student packet 11n12 physics

Welcome back to GP School for the 2014/2015 school year.
Dear 11th/12th grade students:
I hope you had a good summer holiday. Welcome to the Physical
Sciences course. My names are David Ogaro and I am very excited to
be guiding you through this course.
Please read this packet and keep it in your binders, as it is very
important to help us get started and go about this course. Print out the
last page-agreement. Sign it and give your parents/guardian to sign too,
then return a hard copy to me.
My goal is to assist you grow in the scientific world, become
confident, learn how to develop curiosity of the world around you. I
hope you will use the skills, knowledge of science and technology in
your personal and social decisions. You will certainly have other
questions not covered here, and I will always welcome your questions,
and assist you as much as I can.
To create a favourable atmosphere for teaching and learning, it is
important to know what it is expected of you and what you can expect
from me as your teacher.
Learning Science is an adventure and the best way to learn is to know
how you learn best, being curious, proactive and inquisitive. I will
make my class interesting, stimulating and adventurous. Do not fear
making mistakes or voicing your fears, for we learn from mistakes.
And remember you are unique and special from everybody else.
Compete with your own self.
Course: High School Physics
Textbook: Holt Physics
Course description: Physics is the study of matter, energy, and the
interaction between them. What that really means, is that physics is
about asking fundamental questions and trying to answer them doing
observations, measurements and experimentation through scientific
Course Outline
Semester 1:
Semester 2:
Chapter 1: The Science of Physics
Chapter 9: Heat
Chapter 2: Motion in One
Chapter 10: Thermodynamics
Chapter 3: Two-Dimensional
Motion and Vectors
Chapter 4: Forces and the Laws
of Motion
Chapter 5: Work and Energy
Chapter 6: Momentum &
Chapter 7: Circular Motion &
Chapter 8: Fluid Mechanics
Chapter 11: Vibrations & Waves
Chapter 13: Light and Reflection
Chapter 14: Refraction
Chapter 12: Sound
Chapter 16: Electric Forces and
Chapter 17: Electrical Energy
and Current
Chapter 18: Circuits and Circuit
Chapter 19: Magnetism
Chapter 20: Electromagnetic
Grading System:
Class work 15%
Quizzes and Tests 30%
Home work 10%
Activities 20%
Projects 15%
Participation 10%
Late assignment policy:
Unless late assignments are accompanied by a signed valid excuse
from the parents, the grading policy will be as follows:
One day late: 10% penalty
Two days late: 20% penalty
Three days late: 30% penalty
After three days, late assignments will be marked but not be
graded but may be accepted as a part of the learning process.
Quizzes: are given either with a preset date or as a pop quiz.
Tests: will be given at the end of each chapter.
Final exams: at the end of each semester you will be given a final
semester exam, the date of which is set on your school calendar.
Semester 1:
For semester 1 a small project will be assigned within the first 5
weeks. For the rest of the semester, you will be working on your
Science Fair project which is scheduled during the beginning of
semester 2 (please refer to school calendar).
Semester 2: After Science Fair is finished, you will be assigned a
small project as a finale to the academic year.
Required material:
 A4 Copybook.
 Binder with U-shaped files and dividers.
 White lab coat.
 Pencil colors, pencils, erasers, ruler, glue stick and scissors.
 Sketch book & index Cards.
Please note that the school will provide the students with GP
copybooks at the beginning of the school year. If the copybook is
lost, students are required to purchase a new one from the
school stationery shop.
Class Rules:
 Obey the school rules.
 Come to class on time.
 Always be prepared with your book, notebook, calculator
and pencil case.
 Come to the lab with your lab coat on.
Raise your hand for permission before speaking. Do not
fear to speak out. Listen attentively.
 Keep your desk and area clean. Tidy up the class before
you leave.
 Do not eat in class. Do not yell in class
 Respect others and respect your learning environment
and the school property.
Have a positive attitude towards learning and always do
your best.
Participate in class and ask your questions freely.
 Be a respectful & responsible person.
Always treat others the way you like to be treated.
My Past Experience:
I graduated from Kenyatta University, Kenya with an honors in B.
Education (Science)-Mathematics and Physics and B. Philosophy
(Education) Science at University of Warwick, UK, graduating with
honours in June 2000.
I have taught for seventeen years through which I have travelled a
little-as a tourist, participant in teacher exchange programs,
workshops and as an educator in different countries including
Switzerland, Netherlands, France, Belgium, India, UK,
Mozambique, Uganda, Tanzania and South Africa. I started
teaching Mathematics and Physics at Braeburn Group of
international schools offering IGCSE and A-Level, where I took up
the responsibility of Mathematics Head of Department from
January 1997 until August 2003. I joined Aga Khan Academy in
Mombasa, Kenya in 2003 and taught IBMYP, IBD and A-Level Pure
Mathematics and Mechanics. I then moved to South Africa
lectured Mathematics in Engineering Department in a FET college
in Boksburg. I later, joined Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for
Girls, South Africa as teacher of Mathematics and finally relocated
to India and taught IB Diploma Mathematics and ToK.
In summary I taught IGCSE, A-Level Math and Physics (three years),
FET Engineering Mechanics Math, IEB Math, IBMYP Math, IBDip
Math/ToK and KCSE Math/Science-in Kenya, South Africa, India,
Swaziland and now Egypt.
I have great passion for learning and am still studying accounting
sciences with the University of South Africa. My childhood dream is
to wind surf and pilot a jet plane.
Communication Methods:
Feel totally free to contact me through the following methods:
Email address: [email protected]
Class Blogs:
Student Handbook (it's the student responsibility to hand it to me)
David Ogaro.
Your Grade 11/12 Physics teacher. (Room F 222)
Having read this document, I kindly ask you to sign below as an acknowledgment of
receipt. This also means that you have read and understood what is expected from the
students and how the course is expected to operate.
If you have any questions prior to signing this document, please do not hesitate to contact
me at your earliest convenience. I am always here and will be more than happy to clarify
or explain anything in this packet.
Once again I welcome you to a new and hopefully fruitful and beneficial academic year,
and I am looking forward to working with all of you.
All the best,
David Ogaro, B.Ed (Sci), B. Phil (Ed)
Student’s Name
Parent/ Guardian’s Name
Teacher’s Signature
Student’s Signature
GP School 2014/15
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