ENG 096 Summarizing Assignment: Complete the Summary Outline

ENG 096 Summary Paragraph Assignment
First stage of the assignment: Complete the Summary Outline for “The Ways We Lie”
by Stephanie Ericsson in Resources for Writers with Readings, 2nd edition, 758 – 765.
The topic sentence should include the three elements of a good summary topic sentence:
the title of the article, the author’s full name, and the main idea of the entire article. Each
major supporting detail of the article is the type of lie and its definition. For this
assignment, do not give any minor supporting details or examples. Also, remember that
this is a summary of what this author has stated and is not the place for your opinion.
Due: __________________________________________________________________
Second stage of the assignment: Using the Summary Outline as a guide, create a oneparagraph summary of “The Ways We Lie.” You may want to refer to the sample
summary paragraph for “A Homemade Education” (448) in your textbook. This will be
the rough draft, which must follow the MLA guidelines sheet that was passed out in
class. Bring two copies of your rough draft to class on the assigned day for a peer
Due: __________________________________________________________________
Third stage of the assignment: Make any necessary changes on the rough draft for the
final draft. Be sure to revise your rough draft, following the guidelines in the
assignment’s rubric, paying particular attention to GPM. Print the final draft and
proofread it for typos. Turn in all stages of the writing process on the assigned due date.
Due: __________________________________________________________________