Anthem Take Home Quiz

Anthem Take Home Quiz (Open Note)
Assigned __________________
Due ______________________
Please use one word answers from your Anthem notes to complete the analogies.
1. liberate: enslave :: dystopia : __________________
2. flashback : previous :: diction : ____________________
3. objectivism : optimistic :: collectivism : __________________
Answer the following questions using short answer, brief responses. Since this is an open
note quiz, spelling counts!
4. Why is the society in “Anthem” considered to be collectivism?
5. Define “subjugation” and include its part of speech.
6. Who is the main character?
7. What two transgressions did he commit in Chapter I?
8. The main character renames Liberty 5-3000. What is her new name, and why is
renaming someone a transgression?
9. What is the unspeakable word?
10. How does the unspeakable word connect to the philosophy behind collectivism?
11. What is the foreshadow in Chapter II?
12. What do we call the main character’s discovery in Chapter III?
13. True False
Ayn Rand is the author of Anthem.
14. True False
Anthem is a work of nonfiction.
15. True False
Anthem was first published before WWII, specifically, before the
German invasion of Poland in 1939.