Pre-IB Science II: Fall Semester Syllabus

Pre-IB Science II: Fall Semester Course Calendar
Week 1
HW Assignments
Aug 27
Introductions and procedures;
Safety review; Summer Review
issues; Start Review Quiz
Chemistry Formula
Modern Chemistry Sections
10-1, 10-3 (through p. 321);
11-1, 11-2
Complete Review Quiz; Return
(1) signed safety contract and (2)
student information sheet
Aug 29
Go over Review Quiz answers;
Gas properties and behavior
(KMT for ideal gases, individual
gas laws and ideal gas law); class
practice with GFS method
HW issues; Quiz: Gas Laws;
Pressure (definition, units,
measurement), Dalton's Law of
partial pressures; in-class
Chapter 10 Notes
Chapter 11 Notes
KMT & Gas Laws ppt
Sections 10-2, 10-3
(Dalton's Law): 11-3, 11-4.
Complete Gas Laws WS #1; Gas
laws quiz next time!
Gas Laws Day II ppt
Gas Laws Lab
Unit Review: Gas
Begin work on Gas Laws WS #2;
Pre-lab questions: Determining
Molar Mass of an Unknown Gas.
Gas Behavior Test Review
available for download.
Sep 5
Quiz results; Lesson: Graham's
law of effusion, gas stoichiometry
Gas Stoich ppt
Complete Gas Laws WS #2;
Begin working on unit review
Sep 9
HW issues; discuss pre-lab
questions; Lab: Determining Molar
Mass of Butane; complete and
discuss results and post-lab
questions in class
Sep 11
Unit Test: Gas Properties
Sep 13
Test results; Lesson: Liquid and
solid states (KMT, intramolecular
and intermolecular forces)
Sep 17
Lesson: Changes of State and
Sensible and Latent Heat, heating
and cooling curves; phase
diagrams; in-class examples
HW issues and reteach; Lesson:
water and its properties,
calorimetry; Introduce lab: Specific
Heat of a Metal
Week 4
Week 3
Week 2
Sep 3
Sep 19
Lesson Topics
Complete unit review and study
for Unit Test: Gas Properties
Chapter 12 Notes
Forces ppt
KMT of Liquids &
Solids ppt
IMF (pp. 189-193)
States of Matter (Sections
12-1, 12-2)
Phase changes (pp. 372382)
Heat capacity (pp. 511-514)
Complete Section Reviews 12-1
and 12-2 (pp. 366, 371)
Change of State ppt
Thermal Energy ppt
Section 12-4 (Water)
Phase Diagrams/IMF WS
Specific Heat WS
Water Properties ppt
Heat Capacity by
Calorimetry ppt
States of Matter
Calorimetry problems WS
Do prelab questions for Specific
Heat lab:
Download unit review packet
Sep 23
Week 6
Week 5
Sep 25
Week 7
Complete review packet, study
for test: States of Matter
Chapter 13 notes
Sep 27
Lesson: mixtures (solutions,
colloids, and suspensions), factors
that impact dissolution rate (how
fast) and solubility (how much),
solution units of measure
Colloids, and
Solutions ppt
Solutions ppt
Molarity & Molality
Oct 1
Test results
HW issues
Heat of Solution w/demo
Chapter 13 Quiz
Lesson: ions in aqueous solutions
(dissociation of ionic compounds,
ionization of molecular
compounds, precipitation
reactions, predicting solubility, net
ionic equations, strong
and weak electrolytes)
Discuss Sweet 16 Tournament
results; Continue discussion of
ions in aqueous solutions (review
dissociation of ionic compounds,
ionization of molecular
compounds, weak and strong
Quiz: Ions in Solution;
Lab: Ions in Solution.
Chapter 14 notes
Unit Test: Solutions
Chapter 15 notes
Test results
Lesson: Introduction to Acids and
Bases (Properties, Naming,
Arrhenius and B-L Theories)
HW issues
Lesson: pH, pOH, and conc.;
Solving pH problems
Chapter 16 notes
Acid-Base Part 1 ppt
Acids and Bases pdf
Oct 3
Oct 7
Oct 9
Oct 11
Oct 16
Week 8
HW issues
Lab: Specific heat capacity of
unknown metal; complete post-lab
in class
Unit Test: States of Matter
Oct 18
Chapter 13: Solutions
Ch 13 section reviews (pp. 400,
410, 418)
Solutions & Solubility WS
Temperature & Solubility WS
Concentration Units WS
Section 14-1 (Ions in
Aqueous Solutions)
Section review (p. 433) Chapter
13 Quiz next time
Aqueous Solutions
Sweet 16 Ion Tournament
Solutions Unit
Pre-lab: Ions in Solution;
Quiz next time: Ions in Solution;
Unit review: Solutions
available to download.
