearly layed out. Lots of different subjects to cover in Maths.
It was ok, but slightly boring.
Revision and tests.
Helpful and not as boring as reading it in a book.
Hating having to revise.
I was bored.
Bitesize BBC1/2.
I was tired at the time.
I fell asleep half way through.
TV - BBC bitsize Maths programme. Internet websites - BBC bitsize website.
It was talking about angles and algebra. It had alot a different areas for the Maths
It helped a little but wasn't very interesting, I didn't enjoy watching it. I didn't read it
because it was uninteresting.
Computer games-on bitsize.
Asked a variety of Mathematical questions in order to get past each level.
Wasn't very interesting.
Internet - Revision websites - BBC Bite Size.
Using it to revise before a test. It was useful and quite interesting.
Quite good, better than using books.
BBC bitesize.
Revision website
It was enjoyable.
Bite size revision (SATS).
It was in preparation for my SATs.
Quite boring, Quite useful.
It helps with GCSE and many other ways like KS3 and so on.
Helps mark the future and get what GCSE that you want and need.
On BBC/there had a bitesize program and it showed lots of thing on Maths to was
good to watch.
Internet = GCSE bitsize.
It was a website dedicated to helping those with Maths exams preperation.
It was useful and easy to access & use.
That it help me revise.
That it was an alright website.
Internet website : BBC bitesize.
It had lots of past papers.
It was useful in revision.
GCSE Bite Size revision BBC.
Helps with Maths.
Its helpful for homework and revision.
BBC Bitsize - Internet.
It had columns of different math quizzes to participate in.
I think it was very educating, simple and quite fun.
Bitesize, Newspapers, TV programmes (Websites)
Can't remember that well.
BBC bitesize channel.
It was teaching you how to do things.
Might as well watch it nothing better on.
Can't remember
Internet : bitesize.
The Internet web site I was on bite size.
It was cool, A bit hard.
Internet - BBC Bite Size.
A new angle using different media to revise for Maths.
A bit lame. I good idea but not among enough.
It wasn't helpful.
It was bad.
Helps to revise.
I found it helpful.
Colorful wasn't very good at explaining things.
It was boring and didn't help me.
Internet -
The website
It looks hard but its useful.
BBC Bitesize (Internet).
It is mainly revision based query.
At times it can get boring.
TV: Revision adverts, Internet: Bitesize, Puzzles: Sudoku, other games: Monopoly,
Bitesize, Google.
Different types of Mathematic sums.
Some looked difficult, some were hard.
Learning programs on BBC. Bitesize learning for Maths BBC internet.
They give you clear information, and it helps your knowledge.
I would prefer to learn from a book, because I can't concentrate watching it on the
Internet website where you look on bite size.
Revision site and helps you revise for your GCSE exams.
Its good for people to revise on it and get a good GCSE mark.
It helps with GCSE, KS3, KS4 and all sorts of tests and it also helps with all other
Its helpful and really good.
Bitesize revision (Internet).
Colourful and interactive.
It is quite good (a bit boring).
Help with SATs and GCSE and all other exams.
It was helpful.
Helps with SATS & GCSEs, also other exams and subjects.
It was helpful.
TV program about a mathematician. BBC Bitesize.
Give information directly.
Bite size internet.
It gave you info on now to do Math.
It was easy to understand.
On the internet, theirs Maths help, to BBC bitesize has a bit about Maths on it.
Its just a game, whre you gotta answer questions about maths.
It's a bit of a waste of time because its a game not takes it seriously.
Bitesize website
Maths extra
Quite good, easy to understand.
Maths revision pages bitesize, My Maths. Using my Maths at school.
Good fun, helpful and easy way to learn.
Bite size my Maths.
It is good fun.
Bite size Website.
Questions & puzzles.
I sound it easy to understand.
BBC bitesize-internet.-Bright, colourful web page, bold district fonts & animations.
It was an effective web page.
Internet (Bitesize)
Colours and Little fish.
TV was on a BBC bitesize program.
Talking about types on maths, although it was an actual revision program.
It was ok because it helped with exams.
Internet websites:- Bitesize & My Maths.
Bitesize games & my Maths games.
It is ok but a bit boring.
Internet Bitesize.
Revision purposes, Diagrams colorful.
Good for revision.
TV bitesize BBC.
Tells you to revise.
Bite size
Lots of different games.
They were ok.
Websites, BBC bitesize.
It was for helping with Maths.
It was good, but not very interesting.
Internet (Bite size)
A small test.
It was good and fun.
Miscellaneous internet
podcast 'audiocrush'
math section of the show
moderately interesting
I came across this resource when I was doing my GCSE's
At the time it was far too advanced for me but I quite liked the way it all seemed to fit
together even though I didn't understand why.
I still use it regularly and find it incredibly useful
the bbc website had an article about a proffesor who had just been awarded an OBE
this past january
it was for being a leader in a sharing of resources and information
not many feelings
On the internet.
I remember some Maths questions for GCSE's on a site.
Helped me quite a bit.
Game - can't remember name. Internet.
There was a message in words and had to find out what the equation was what
numbers where same as letters.
The diving code & the IP address on the internet.
In the film they use numbers to work out codes. There are numbers instead of letters
in the IP address.
TV Programmes, Internet websites.
Revising topics tests.
That it could help.
Websites that help your maths education.
It teaches you then tests you on that afterwards.
It was good.
Games and numbers.
I think it was really fun.
BBC website on the internet.
Had lots of useful information on the website.
The website was boring.
Games on the internet, cards.
Number games that have to be added to get a certain number.
I thought that this was helpful as it stimulated the brain.
Math website, maths lesson.
Different topics
Helpful for revision.
On a games website it used number puzzles.
You had to work out the sum's on the screen to advance through stages, as you went
along they got harder
It was okay but was boring after a while.
Internet, maths game.
TV, Internet, Magazines.
TV : Progresses about people who can do sum's quickly. Internet : Online games you
have to use maths in. Magazine : Number puzzles.
TV : Interesting to see. Internet : Not interesting. Magazine : Sometimes good.
Solving maths puzzles.
Internet computer games.
Fun games, interesting, helps me to understand clearer.
Good for revision, fun, interesting.
Internet, Currency exchange.
Put how much money you got and if you asked for, changes it into UK currency.
On the internet.
The games to help you learn.
It is a really good website.
Internet because you can play games on maths.
All the information.
It helped me understand it more.
Internet Online, Films, TV/Cinema.
Prices using money. When they find out how much time they have left by subtracting
in action films.
Didn't really notice at the time as it is used daily without even knowing you are using
Internet websites
Games, revision pages.
Well presented
Internet websites : BBC Revise Wise
Good interesting variety and fun and interesting games.
Very good and it makes you want to learn.
