Name: Jackson Keller - New Hanover County Schools

New Hanover County Schools
Wilmington NC, 28412
Accessibility Study for Building
____Initial participation of school administrator or delegate
_x___Follow up meeting with school administrator or delegate
DOE: 12-09
School: College Park Elementary
School Environment: The campus is wide spread with 3 main separate learning pods
and 3 learning trailers, a separate office, and a separate cafeteria. All trailers have ramps
leading to them. Covered wide concrete pathways lead to all disconnected buildings. All
doors open out, pull to enter, push to exit.
Building A’s main entrance is accessible; back door (A3) exits on a hill and the concrete
path has a ½” gap from one section to the other at one point. A’s side exit has a 2” drop
from door to concrete path.
Building B and C are connected. Main entrances to these buildings are accessible. The
back door and side door of B has a 2” drop off before the concrete pad. Entrance B2 is
accessible. C rear exit has a 6” drop off with the other rear exit having a 2” drop off.
Building D: There are 3 exits/ entrances. The side and front entrances are accessible
with the back having a small dropoff.
There are 2 curb cuts near visitor parking and one ramp at the front of the building.
Handicapped parking is located as close to the office as possible with full access to the
Bus Drop-off to entrance: At front of building. A ramp of about 10’ is present which is
uncovered until the walkway is reached and has no side guards. Other than the ramp is a
curb which ranges in height from 6” to 12”. Once on the walkway, the area is covered.
Parent Drop-Off: Uncovered area until concrete pathway is reached. Concrete pathway
is sloped to the parking lot and accessible.
Classrooms: All classrooms have adjustable height tables or individual height adjustable
desks with attached book area. A bathroom is shared between two classrooms in every
building except B.
Hallways: The school consists of 3 main classroom buildings which are separated from
one another in pod style. The classrooms are located on the perimeter with wide open
areas in the middle.
Cafeteria: Located in a separate building at the front of campus. Pull out doors are
present with minimal threshold lip. The backdoor of the cafeteria has a 1” drop to the
walkway. Cafeteria table height is 27” with wheelchair seating at the end, having
clearance underneath of 24 ¼” height and 18” depth. There is a stage in the cafeteria
which has an automatic lift.
Bathrooms: Building B has gang bathrooms with very small stalls and no handicap stall.
A wheelchair would not be able to fit into the stall. There are no mounted transfer bars.
There is no private area for changing.
In all other student buildings, a bathroom is shared between two classrooms. These
bathrooms have a single toilet for boys and one for girls. The bathroom itself is very
small, not allowing room for a wheelchair. In the girls stall in SE classroom, there is a
grab bar mounted to the wall. There is neither a private location for a changing area nor
room for a changing table. The toilets are 16” high. Sinks are 24 ½” high with a 4” lip,
exposed pipes being underneath.
A staff bathroom in D building and B building is spacious and would allow a wheelchair.
There is a pull down heavy changing table which would not allow transfer onto in D but
possibly in B. This table is 19” high and 36” long. There is a grab bar between the toilet
and the sink. Building A has no staff bathroom. There is a small inaccessible bathroom
in the office and in the counselor’s office in building C.
PE: No PE instructional area is located inside. PE occurs on a very large playground
area which is accessible by concrete walkways to a mostly hard packed/grassy area.
These concrete paths have some relatively steep declines going out and inclines coming
in. A concrete walkway leads to a graveled track. There is full concrete access to a
covered concrete outside area. A concrete path connects to the main playground area
with a low crossable barrier at one point. The surface is covered in chips. The swing
area is fully enclosed with a barrier height and the surface is covered in chips.
Art: Located in building B. Tables with computers are adjustable in height with good
clearance underneath. The art tables are not height adjustable at 28 ½” high with a 4” lip,
good clearance underneath. The sink is at 29 ½” with no undercut for wheelchairs.
Music: Located in a separate trailer with a ramp, between office and building A.
Children sit on hard plastic bleachers.
Library: In building B/C. Books are mainly placed on low shelves with very few high
shelves. Tables are at fixed height of 26 ½” with 4 ½” lip or 24 ½” height with same lip.
Tables have good under clearance.
Nurse: Located in office building in a spacious room. Plinth is 18” high and
approachable by a wheelchair.
Computer Lab: Tables are not height adjustable. Table height is 26 ¾” with a 1” lip
with good underage. Class is located in building C.
Outside: The kindergarten playground has a concrete path leading to it and a barrier cut
to allow access. It is a fenced in area with the ground covered by pine straw and mulch.
A bucket swing is available for use. See PE.
Water Fountains: Building A – 27 ¼” height upright from the floor, no wheelchair
accessibility. Building B – 35” high with wheelchair accessibility. Building C – Tall
upright fountain with no wheelchair accessibility. Building D – 26 ½” high with
wheelchair accessibility.
Evacuation: The entire campus is one story. Most exits are fully accessible with push
out doors. Some exits have drop offs, these being mostly the rear exits of buildings.
Gayle Bell/PT
Physical Therapist
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