Story Answered by Student Name: .#______ 10 pts. Participation

Story Answered by Student Name:___________________________________________________Per.#____________
10 pts. Participation
Story Project Template
Seriously Silly or Simply Serious Story Created by: Name:______________________________________________
Application of “Context Clue”
(optional) Partner(s) Name:_________________________________________
Vocabulary Lessons 1 & 18
Lesson #1: threshold, audible, subtle, candid, notorious, idle, conspicuous, modest, diaphragm, lenient
Lesson # 18: acute, hesitation, hysterical, irritable, ridicule, tendency, timid, turmoil, vague, wretched
1. Use the above words (remember, you have their definitions/denotative meaning on “Exercise 2” of both
lessons, so refer to them while completing the story.) Cross-off the words as you use them to help
yourself keep track of which ones are still available choices.
2. Your gifted classmates have double-checked their story sentences for context clues which they have
underlined and put in italic-style font to make them stand out for you as you complete the story.
My/Our story is about: (this is the “context.”) a teacher of “Gifted Students” who sometimes gets frustrated with
her work. (This is Mrs. Wolf’s example which you will delete on your own story and then put in your own story
1/2.Because she has a ____________ personality, Ms. Coyote will be the first to tell you the truth that on most
Monday mornings, she has a _____________________ to start off the day in a bad mood.
3.Last Monday, before she even got near her classroom, Ms. Coyote could hear ____________________highpitched screams that sounded like out of control monkeys in a bad zoo; those sounds were definitely coming
from room 132!
4/5.When she hurriedly opened the door and stepped over the __________________, she was appalled by the
disturbance and complete _____________________that greeted her within.
6.Now, no one would ever describe Ms. Coyote as being ________________; in fact, most people find her to be
quite bold and never frightened of anything.
7/8/9.However, when she saw her frightened students standing on chairs and the large, ___________________
creatures that were crawling all over her classroom floor, she used all her lung power and the strength of her
___________________ to let out a scream that was so____________________ throughout the entire school
that even the secretaries in the front office heard her!
10/11. There was nothing _________________about Ms. Coyote’s disgust and terror, as she then shouted,
“How did these __________________ snakes get in here?”
12. After her scream and shouted question, every student became ____________ ; not one dared to move.
13/14.Suddenly, Bob, a ______________ seventh grader known for his cruel pranks, began to laugh as he
jumped off his chair, and without any _____________________, quickly picked up a snake in both hands.
15. Instantly, Ms. Coyote’s usually ________________ mind realized her foolish mistake; the snakes were all
rubber fakes!
16.If she hadn’t been so ____________________ and impatient to discover the cause of her classroom turmoil,
I still need to use lenient, modest, ridicule, and vague. I planned to do so in two more sentences, but I wanted this example to be just
one page. Yours most likely will be two. This is a CHALLENGE, so get to it!