LIST of the Business Delegation of the Penza Region to Finland (23

LIST of the Business Delegation of the Penza Region to Finland (23-26.October 2012)
JSC Penza Region
The Corporation represents Penza region priority
investment projects:
Airport reconstruction; Sura river embankment
reconstruction; construction of a typical low-rise
building; wood raw materials; industrial park
“Kizhevatovo”; brickyard; the reconstruction of
the plant on concentrate production for child
feeding and juices; construction of plant
manufacturing cement fiberboard plates and
cement fiberboard wall panels at Nikolsky district
of Penza Region; construction of a plant for glass
sand production and processing, realization of
glass industry investment projects; goffer packing
and goffer wrapping production; building of the
multisectoral enterprise on extraction and
processing of the green earth (glauconite); cattle
hide processing; building of a hotel complexes on
the territory of the city of Penza; building of the
hothouse complex for vegetables production;
construction of a logistical complex class «А»;
building of the plant for ochreous clay extrusion
and mineral pigments production; construction of
oil-extraction plant for processing of oil crops
(sunflower, canola, camelina); building of the
enterprise for extraction of painting sand for the
mineral pigments manufacture; building of a
factory on road metal production; growing roses
for cut; sugar production.
"Penza Region Development Corporation" JSC is a
regional operator of priority investment projects of the
Government of Penza Region. It implements the interests
of domestic and foreign investors as well as the
government, facilitates the implementation of dynamic
industrial, and socially important infrastructure projects
of Penza Region. In addition, the Corporation directly and
indirectly provides conditions in which participation in
such projects become profitable for private investors,
primarily through the formation of mechanisms of
management, distribution and minimization of the risks
inherent in long-term projects.
Areas of activity of "Penza Region Development
Corporation" JSC:
Attracting investors to implement investment projects in
Penza Region;
Assistance in organization and implementation of
investment projects aimed at development of economic
potential of Penza Region, as well as support of small and
medium businesses;
Conducting forums, conferences, circular tables, seminars
and briefings on regional, national and international
Development of infrastructure of industrial zones and
industrial parks;
Development of public-private partnership;
Increasing investment attractiveness of the region;
Formation of mechanisms of interaction between
investors, implementing investment projects with the
JSC Penzadieselmash,
Export of diesels, turbocompressors, spare parts.
Transmashholding Group
Repair and overhaul of diesels and
of companies
public authorities of Penza Region on the basis of the
Construction of administrative business transport logistics facilities.
Export/Import operations.
In addition, "Penza Region Development Corporation"
JSC is engaged in collecting and processing information
received the state statistical agencies, tax authorities,
ministries and other government agencies, as well as from
research institutes and agencies, representatives of private
Thus, "Penza Region Development Corporation" JSC is a
multisectoral organization, which has a unique experience
in managing investment projects.
“Penzadieselmash” oJSC is a large enterprise producing
diesel engines, turbochargers, components for diesel
building factory. Enterprise was established in 1949.
“Penzadieselmash” oJSC is a member of “
Transmashholding ” oJSC, the largest Russian company,
consolidating the leading enterprises of transport
Consumers of “Penzadieselmash” oJSC are enterprises of
Russia and CIS countries. The largest of them are «RZD»
oJSC, Bryansk Engineering Plant, Kolomna Engineering
Plant, « Volgodieselmash « (Balakovo). Foreign
customers are enterprises of Mongolia, Kazakhstan,
Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, Cuba.
It produces: diesels D50 (locomotive diesels PD4A 1-1PD4D, ship diesels 5DG50M, 6DG50M, stationary power
supplies PD5), repair and overhaul of diesels;
turbocompressors (for locomotive diesels and ship
diesels, stationary power supplies, heavy dump trucks,
gas motor compressors), repair and overhaul of
Scientific research
institute of industrial
Dmitrienko Aleksey
spare parts for diesels and turbocompressors;
water and oil pumps, elastic couplings, shaft turning
mechanisms, pistons and other items for various sizes
Cooperation in the sphere of sensor production for
compressor and diesel engine building.