Internet when revising.
Tips on how to revise and revision sections.
Pretty good
Internet, cool maths for kids website.
It had a place called 'Spikes game zone' where you could either do maths based
games or random games.
It was a good website but some features had to be aged for.
In TV and internet.
Internet - revision for SATs.
Adding questions
Included games
It was a not mathematical brain test.
It seemed interesting.
On a learning website at school.
Very good for learning but not very fun.
Play games, puzzles.
Something to do.
Questions about maths.
I had to do it for school, didn't have no choice-it was boring and un-interesting.
Internet popup
Its rubbish
Internet link
Don't want to read it.
Wikipedia - Internet website.
Had history of Mathematician.
It was quite interesting.
BBC news website
Full of detailed statistics in reports not to mention graphs, charts etc.
This was a really hand website and had plenty of information.
On the BBC Website.
Wondering what it was.
Nothing in particular. Just another link on the website.
An online game on the internet.
You had to count up all the offences of terrorist a hack.
Again reused Maths was very important.
On the BBC Internet site.
I played some revision games to practice for my SATS.
They were quite fun and made maths more enjoyable.
Some learning on Internet.
Lots on revision and exams. No games.
Gets very boring after a while.
Not good because it was a pop-up.
My recess game, it was colour fun & fun, made Maths interesting for her, she had to
add up & take away.
Questionnaire on a site.
Is was useful.
Maths revision website.
Very helpful
Good website, and helpful
Hard, difficult, because it was for A levels Maths.
A bit boring and difficult to understand and hard to find what you want to know.
Internet & books.
It has facts, useful guidelines.
Helps us to do other work.
Website questionnaire (can't remember address)
Asked you to fill in what you thought about Mathematicians. At the end it said that
maths was often dropped because its regarded as useless.
Seems to sum up people attitudes e.g. when are we going to use this in real life.
On the Internet.
It was offering home tutors.
I didn't really think of it at the time but I suppose it was good.
Bright, full of info.
I was revising on the internet.
Internet website.
Internet and book's website.
Time tables
My opinion was that it was good.
Internet Website
It gave questions that you had to answer.
It was alright.
It was a Maths website aimed at GCSE pupils.
It was handy.
Internet - revision site.
It had lots of Mathematical things.
It's Okay
On the internet sums learning was good to revise.
Internet, Couple of weeks ago.
The confusing Algebra. I don't like the way it looks.
Its Maths you try and do it. Don't realty feel emotions for Maths, its more about your
intellect than what you feel.
Very clear
Clear & a lot of help.
You had to do tasks and complete levels.
Internet websites. It had games & tasks to do.
It was boring, & not very fun.
Helping website to Maths.
It was good, you can get help.
Internet websites
For secure logins into accounts or user areas some Math passwords or code breaks.
It shows that people need to know a lot about Math even for trivial and every day
Internet websites
Just some numbers & words.
Just normal
Internet, Magazine.
On the Internet there is a wide range of Maths games, which you can play on. In
magazines there is a daily Math puzzle.
I think it is good because you can understand and solve as well. Challenges your
A Maths game on the internet.
Work out the sums at the stop the bombs hitting your city.
Not good
It was helpful.
Doing some revision.
Help a little bit.
They was some question to answer.
You play Maths games.
Not a lot.
It's a website which has games and lessons on how to understand Maths and how to
become better at it. It also has revision techniques.
It's good but I wouldn't go on it often.
Maths sums
Easy to do.
It was an article, I didn't really read it.
It was boring.
Revision website
It was extremely helpful and informative.
You had to work out Math equations.
Boring not interested!
Internet & Magazines.
Telling me/or what Maths is all about.
Didn't care
Internet games
Answering questions
Easy but some were challenging.
Internet pages for shopping.
Just having to add the prices up of what I was buying.
Easy Maths of just adding it up and totalling but boring.
Internet revision
Reading help pages.
Glad to learn.
Internet revision websites.
Clips and pictures and lots of information.
Good helped me understand Maths more.
Internet Site
Mathematition was very capable.
Pleased for him to be such a great Mathematician.
Internet website
It was a revision website, with alot of pictures.
It didn't help me learn.
Internet websites
The questions the website provided and now you could solve them.
It was a good revision website.
IQ test online.
IQ test pop up.
Interesting to find out my IQ.
Bright & colourful site.
I'm not sure.
Internet, revise wise.
Different topics to pick from, Mathematical images of shapes, angles etc.
I find the site very useful all the time.
Board games
Chess; Monopoly plus some general comments
Board games
There was cards with sums on and you had to get the question right to move around
the board.
It was a really good way to get children learning with lots of fun.
Other games
Chess, using your head.
Board games that involve money.
You need to add art subject.
It takes a while.
TV: Revision adverts, Internet: Bitesize, Puzzles: Sudoku, other games: Monopoly,
Game monopoly
You need maths to count money and move around the board.
I like playing this game and it helps with maths.
Games - numbers
Board game
Was good
Monopoly at home.
Add and subtracts money.
It was fun.
Monopoly at home.
Counting how many squares I had to move.
It was boring.
Monopoly (other games) TV.
Monopoly - Working out rents. Subtracting numbers. TV - Genious person saw
numbers as colours & shapes . Could recite lots of decimal points in pie.
It was good game. Helps with simple Maths. Interesting how different people see
different things.
Board games that usual maths
Games, (board) and at home.
To play the game you have to add up numbers to move on spaces, also have use it
for money that you have to pay in the game.
I thought it was quite fun, as it had easy Maths.
Computer games
Linked to BBC bitesize and My maths
Computer game (Nintendo DS)
Brain Academy. Game to tease the brain + Sudoku
Never played it
Childhood computer game.
Trying to simply maths and relating it to issues that I would face at the time.
Interesting way of trying to encourage the learning of maths.
I like Maths, Game, Shop-PC world.
Playing games, and having good options to do better.
Good opportunities to do better.
Xbox game
You had to do maths to complete each level successfully.
It was ok because it wasn't just maths.
Computer games on Dr Kawashima's brain training. How old is your brain?
You have to answer multiplication questions under a time limit.
It's different to from what you do in other games.
Computer games; RuneScape
The numbers
Computerized game - Tetris.
Slot steadily falling rows of blocks together to prevent the screen from filling. Though
doesn't contain over & maths, has elements of shape & space logic and depth
Though doesn't contain overt maths, logic and space are central. Extremely
enjoyable and addictive.
Computer Games
Good help
Can't remember the name but it was a maths computer game for primary schools.
Mental maths, challenges to earn points and play games.
I really enjoyed it at that time.
Computer game
You had to do a magic square.
Found it hard & unnecessary.
Computer games - Puzzle Pirates.
