POLS 3510-01

POLS 3510-01
Spring Semester 2014
Dr. Nadia Farah
Class hours: WU 3:30-4:45
Office: HUSS 2012
Class Room HUSS C130
Email: [email protected]
The aim of this course is to acquaint the student with the problems faced
by three quarters of humanity who live in “Third World Countries” and
the possible solutions to the problems of poverty and inequality. The term
Third World might be dubious after the collapse of the so-called second
world (the socialist bloc). However, the literature has retained the label.
Third World countries have opted since the mid-seventies to get
integrated in the Global economic system. Many have implemented the
IMF and World Bank prescription of structural adjustment policies
(SAPs) that relies on an export oriented strategy and the curtailing of the
role of government in the economy. SAPs resulted in increased income
inequalities, high unemployment rates, Increased poverty levels and
spiraling foreign debt.
In this course we will investigate the characteristics of developing
nations, theories of development, problems and policies such as growth,
poverty and income distribution, population growth and economic
development, unemployment, urbanization and rural-urban migration,
education and development and rural development. We will also
investigate the international problems and policies such as the role of
foreign trade, the debate about the role of trade and third world debt and
stabilization policies. Finally we will investigate the critical issues for the
21st century in terms of globalization, economic transition and
international economic reform.
Michael P. Todaro: Economic development. New York: Addison –
Wesley, 7th edition, 2000.
Course Requirement
Two Assignments
Mid-Term Exam
Final Exam (Comprehensive)
Class Policies
1. No one is to enter the classroom after the instructor
2. Cell phones are to be switched off
3. No taping of lectures
4. Cheating during written exams is heavily penalized. A student caught
cheating will earn an F for the Whole course and will be referred to
AUC Academic Integrity Committee.
5. Students are required to submit two written assignments (not less than
5 pages each). Plagiarism is a serious academic offense. To avoid the
suspicion of plagiarism, the instructor may ask students to present the
rough work used in preparation and submit to an oral exam. If
evidence of plagiarism is found, the student will automatically earn an
F grade for the whole course and he/she will be referred to AUC
Academic Integrity Committee.
6. Late assignments will be penalized by a subtraction of 2% of the
grade for each day of the first week. No assignments will be accepted
after the first week of determined date for submission and the student
will earn an F grade on the assignment.
7. 10% of the grade of every written assignment will be based on
“Adequacy of English Usage.” This policy will not apply to
graduating seniors in the Spring and Fall semester of 2004.
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