Short Stories Test Review


Pre- AP English 9 Short Stories Study Guide TEST ON THURS., 10/9! Literary Terms to Review

Be able to define the following literary terms and provide/recognize examples of these terms from the short stories we’ve read in class.

• • • • • • • • • • • Protagonist Antagonist Static character Dynamic character Flat character Round character Major character Minor character Indirect characterization Direct characterization Simile • • • • • • • • • • • Metaphor Symbol Hyperbole Personification Figurative language Setting Exposition Initiating event Rising action Climax Falling action • • • • • • • • • Resolution/denouement Plot Suspense Theme Mood tone Verbal irony Situational irony Dramatic irony

Study Strategies for Reviewing Literary Terms

 You may want to go over your literary terms flashcards from earlier in the year and have a parent or friend quiz you.  Look back on old assignments to see where you have identified these terms before.  Look back at your Literary Terms Quiz from earlier in the year.

Short Stories to Review

Be able to summarize these stories, recognize significant quotations from them, and answer multiple choice questions about the characters, plot, theme, and any other literary terms in these stories.

 “The Most Dangerous Game”  “The Sniper”  “The Necklace”   “The Possibility of Evil” “The Scarlet Ibis”  “The Cask of Amontillado” You can find the online texts of these stories to review on our classroom website:

Study Strategies for Reviewing Short Stories

 Create a plot diagram for each story.   Make a list of characters in each story and their traits or important details about them. Try explaining the story out loud to yourself, your parents, or a friend.

Paragraph Structure Concepts to Review

You will not have to write a paragraph, but you will have to read a Perfect Paragraph and analyze it. Be ready to answer questions about…

 The topic sentence,

focus, and purpose

of the paragraph  The supporting examples of the paragraph, as well as

organization and development

 Correct

quotation and citation

format, including punctuation

Study Strategies for Reviewing Paragraph Structure

 Review your various paragraphs.   Review the rubric we use for paragraphs in Pre-AP 9. Review your notes on Paragraph Structure and the sample paragraphs that we have analyzed in class.