Manage an Iron Stall in which you are competing with other players to inherit profit,
by the amount of commodities being used and all the transaction being done.
It is difficult for you have to be precise in the commodities you buy to sustain profit.
Computer games at home when I was younger.
Learn by games.
Helped me learn and become confident; remembered.
Computer games at home.
I have to estimate how much money I had test after buying a car so I had enough to
upgrade it.
It was fairly easy but not always right.
Computer games on the Internet.
I had to add things to compute the game.
It was hard and boring.
Computerised game - Brian training (for DS).
Contains rapid mental maths, Sudoku and memory tests among others. After this, it
calculates your mental age.
That it is innovative, and a good way of introducing maths in a competitive, enjoyable
style, and markets maths well.
Computer games (Primary school).
It was called amazing maths, and it was a maze game with different levels, and you
had to answer maths questions.
It was fun at the time.
Computer game
Computer games. You had to add up sums to get onto the next level.
None, just enjoyable.
Computer games
You would need to solve small Maths relates questions to go on.
I thought It was how it was deserved learning.
Computer games, in class.
You had to answer 10 quick questions.
That it was helpfull and quite fun.
Making of computer games.
Maths is needed heavily in programming/making games.
I guess I'll never achieve my dream career.
Maths game on a game website.
There was a picture of numbers, and a deception of the game.
I didn't pay it.
Computer Games, Maths Learning.
The information like, Fractions, Decimals, Percentages, Pythagoras etc.
It was good and a good way of revising for my SAT's.
Computer game
Loans and Advertisement
Easy to use & understand.
Computer game
Had to answer questions to go onto next harder level to reach the prize was set out
in a fun way
It was fun and helped me with harder Maths questions
Computer gave - for 11 yr olds.
It took you through an adventure but you had to answer questions on Maths to
It made maths fun because you felt like you wanted to do it, rather than you had to.
Sam learning-Pac amn game /internet.
It was fun and it helped me with my Math skills.
It was good, I felt it was a fun and easy way to learn.
Computer games at school.
Ask you to answer questions to get to the next level, round.
It's helpful as well as fun so it's good.
Red cat game computer.
It's a game if you enter and want to go to another stage you'll have to calculate it first.
It's good, becomes you can educate with it.
Learning computer game (Jump ahead).
I enjoyed it.
I enjoyed it and learnt a lot.
Computer games
Computer games
Timesing and dividing.
Game (on PC) - Carmen ...... Can't remember the rest.
It had different puzzles you had to work out in order to progress. You played a
It was a fun game and was also challenging.
In video games.
Maths was needed to finish part of the game.
Made it quite complex.
Maths attach My brother played it.
You went through an old castle and you had to solve equations to get to different
parts of the caste.
I thought it was very good because my brother who normally hates Maths said
"Haman, it's the best game I have ever played!" It also increased the rate he could do
mental Maths.
On a computer game.
You had to answer questions and you get a prize.
Computer game : Knights of the old republic.
It involved pictures.
I like it and it help me.
Computer game
Was a child's computer game, to help and encourage kids from an easy age to learn
It was a good way and an interesting way of getting was involved.
Computer game solitare.
Having to solve it.
Computer games - on internet.
It talked about the ways in which Maths is used to make some games.
Good because it was interested about the ways that game are made.
Computer games - PC.
It had sums you had to work out to move on to the next level.
It's fun and challenging at the same time. It challenges your mind.
Computer games
When you hand numbers and then you have to add times, take away or divide to get
a number.
That I enjoyed it.
Computer games
Its on
It helps add with your work in a simple way.
Computer games
It was fun.
It was fun.
Computer games
It was fun.
It was fun.
Computer games
Computer games at home.
In puzzle solving games like resident evil.
Why would you put Maths in a game?
Computers games
Again Maths revision co.
Good and easy to learn, bit boring though.
Magazine articles. Sudoku.
I remember that it is very useful to manipulate number for on combination on
I am very exciting and all day I am playing 2003 killer Sudoku.
Computer game (Nintendo DS)
Brain Academy. Game to tease the brain + Sudoku
Never played it
It's the latest vage (sic) in newspapers and most people on the train are engrossed
with it
I have tried it but it doesn't appeal to me as I'm not very comfortable with numbers.
However, it's an excellent way to exercise the brain.
Sudoku, Newspapers.
A puzzle in a book of logic puzzles.
It was a grid and all the lines/columns had to add up to a certain number, with one of
each number from 1 - 9 (think) in the rows.
It was good, but quite challenging, I was proud when I finished it because it had been
Different puzzles, Books, Newspapers.
Puzzles that have to add up like sudoku with the rows adding up to something.
Puzzles like that.
I think these are good because they help to test and expand your brainpower
Puzzles. Sudoku uses maths to solve the puzzle.
Puzzles - passes the spare, boring time. Only good to do when there is nothing batter
to do.
It was a pop asp on the internet, count down, Sudoku challenge flicking through a
Not, no interesting, bit snoozy.
Magazines - at the back of magazines & newspapers e.g. the times.
Puzzles - Sudoku book.
Solving maths challenges.
Quite confusing, and hard.
Puzzles : Crossword books & Sudoku.
Hard and makes you want to play. You want to win the puzzle.
Fun and you feel great when you solve the problem.
Maths related e.g. sudoku or problem solving.
Happy when it is completed.
Puzzles. Sudoku uses maths to solve the puzzle.
Puzzles - passes the spare, boring time. Only good to do when there is nothing batter
to do.
Puzzles; Sudoku.
Very hard well the big ones anyway.
Very enjoyable
Puzzles in a magazine.
Sudoku Puzzle!
I didn't really understand what to do.
Puzzle: Sudoku - newspaper & puzzle books. It's a number puzzle where you fill in
the missing numbers by process of elimination.
It was ok. I enjoy doing number puzzles.
Puzzles - Sudoku
It was very hard but I enjoyed it very much.
Puzzles; Sudoku. Books; KS3 maths, Internet; numbers.
All right overall some of them were very challenging.
Sudoku in magazines; Some game show questions.
Didn't have an opinion.
"Sudoku Master" PC game in game shop.
It was great fun and tested my number knowledge.
It was challenging but fun.
Sudoku - Internet, Newspaper.
Table where you have to put the no. 1-9 in each section without them repeating
throughout at the whole line of the table.
I thought it was quite good for people who enjoy puzzles and it was good fun.
Sudoku game show; TV program.
9 bold lined boxes with 9 thin lines boxes inside. 1-9 in a row, 1-9 in a box no number
is twice in both box & line.
I started drawing it up and then answered questions-felt I could join in.
Carol Vorderman and Sudoku.
Maths and Numbers.
Boring, Uncool.
Carol Vorderman; Sudoku
Very enjoyable
Sudoku, solving puzzles.
