Enhanced Personal Health Care: Support Roles for Your Organiz

Enhanced Personal Health Care:
Support Roles for Your Organization
The following support staff members are available to California provider organizations to support all aspects of
participation inEnhanced Personal Health Care. The level of interaction of the support team may vary by
organization. Our general mailbox is: [email protected]
Network Director for Payment Innovation Programs – Travis Herzog
Phone: (818) 234-2752 Email: [email protected]
The Network Director for Payment Innovation Programs (“Network Director”) is responsible for the strategy and
implementation of the Program. The Network Director is the lead point of contact for provider organizations to address
contracting and operational elements for the Program.
Contract Advisor – Maria Nimfa Lui
Phone: (818) 234-0973
Email: [email protected]
The Contract Advisor provides support for practice operations, implementation and ongoing maintenance of the
Program. This team member organizes local meetings and collaborative learning events for the provider
Care Consultant Sr. – Andrea Thurman
Phone: (702) 556-7941 Email: [email protected]
Care Consultant Sr. – Maryrose Coughlin
Phone: (805) 335-7512 Email: [email protected]
The Care Consultant Senior is a quality improvement specialist who is responsible for consulting with provider
organizations to improve the effectiveness and efficiencies of practice activities that impact quality, cost of care and
patient experience. This team member helps practices identify and target high-risk populations and develop
corresponding strategies to optimize outcomes, leveraging hot spotter reports and gaps in care reporting.
Referral Specialist – Suzette Campbell
Phone: (805) 713-0134 Email: [email protected]
Referral Specialist – Stephanie Dempsey
Phone: (804) 354-3404 Email: [email protected]
Referral Specialist – Chad Glass
Phone: (502) 889-2699 Email: [email protected]
The Referral Specialist works closely with the Care Consultant and is responsible for processing referrals that
practices submit to health plan-sponsored programs. The Referral Specialist provides support to the Care Consultant
with initial introduction of program requirements along with care planning and care coordination program curriculum.
This curriculum includes non-clinical topics such as promoting the use of program tools (reports, toolkit, MMH+) and
referrals into health plan-sponsored programs.