Measurements” oJSC (“SRIPM”) is a parent company of
the Federal Space Agency. “SRIPM” oJSC is a member
of “Russian Corporation of space instrument engineering
and information systems” oJSC.
“SRIPM” oJSC specializes in development and supply of
sensors, transducers and measurement systems of
diagnosis, management, monitoring and emergency
protection for spacecraft, military, aviation equipments,
nuclear power stations and other industries.
“SRIPM” oJSC develops and distributes:
sensors for measurement absolute pressure of 2
mmHg up to 45 MPa, excess pressures from 0,001 to 300
MPa;differential pressure range from 1.6 to 1000 kPa;
rapidly varying pressures from 0.0005 to 30 MPa;
acoustic pressures from 84 to 194 dB; deformations of ±
3000 microns / m; efforts from 0.02 to 4000 kN; torsional
moments from 60 to 250 nm; linear displacements from
0.1 to 16000 mm; angular displacement from 0 to 360
deg.; speed from 0 to 130,000 rev / min; linear
accelerations from 0.028 to 200,000 m/s2; angular
accelerations of 1.5 to 4500 rad/s2; mass flow rate from
120 to 35,000 kg / h;
 temperature sensors;
 switching pressure and liquid level;
weighing devices and other measuring instruments.
Export/Import operations;
GRAZ works with the enterprises of the fuel and energy
Financial director
Import of spare parts for tankers;
Tires import (the company is interested in direct
contacts with Nokia company).
Is looking for welding equipment.
Pensensky les trade
house Ltd.
Wants to visit deciduous wood processing and
wood charcoal production companies.
Is looking for companies interested in cooperation
in the sphere of wood processing.
The principal of the
Kamensky college of
industrial technologies
and business
The deputy director on
work with social partners
of the «Penza
multisectoral technical
secondary school»
Cooperation in the sphere of professional
education, experience exchange.
Are interested in visit of colleges and places for
professional education (colleges etc.) and in
system of the social partnership: education and
Want to attend schools and colleges train people
for: welding, confectionery, IT, car mechanics,
joiners, tailors.
The principal of the
«Serdobsk multisectoral
technical secondary
industry, the oil companies, civil engineering firms, the
airports and other organizations. It produces qualitative
including aluminum, trailers-tanks, bituminous tanks,
petro carts, black oil trucks, vacuum cars, etc.
Wholesale of conifers and deciduous wood.
Wood charcoal production.
Professions: cook, confectioner; tailor; electrical engineer
on repair and electric equipment service; tractor operatormachinist of agricultural production; welder; seller,
controller-cashier; secretary; mechanic (the mechanic on
car repairs, the mechanic on fuel equipment); mason, the
electric welder of manual welding.
Head of the chair
“Selection and seedgrowing” of Penza State
Agricultural Academy,
Innauchagrocentre Ltd.
«MedEng» CJSC
Acquaintance to a science and practice of seedgrowing of agricultural crops and plant growing as
a whole.
Acquaintance to system of work of the centers of
capitalization of scientific work.
Directions of the industrial activity:
- Manufacture of original seeds of grain and leguminous
cultures grades;
- The organization of reproduction of grain and
leguminous cultures in the seed-growing scheme;
- New grades grain and leguminous cultures launching on
the market.
Export of the products, experience exchange.
Scientific-Production Enterprise «MedEng» was
established in 1994 in the city of Penza. The main
purpose is to develop and produce high-tech and highquality medical products, such as artificial heart valve
MedEng-2. At present 70 percent implanted artificial
valves used in Russia and CIS countries are produced by
«MedEng» CJSC. Company has many years of
experience in producing and selling Innovative medical
MedEng-2 valves have a world-class quality. This is
confirmed by the patents of Russia, the United States and
the European patent.
 artificial heart valves;
 sterile surgical suture materials;
 sterile disposable scalpels;
 sterile surgical gloves;
 carbon napkins.
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