Keeps me occupied and is good for the mind.
Sudoku - the puzzle, in magazines puzzle books.
You have a grid with nine boxes and each box must go from one to nine/twelth
without using the same number twice and also in the horizontal and vertical lines.
It's a fun way of doing maths.
Savors numbers in it make nos. I to nine in each row column and box.
Quite interesting.
It's a number puzzle.
Fun to try.
Sudoku (My mums got it).
It looks boring and hard.
Sudoku in a magazine.
Numbers in a grid.
I can't remember.
Sudoku in a puzzle book.
Completed in a crossword style.
Very challenging but enjoyable.
Sudoku papers, magazines.
Big box 1-9 in each column, row & square.
Gets you to think.
Sudoku; Internet.
Table where you have put the no. 1-9 in each section without them repeating in one
line throughout the table.
It was something to do when back.
Puzzles - Sudoku
Japanese Maths puzzle.
Some can be challenging.
Puzzles - Sudoku
Its a puzzle my mum does.
One word; Why?
Puzzle Books
It was a soduko puzzle and took a while to complete.
It was good to have finished it.
It was a Soduku puzzle.
I don't really feel much towards a puzzle, however I completed it.
Soduku times
It was difficult but pleasing to complete.
Its probably the only type of Math I have been able to do without giving up.
It's a logical puzzle.
It was what I considered to be reasonably challenging, but with practice, it got easier.
Never played, heard of it from my grandparents.
Have never played, sounds slightly dull.
Sudoku - magazine.
Number puzzle.
It was quite level.
Arranging numbers in a square.
Difficult but attractive.
Sudocos in the paper.
Trying to work out which number go where.
Intresting addictive
Sudoko puzzle, Newspaper.
Each column, row and smaller box must have number 1-9 in.
Fun, enjoyable, challenging.
Sudoko puzzles
Puzzles - Soduku
Soduku is complicated at some parts but in the other parts its easy.
Difficult and stopped doing it after a white.
Sudoku in a book.
It was quite a popular book which I struggled with.
Tricky, but fun.
It was hard.
TV: Revision adverts, Internet: Bitesize, Puzzles: Sudoku, other games: Monopoly,
Lots of numbers in a grid.
Could be interesting but it would work my association into an old person.
Magazines & Internet.
Magazines-Sudoku puzzles & Internet-Advertisements on the site.
Not bothered about it.
Puzzles - Sudoku
Number patterns
Sodoku - Newspaper.
You didn'g need that many Math skills - apart from logic.
Its fun
On the internet - Sudoko.
Its a puzzle.
Other puzzles
Magazine, Puzzle page.
I read a lot of magazine e.g. closer etc. You can do the puzzle page.
It is okay, there more like words searches.
Puzzle book
Needing maths to answer the questions.
I was glad I am capable of doing maths, and completing the puzzle.
Puzzles in a magazine.
How you can use different maths techniques to solve the puzzles that can help.
That maths is useful in whatever you do.
Number addind & multiplying.
Puzzles at school.
Time tables
It was fun & colourful.
Magazines-puzzles inside the mag.
Not bothered!
A puzzle that appeared on a SATs paper.
Great games AKE good for u.
In magazines you get number puzzles.
It was quite difficult.
It was fun to do.
Number criss cross.
You have to fill all the numbers into a grid.
It was amusing.
Puzzle booklets.
I use to buy puzzle books and fill them in on long journeys.
I would enjoy using them and would do them with my brothers.
Puzzler a magazine I get.
It's got lots of logic games.
Very good when you bored.
Their is Maths puzzels which help you, they are also fun.
They are ok. All different types & they do help you with Maths.
There was a clock face and sums around the side.
It was really good for young children to count or learn to count and do sums that are
TV shows
Carol Vordman on Countdown
She is hot and great at maths
She give maths a good face
Mental arithmetic on “Countdown” (Channel 4)
Countdown is a daytime letters/numbers game, including 3 rounds of mental
arithmetic (trying to form a random number from a given set); contestants have 30
seconds per round, and are very often successful- if not Carol Voderman (presenter)
generally is.
The show is entertaining in a way, the maths not very taxing; it slightly annoys me
that people seem to think (and many in fact say on the programme, if asked) that
“arithmetic is what maths is all about”, which is a big underestimation of such an
important subject.
Carol Woderman
Stress, unable to watch it, inadequate maths
Count down: Television
Number problem
Good challenge by setting time limit, challenges mental arithmetic ability
Countdown - daily (don't watch it every day) on TV.
The "Number game".
Enjoyable to participate, and prospect of beating card.
Carol Vorderman, Television.
Focus on Maths as accessible and potentially enjoyable.
That maths shown as useful and in a positive light.
Count Down
Countdown - TV
Enjoy it
Getting to a target member with certain digits.
Its fun to do something its easy, sometimes its hard.
Countdown, everyday on channel 4.
Carol Vorderman
Could get involved quickly solving puzzles.
TV; Countdown - Carol Voderman.
She can do sums really quickly in her head.
She was good & I was trying it also.
Watching TV when I was saw countdown.
You were given some numbers and you had to get as close as you can to a given
value by adding, subtracting, x or y to the numbers e.g. 500, 100, 279 given value
It encouraged me to work things out quickly because you only got 30 seconds to
complete it; I feel it helped me with maths.
TV - Countdown
When the number round comes up and you have to use BODMAS in order to get to
the target number using the numbers chosen by the lady.
It was fun.
TV Countdown
A clock timing the people to works out a sum.
Not very good to learning children but fun to watch.
TV programme countdown.
TV game show where you work out math questions and you gain lots of points.
It didn't really interest me.
TV; Countdowns/Deal Or No Deal game shows.
Good game show.
Puzzles (Countdown)
Adding numbers, Subtracting.
It was all right.
Carol Vorderman Countdown
Her getting the number after contestants get the number.
She is fit and fast at maths, which does help to a certain extent.
Carol Vorderman Countdown.
She added up random numbers to a target number.
She's good. It'd be cool if I could do that.
Deal or no deal/Countdown (TV).
Adding, multiplying, and Working out odds.
Sometimes boring but Noel lifts the spirit! I love Noel!
I saw it on countdown last week on TV.
The women working out sums on the maths board.
It was boring but my dad was watching it.
On TV, remembering maths on countdown.
You had to pick six numbers and reach a target chosen randomly.
It was quite challenging.
Television - Countdown
You have a selection of numbers and a total and with the numbers you have to get
the total.
It helps people enjoy maths.
Television - Countdown on channel 4.
Doing complicated sums very quickly!
I wish I could do that.
They have a certain time to gets as near as they can to a number chosen using a few
numbers that have been picked.