Acid-Base Part 1 ppt
Sections 15-1, 15-2 (Acids
and Bases)
Section 16-1 (pH)
Section 16-2 (Titration)
Complete lab writeup, complete
Unit Review: Solutions and study
for test
Section reviews (pp. 462, 468)
Acids, Bases, and Salts WS 1
pH Practice Problems WS
Week 9
HW issues
Lesson: acid-base titration
(with demo)
Factors influencing sol’n pH
Oct 24
HW issues
Lab: Titration of a Weak Acid with
a Strong Base
Oct 28
Unit Test: Acids, Bases, and Salts
Chapter 17 notes
Section 17-1
Section review (p. 524) and
Reviewing Concepts questions 14 (p. 547)
Oct 30
Test results
Introduction to Thermochemistry
equations, exothermic and
endothermic reactions, heat of
reaction, heat of
formation, heat of combustion,
Hess's law).
HW issues
Thermochemistry continued (heat
transfer methods review, reaction
driving force, enthalpy, entropy,
and free energy and reaction
HW issues
Lesson: Reaction Kinetics (how
fast will a reaction
proceed, factors influencing
reaction rate)
Oxidation-reduction reactions
(oxidation numbers, recognizing
redox reactions)
Thermochemistry ppt
Section 17-2
Thermochemistry WS 1
Calculations ppt
Sections 17-4, 19-1
Enthalpy, Entropy, Free Energy
Week 10
Oct 22
Nov 1
Week 11
Nov 5
Nov 7
HW issues
Lab: Iodine clock kinetics
Review thermochem, kinetics,
Titration ppt
Kinetics ppt
Redox ppt
Acids, Bases, and Salts WS 2
Pre-lab: Titration of a Weak Acid
Unit review available to
download: Acids, Bases, and
Complete lab writeup
Complete unit review and study
for test: Acids, Bases, and Salts
Redox WS 1
Pre-lab questions for Iodine
Clock Lab
Unit review available:
Check out Holt Physics textbook
from book room
Complete lab writeup
Complete unit review and study
for Thermochem/Kinetics/Redox
Week 14
Week 13
Week 12
Nov 11
Nov 13
Nov 15
Nov 19
Nov 21
Nov 25
Week 16
Week 15
Dec 2
Dec 4
Dec 6
Thermochem/Kinetics/Redox test
Lesson: 1-D motion
variables (distance travelled,
displacement, speed, velocity,
average and
instantaneous quantities, graphing
displacement vs time
Test results
Investigation: Speed variables
HW issues
Lesson and Investigation: :
Acceleration and its measurement
Share acceleration lab data
1-D Kinematics with example
HW issues
Lesson: acceleration due to
gravity, free-fall problems
HW issues
Chapter 2 Quiz
Quiz results
1-D Motion and Kinematics
refresher and test review
Test: 1-D Motion and Kinematics
Physics Formula
Chapter 1 Notes
Chapter 2 Notes
Holt Physics Section 2-1
Displacement-Velocity WS
Section 2-2
Complete lab writeup
Position-Time Graphs WS
Complete lab writeup
Velocity-Time Graphs WS
Section 2-3
1-D Motion WS
Free-fall WS
Chapter 2 quiz next time
1-D Motion and Kinematics
review available for download
Complete 1-D Motion and
Kinematics review sheet and
study for test
Chapter 3 Notes
Section 3-1
Skim 3-2 and 3-3
Dec 10
Test results
Lesson: Vectors (representation,
resolution, addition/subtraction/
multiplication by a scalar
HW issues
Projectile Motion in 2-dimensions
Dec 12
HW issues
Lab: Horizontal projectile
Section 3-4
Practice with Vectors WS
Vector Addition WS (extra credit)
Projectile Motion WS
Read instructions for Horizontal
Projectile lab
Complete lab writeup
Practice 3E (p. 104)
Section Review (p. 109)
Chemistry Review sheet ready
for download
Week 17: Exams
Dec 16
HW issues
Review for Semester Exam:
Dec 17
Dec 18
Dec 19
Dec 21
Winter Break: December 23-January 6