Chapter 25 review

Chapter 25 review
Agricultural Revolution
enclosure movement
Crop rotation Industrialization
domestic worker/cottage industry
mass production Entrepreneurs
middle class
factors of production
upper class
working class
rural area
urban area
steam engine
Cotton gin
Spinning Jenny
Communist Manifesto
multi-national company Wealth of Nations
Labour Party
Laissez-Faire/free market system
Jethro Tull
James Hargreave
Eli Whitney
James Watt
Robert Fulton
Richard Trevithick
Reform Acts
Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
Public Health Act
Reform Act 1832
Factory Act 1833
Mines Act 1842
10 Hours Act 1847
Reform Bills (1832, 1867, 1884)
Education Act 1870
1866- The American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to animals is
1869 Wyoming Territory grants women the right to vote
1871 Woodhull and Claim’s weekly published
1873- Comstock law is passed
1874 Woman’s Christian Temperance Union WCTU is formed
1874 Chautauqua movements take shape
1876 Johns Hopkins University graduate school established
1879 Henry George Published Progress and Poverty
1879 Dumbbell Tenement is introduced
1879 Mary Baker Eddy established Christian Science
1879 Salvation Army is formed
1881 Booker T. Washington becomes head of Tuskegee Institute
1881 American Red Cross is formed
1882 First Immigration- restriction of Chinese is formed
1883 Brooklyn Bridge completed
1883 Metropolitan Opera House is built in NYC
1882- Mark Twain publishes Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
1885 Louis Sullivan builds the first skyscraper in Chicago
1886 Statue of Liberty erected in New York harbor
1887 American Protective Association APA formed the Hatch Act
1888 Edward Bellamy published Looking Backward
1889 Jane Addams founds Hull House in Chicago
1889 Moody Bible Instituted established in Chicago
1890 National American Women’s Suffrage Association is formed
1893 Lillian Wald Opens Henry Street Settlement in New York
1893 Anti-Saloon League is formed
1893 Colombian Exposition held in Chicago
1897 Library of Congress Opens
1898 Charlotte Perkins Gilmore publishes Women and Economics
1900 Theodor Dreiser published Sister Carrie
1910 National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is
founded, NAACP