Makes you use your skills of problems really fast. Shows how past you can solve it
TV - Countdown
Long equations and sums.
It was done in a fun way.
TV - Countdown
Working equations to win points.
It is a good way to test your math skills.
TV - Programmes such as countdown.
In countdown they have a numbers round where you use 6 given numbers to make
the total of a number over one hundred given to you.
It's a good way of learning maths because it's quite challenging.
TV countdown
Really hard, maths problems.
TV programme countdown.
You have to make a sum.
Very challenging
Countdown - TV
They have letter rearranging but they have numbers too. You have to reach the
target number with the chosen numbers.
It is good and enjoyable. Gets you thinking.
How hard it was.
It was hard.
Two players with conundrums (maths) to work out against the clock.
Countdown, TV.
Numbers round
Its fun to play along.
Countdown; TV.
Making the numbers add up to the target set.
It's not very interesting.
Countdown - television show.
Count down - Carol Vordaman co-hosts contestants pick numbers and gave to use
those numbers in a mathematical equation to make another number.
Count down - I marvel had how quickly some people are able to work with numbers,
and I sometimes join in.
Countdown - TV
How they were able to calculate things so quickly?
That it was impressive but looked hard.
Countdown - TV
They have to solve a problem in a certain amount of time.
2 players as a presenter and a big clock going tick tock when they are playing.
Mixed fun I guess.
Does not just contain numbers but letters. You are given a chance to pick random
Everyone know what countdown is.
I enjoy doing it.
It's a maths shown in TV.
Very hard
Some contestants have to take 5 numbers and make a larger.
It a good show!
The Presenter
Not very good.
The tune
I liked the tune.
They have to work with a limited amount of numbers and can only use them once
and have to make a total.
Fun to try.
Tune, Carol Vorderman.
It is catchy makes wanna play.
Countdown Carol Vorderman.
She's good at maths.
Countdown channel 4.
Carol Vorderman very good at maths and numbers.
Wonder, how she is so good?
Countdown on TV.
Carol Voderman does the letters and number rounds.
Didn't love any feelings about it.
Countdown on TV.
That they had to pick numbers and add them or multiply and that to get to a number.
That it looked hard to do it to get the right number.
Countdown television.
Numbers were drown and a target was to be made using only these numbers.
It was ok.
Countdown TV program.
Given a number and you must make it.
Interesting, although some are hard to work out.
Countdown, It was on TV.
They go through letters and number games. Carol Vordeman solves the problems.
It was okay, very educational!
Countdown, Television.
They were adding etc.
It was ok.
Countdown; TV.
You have to work out a maths problem.
I like trying to work it out and think it's fun.
TV Programme - On TV.
TV Programme- Watching countdown.
TV Programme- It is on.
TV - Countdown.
The programm.
Looks hard
Count down
The music and older people adding up.
Count down, at home.
There two very clever people.
I thought they were clever.
They had to make a number with 5 other numbers.
I didn't understand it completely.
Countdown :TV.
Carol Vaderman doing quick Maths.
Thought she was amazing and she made it look easy.
Count down. TV
Don't know
It was quite hard because I was quite young when I saw this program. It was for
The people timing to get to a specific number.
It looked difficult.
Count down on TV.
They have to get the number given or nearest to it.
It's really boring. Doesn't really intrest me.
You have to make a word out of jumbled letters and then after each round, you have
to work out a Math equation.
Boring! But its for older people so I can't really have an opinion.
Count down on TV the programme.
Watching Carol Vardeman, do calculating very complex Math equations.
TV - Countdown (TV show channel 4).
The show has a maths section when a contestant is asked to find a certain number,
when a certain amount of numbers and digits are supplied.
I don't know, perhaps the strongest feeling I had about it was boredom, and the urge
to do something more exciting, like homework.
Countdown, Channel 4, TV programme, Internet, BBC version.
Countdown, You have to make a 3 digit number out of 6-7 numbers.
I found it interesting and watched it again and try to get the target number.
They had to find ways to make a number with other smaller numbers.
It looked hard.
Adding numbers.
Countdown, Channel 4 TV.
There have numbers and they have to work out the equation.
It was a quite challenging method.
TV - Channel & countdown.
A woman tells them the answer about Maths.
It was ok but the show was boring.
Gane involving mental Maths.
On TV - Countdown.
It gets quite puzzling, you need to get to a number using a few numbers.
It was quite fun.
Target number-had to get as close to it as possible using 4 or 5 other numbers.
Thought it was clever that they could do Maths so fast.
Countdown - at home.
Adding numbers to solve a Maths conundrum.
It was educational and challenging.
TV programmes
It was a very popular TV Maths and English quiz show called countdown.
It was excellent.
On the TV countdown.
Had to take away number and multiply to get an answer.
It was okay.
TV countdown
You have to use Maths to calculate a total number.
Interesting to see how people solved it in different ways.
Carol Vardeman, Countdown.
She answers questions etc.
I had no feelings for it, however enjoyed watching countdown after school.
TV - countdown, Internet games.
Getting to a certain number by using specific numbers. Working out Maths questions.
Wanted to try it out. Quite easy and challenging.
Fermat’s last theorem
Andrew Wiles, in Shaw Prize
His childhood dream of proving the Fermat's last theorem was accomplished. It's
We can do whatever if we want to!
Documentary about Fermat's Last Theorem
It seemed very exiting
I enjoyed the TV show and quite liked the way everyone seemed so exited about it.
The 'Horizon' programme on 'Fermat's Last Theorem' featuring Prof. Andrew Wiles.
Describe the main things that you remember about it:
The interesting discussion of the outline of the Proof
I was engaged: It confirmed my opinion that Number Theory is an excellent subject.
Other quiz shows
8 mentions: Deal or no Deal; 2 mentions each: Weakest Link; Who wants to be a
Millionaire; 1 mention each: The Lottery; Test the Nation; The Price is Right
Weakest link.
They sometimes have maths questions on their.
Not very interesting answering questions.
Heard/seen Maths in who wants to be a millionaire.
It was a Mathematical sum.
It was a hard question.
TV; Countdowns/Deal Or No Deal game shows.
Good game show.
Deal or no deal/Countdown (TV).
Adding, multiplying, and Working out odds.
Sometimes boring but Noel lifts the spirit! I love Noel!
TV, Deal Or No Deal.
That if you are good at maths you could work out if the deal is good or not and
whether you should take it.
It interests me sometimes but I don't watch it all the time.
Deal Or No Deal, TV.
The banker set a price he would pay by finding the average of the boxes remaining.
Clever and interests me.
TV; Deal Or No Deal.
The numbers
TV, The Lottery.
In the lottery, you must match the numbers. If you cannot count, you can't play.
I have no options or feelings about it.
TV; Game show.
Head to head competition; maths challenges.
