The Coyote


Amazing Creatures: The Coyote

The Coyote has earned its place as one of the most adaptable animals in the world. They are now found in a wide variety of habitats, including urban areas.

They can now be found in most areas of North America . This success is a result in the way coyote can adapt and be flexible in changing its social lifestyle, breeding habits, and its diet.

They identify their territories with urine. They have a range of calls which are used to defend their territory, to communicate with each other, and for general social bonding. They hunt alone, or in pairs.

Sensitive senses of smell, sight and hearing allow them to survive successfully in the wild and in urban areas.

Never feed Coyotes! As with other wild animals, this action results in the coyote depending on humans for food, and in some National Parks they are found to beg for food. This is a dangerous situation. Irresponsible actions such as indiscriminate feeding and leaving food for coyotes, deliberate or accidental, can result in a dependency of Coyotes on humans for survival.

Numerous occurrences of people being bitten by Coyotes are reported each year. Left alone, they are easily capable of surviving and finding their own food source, using the natural food chains!

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