It would be good to be this intelligent.
TV Quiz show.
Had to work out a total with given numbers which can only be used once.
Found it hard but got it right. Brief feeling of success.
On a TV show called 'Test the Nation' where it had some maths questions.
I watched, price is right at home.
Deal or no deal.
Ratio whether the chances are on your side, probability.
Focus on logic vs. luck. I have a logical mind; find it frustrating when people
Deal or No Deal.
The person had to choose different boxes with numbers on them. They also had to
deal with money.
It was good.
I was on 'who wants to be a millionaire'. There were only a few Maths questions.
It was ok but the questions were more on knowledge.
The weakest link (TV).
General knowledge in competition and has some questions about Maths.
The Maths questions are not challenging at all.
TV - Deal or no deal.
You have to pick a number & see how much money is inside it, you can win.
It is a good interesting show.
Can't remember
On a game show finding solutions.
A bit boring.
On Channel BBC 1.
They asked what is 3x + 14 and the person got it right & won the money.
On a game show.
TV - Various quiz shows.
People had to use their mathematical ability to answer a question, often against time.
Good fun, gives you the chance to test yourself.
Australian game show in a place.
There was a scientist and every one took the mic out of him.
Quite harsh, I guess it was quite funny.
Other TV shows
2: Numb3rs (5?), Music of the Primes, Beauty and the Geek; 1: the Apprentice, OU,
Newsround, Grange Hill, Brain Game, Dr Who, Futurama; Eggheads; Friends;
Tweenies; My wife and kids; Simpsons; Stephen Hawkings on Simpsons (2) on
Richard and Judy (1)
Sport: darts, football, snooker, cricket, tennis
Darts, saw it of name.
Adding up their scores as they throw the darts.
Quite good, wasn't as boring as I thought.
Football matches, Knock out rounds.
The away goal rule, the team with most away goals goes through.
Entertaining, but confusing to keep up with.
Somebody winning against opponent.
It was boring but interesting.
Sport - experience and television.
I love games like cricket and tennis so you have to add scores up.
Very enjoyable
TV programme 'The Music of the Primes' featuring Prof. Marcus du Sautoy
A re-telling of the well-know background to the Riemann Hypothesis
It was well presented and accurate.
marcus du sautoy on TV
Beauty & The Geek, Channel 4
That the mathematician came across as the most normal of the geeks: funny and
clearly interested in stuff other than maths
Reflection of objects (changing position), Open university.
Turning around object (e.g. small pyramids) by certain degree (60 degree, 90 degree,
...), and reflection on a mirror.
Needed to be watched carefully and discussed with other student of Maths would
more understood.
On a TV programme (beauty and geek).
Don't remember
Don't know
Doctor who
He is talking about algebra.
Steven Hawking on Richard & Judy.
Him talking about his simplified books for normal people.
Simpsons (Springfield elementary).
They had a lesson on maths.
It had a joke in it, so I found it fairly funny.
TV programme 'numbers'.
It was a detective program and they solved things using numbers.
It was interesting to see how numbers and maths relate to everyday life.
Interesting to watch.
Steven Hawking was on simpsons.
It was quite funny.
The Simpsons
Stephen Hawking was on it.
I think it was just another joke on the programme.
TV - Futurama
He was doing his taxes.
It's a good programme anf funny
TV, Eggheads, BBC 2.
Question about math.
Well confusing.
TV, Friends.
It was funny.
It was simple
On my wife and kids - when junior had a maths teacher because he got a bad maths
I thought it was funny.
The apprentice - BBC2.
Using Maths & economics to make money.
It was very interesting.
I think it night of been a competition.
Nothing, I don't pay much attention to newsround.
Grange Hill
They were in a Maths detention for not doing their homework.
On it disappointed me deeply.
Sky one : 'Brain game'
Hard logical questions.
Challenging, Very interesting.
Not interested
Also Numb3rs?
TV (I can't remember what it's called).
A detective programme, where the main character uses mathematics to find the
answer to murder mysteries or to catch criminals.
Its really good to watch - and makes Maths interesting.
Unidentifiable TV programmes
BBC learning zone.
Childrens T V
Basic Maths
Comedy sketch show.
Negative stereotype "geek"
Itv some time last year
some one displaying skills of bein able to do any kind of maths is a minimum time
Many programes & documentaries
I can't remember
The number 1' BBC on TV.
It was about binary and how numbers came around.
I was very interested.
Famous mathematicians - BBC1.
It's a quiz game and pictures were set up, the players had to answer why these
people were famous for.
I guess it was all right. I gained a bit of knowledge from it.
I saw it on CBBC and on cartoon network 'The Great Outdoors'
TV programme for children-teens using maths in general life. I've been on maths &
learning website to help revise.
They help people of my age (15)
TV news
Maths teacher talking about maths.
Didn't really care.
Teachers TV; Maths.
Taught teacher how to teach equations.
I didn't take much interest.
Adding up numbers to make a finally one.
It was good.
All the information.
It helped me understand it more.
Recess, TV.
The caretaker was a mathematician and shared his skill with a clever student.
It was a funny episode.
Funny little animals playing and counting.
It was fun.
A television program, at home.
Add, subtract, multiply, divide numbers to make a number.
I remember it is on late at night.
Can't remember watching it.
TV programme in school.
It was old, and not that informative.
It wasn't that exciting.
In TV and internet
He went crazy.
This boy was dyslexic and he couldn't grasp maths but in the end he did.
Felt sorry for him but glad that he finally grasped it.
Working out equations.
TV & maths castle.
People jumping around in playing card suits.
It was really babyish but I still couldn't do it.
TV Programs
It was showing about who ever get's the Mathematical question right the person wins
I wish I could be there and win money because I know I'll get the answer right.
A programme on TV-game?
About the origins of Math, the history.
It was quite interesting, though a little complex.
TV program
It was about the placement of the prime numbers along a straight line and the
theorems of physics as the structure of a certain atom resembles the pattern of prime
It was very interesting and very confusing.
Childs TV programme.
Boring uninteresting.
Annoyed that it was ruining tv.
Don't remember much, just on TV. When I was younger.
He was annoying, boring and smart.
didn't like it.
A children TV programme.
It was just on educational programme aimed at 6-10 yr olds, that help with
It was useful & easy to understand.
General history (Greek mathematicians at the time) on history channel.
Showed Mathematicians ideas, how they discovered new ideas and thoughts.
Not too interesting, didn't seem much point to their Mathematical discoveries.
It was ok.
Maths programmes on TV.
Guides young children through techniques used in Mathematics.
It was for younger children but made the process of Maths seen enjoyable.
TV programmes - Blues Clues often finds puzzles for children to solve involving
I thought that if this form of associating music with numbers worked then may be
more of an interactive source of Maths should be used not only for primary but also
TV programme, Biography of a Mathematician.
His life, his intrest in maths, how he acquired it and developed it.
It was a fairly boring life, and I didn't understand how he could like Maths as much as
he did.
BBC Channel
Song about counting.
TV-in primary school learning programmas.
TV-made Maths more about the fun.
TV-I liked the programme it made me feel good about doing Maths in class.
Tads answering question.
It was ok, didn't really learn anything.
TV programme in a Maths lesson.
It was about the history of Maths and numbers.
It was rather dull and drawn-out.
It was about how children respond to Maths & what makes them good of it.
I thought it was interesting.
TV a program on cannel 2 about how to do Maths for younger children.
Learning how to count and know prime numbers. How to do algebra.
It was ok.
There was an architect and he had to measure the amount of acres left the building
site had left.
I realize that Maths is used in a lot of concepts and I numerically no liked this.
A T.V documentary about an autistic mathemetician. A book about autison.
The way in which they felt maths reassuming, the harder it got. I strongly empathised
with their line of lodgic and satisfaction in solving hard maths.
N/A. Explained already.
Television, on sky one.
It's based on maths logic, and mental maths.
Wasn't that interesting but the questions made you think twice.
TV, BBC Bite size revision, a quilt advert.
It was a cartoon aimed to attract hid to do school revision for Maths, Science &
It was good, well presented and convincing.
TV, not sure what it was called.
That it help you understand Math.
TV/Education program.
Entertaining and educational.
There was a man dressed up as a dinosaur that was shouting numbers and drawing
I was scared at the time.
ome thing on TV about a Maths guy.
They told us all about him & his life & now he loved Maths.
It was stupid because no one cares about his life they just want to understand Maths!
A history of numbers.
Presented by one of the Blakes from Monty Python. Was hard to imagine life without
Very unusual and a wacky was of presenting.
Fort boyard (TV) profession.
He gave a Math riddle.
I answered the question cos it was easy. the people on it were stupid (contestants).
Maths video recovered from TV at school.
A bit boring and I didn't think it helped me understand the subject better.
On the television, CBBC learning.
It was mostly about percentages, Decimals, Fractions.
It would be easier learning from a book.
I remember on the news that math was going to become a forgotten subject in the
future. Basically the standard of Maths was falling.
I thought that the government should do something about the standard in Maths
which is lower then most other countries.
Playboy TV
Numbers on woman.
Some TV programme at school.
Boring. Old Fashioned. Cheesey. About proportions mode / mean etc.
It was dull & boring! Not helpfull.
TV program on channel BBC.
Learning how to do certain maths & getting better at maths.
Useful for those who need help.
On TV a programe on trouble.
One of the kids had to study for his maths exam and you heard a bit of what he was
Didn't really have any.
TV programe about a Maths teacher.
He was from out of space.
It was a rubbish programme
TV, Computer.
It was fine and I wanted to complete with my friend.
I felt ok about it.
The people talking about Maths.
That it was a good show.
On a tv show.
It was boring, but I remember it.
Maths is bored.
TV programme at home.
About a Maths genius.
It was a bit Surreal.
General comments
TV, Internet, Magazines.
TV : Progresses about people who can do sum's quickly. Internet : Online games you
have to use maths in. Magazine : Number puzzles.
TV : Interesting to see. Internet : Not interesting. Magazine : Sometimes good.
Children's learning programmes.
For very young children.
It used songs and rhymes to help the children learn, this suited their age.
Newspapers & documentaries.
About Math
Not interested in it.
Daytime TV - at home.
Aimed at young people.
Patronising !
TV - Children shows.
Children with Maths.
Its boring
TV:- They have maths shows on TV.
How boring it was.
TV programmes, most programmes involve maths now days.
On TV music videos.
The dance moves & the lyrics.
It was very good.
TV Programmes
The way they use maths to work out equation to solve puzzles.
It was extremely clever and interesting.
Shows you how to do simple Maths.
Kind of boring, could be useful I guess in same ways if you struggle with Maths.
TV Programme
I use to daily watch Mathematic programs during the day time.
I had fun solving the problems.
TV programme on the number 1 in a maths class.
It was a programme describing how the number one had evolved to give us all our
numbers today.
It was odd and a bit tedious but had some interesting points.
TV programmes - Soap-teaching scene.
A teacher character was explaining a Maths equation to her class.
I could relate to being taught the same thing.
TV programmes
It described how mathematicians worked out different theories.
It was alright.
Don't know name, Sky TV.
How to do different Maths problems.
It was ok.
It tells you all about Maths for key stage 2.
Not a lot.
On TV.
It was on factor multiplication.
It was good.
Mortgages, Typical rates.
Confused, didn't really understand it.
To progamme
The romans being killed by being set on fire.
Counting games
Fun but too easy.
Non-Euclidean geometry.
School teacher, teaching Math.
Seems like a hard job.
Boring, long.
TV (Primary School)
Songs to do with Maths.
Random but quite funny.
Very childish
It made me change the channel.
Heard a program about Music of the Primes on Radio 4
Really nice music, I think based on a rythm derived from the distribution of primes
through the natural numbers, and the Riemann Hypothesis was also mentioned.
There was a comparison of the distribution of the primes with the frequency of
raindrops falling on one place.
I thought it was an interesting program that would have made maths seem beautiful
to non-mathematicians too.
About prime numbers.
Sometimes they do quizes on the radio.
Radio program
It was a competition with youngsters seeing if they could beat their parents at core
subjects at school. If the child won, they got money/cinema tickets can't remember
I thought it was very good, and it helped encourage them to learn.
Radio (Local)
Quiz to win money.
Wasn't very hard, but money appeared to public. Questions had to be easy for
general public to answer.
On the radio, BBC In the radio, BBC 4 I think.
They were talking about this Math dudes life.
How boring!
BBC Radio 4.
Programme of the history of numbers and an interview with a Mathematician.
Very dull. Lots of things said I did not understand.
Radio - talk show.
Not much because I changed radio stations as quickly as possible.
Discussions on Maths.
Don't really knew.
Radio 1
It was a question air.
Ok they where.
Radio stations
Radio competitions sometimes include answers that are to do with Math for example
"...take away 10 from the year this album was released in the UK then add 17.."
Again this shows that Math affects all areas and walks of life.
Radio, I heard it.
Some guy was talking about funny Maths problems.
Alright, not to sure.
He said some think about space.
Radio 1
Random General Knowledge.
Well Confusing
Radio Programmes. GWR.
They were talking about maths problems and lots of problems with money.
It was not interesting. It was not useful.
Maths gremlins
TV advert
It was for a learning programme for adults. They used a gremlin in it.
Thought it was an on advert. Felt that it wouldn't really encourage adults.
TV at home.
Get rid of your Maths goblins (get help with Maths).
Could be usefull.
T.V. an advert for Maths.
About how to understand it better.
I didn't really care.
TV advertisement
A parent not being able to help their child with Maths homework - an advert
encouraging elders to take courses.
Positive - Encouraging advert.
Other adverts
An advert asking people stay on and become a mathematician.
How it explained the usefulness of have the extra ability in problem solving and how
it would help your career.
It was interesting to see how maths could help get a better job.
Advert TV
It was a sum.
It was boring.
TV adverts
Not sure
Songs and music
cut chemist, dj shadow mixing sets (music)
samples of mathematicians speaking
i liked it
Jamie Foxx - unpredictable (song).
1+1=2; that it was said.
It was proper safe.
Pop song because I remember it saying 10x2+1, Romeo done.
I went in do the song and reminded me of school and maths.
Music; Pop songs.
Numbers, adding subtracting, dividing and time table.
The song rhymed and sounded good it didn't want me to go do maths though
Dirty desperados (Song).
Music - Aerosmith - come together.
The lyrics "1+1+1 is 3"
Good song
Pop songs -top of the pops, TV programmer- Blues clues.
Pop songs: it was mambo number 5 and I guess this could have potentially been a
successful way of introducing counting in a memorable way to younger children.
A certain song about a man's love to a woman.
The song linked his relationship with his knowledge of Maths he sang, "But I do know
that one and one is two".
If I heard it again, I would probably attempt to destroy what was the closest thing to
me - being it object or animal.
Music, keeping time.
Reading music, keeping in time with the best.
It was a bit boring.
Beadles song - yellow submarine.
1, 2, 3, 4 an I have a little more? 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 lesson, I love you.
It made me feel happy and boring. I enjoyed the guitar. I like simple songs like that.
Jonney ball, Theatre.
It was useful and enjoyable to watch.
Ross Noble (Comedian).
It was a non vicious Mickey taking.
It was funny and the Mathematician agreed.
Newspapers and magazines
GCSE Bitesize and Sugar magazine.
The website helped me improve my maths and helps me revise for exams. The
magazine had a small maths quiz inside.
The internet is very helpful. The magazine does not really help.
TV, Internet, Magazines.
TV : Progresses about people who can do sum's quickly. Internet : Online games you
have to use maths in. Magazine : Number puzzles.
TV : Interesting to see. Internet : Not interesting. Magazine : Sometimes good.
Lizzie magazine - maths lesson.
That it looked fun.
I thought it was good.
I saw it in a magazine called Ellegid.
I remember reading the number of % that people voted for certain things, to get
peoples opinions.
I thought it was just a bit of fun and interesting to see peoples views.
Magazines - quiz's like from teen magazine
Adding up the results.
It was just a bit fun.
Magazine Articles
Advertising going back to education to improve grades/qualifications.
Good idea
Questionnaires that have a total score to add up.
I thought that this was good because it helped to work out sums quicker.
Magazines, Cosmopolitan.
That there were many mathematical facts in there, including percentages for what
other people had queried.
That it was interesting and brought about social unity within the readers, as they
found they could relate easily to others.
Magazine articles
Maths included in discovering horoscopes.
Quite fun to do but not all that appearing as an article.
An article
Again it was pretty wasteful as there wasn't much info on it.
Very bored
Article in a magazine.
It was an article to help you cope with exam pressure etc. it had a few points about
maths exams.
I did not really have any.
Newspapers & documentaries.
About Math
Not interested in it.
Telegraph magazine
Lots of stuff about the importance of Maths.
Well, I'm not sure whether I was interested or not, it was not a boring article.
Dont remember any clearly.
documentry on scientists, at home
the peeople were smart
they tended to look funny
When I saw in dynamics. (Growth population).
I remember the relationship of the formulas with the graphs showed.
It was fascinating! Mathematics became real to me.
History of Zero.
Calculate to Fibonacci number. 1 3 5 - - It was interesting of doing it.
Chinese (Japanese) Mathematician.
Not sure
Very difficult and challenging.
Too many columns.
E=MC Squire Channel 4.
Einstein's theory of relativity.
Library in Swindon.
Cannot remember
Teaching about maths to a younger age group.
It's useful for young children.
Dirty desperados meeting lesson home.
Don't know only vasly remember it at school properly.
Questions and answers.
I don't think that deeply when watching a Maths program.
Game was a Maths game and it had a circle on the front.
The title (can't remember though ) end this dudes fire.
Uhhh ok, that's cool, now lets play the game!
Revision, videos.
Songs and large coins.
It was fun and maths was fun.
Maths in a Maths lesson.
The film was very old. It told us about fractions.
As the film was pretty old it was really hard to be interested or keep a straight face
when a lady with bug glasses appeared.
Einstein porn
I can't remember the name.
About how he could picture numbers in his hand and see sequences easily and he
could do massive sums in his head very easily.
I was in one of how clever he was and how he brain worked by seeing and
visualizing numbers sometimes as colorus.
Cartoon characters of Mathematicians.
Portrayed as nerdy etc.
Neutral. It's an unfair portrayal but everyone gets stereotyped-not just
Mathmatics and I saw it in school.
It was division.
It was boring.
The story of 2.
An Arab made a barter with beans.
It was directed to much at people who already knew about Maths.
Maths games
Maths games. You have to collect items by getting past doors, but you get to answer
a question.
Maths games. Cool.
There name followed by what they found.
I am unsure.
Can't remember
Children's learning problem.
Basic Maths, too simple not entertaining.
Don't remember
Say weirs sums.
A Maths game.
It was quiet fun.
On one game about adding.
Answering the question.
At home
It was rather boring.
I didn't like it.
Dull tebiars.
Google, Albert Einsten.
His beard and weird hair.
Don't know the name - heard it in assembly at Campshoane Junior School.
In the ends.
It was sick.
Navy Boy
The Maths games.
Maths revolution?
An article about how maths was evolved as a subject and a way of life etc.
It was interesting to know the history of Maths and its evolution.
Was hammer at a store.
Use Maths to work out who wins the game.
It's a great game but is very time consuming. It incorperated Maths and art (creative
designs etc.)out of my favourite things.
When someone talk to me about history of ships.
I remember that Archimedes was the one who came out with the best shape for a
ship. He came out with the shape of a parabola.
I was so surprised, as I enjoy the creation of Mathematics from hundreds years ago.
I think it was a good way for her to get into Maths & help her learn.
Just it being hard to do.
Numbers, tables etc.
Maths is important it is needed in all of the jobs. e.g. Accounting, Bank,Tteacher etc.
I remember the symbol layout and easy to read.
The question were hard but it was made symbol.