Aztec-Inca-Maya Research Paper

Aztec-Inca-Maya Research Paper
Calendar and Due Dates
Name: ______________________
Topic: _______________
May 5th – Research topic proposal
25 points for having proposal explained and turned in
May 7th – Note card formatting
10 points for 100 note cards
May 10th – Note card formatting, first day of research
May 11th – Note card research
25 note cards completed
May 13th – Note card research
50 note cards completed
May 14th – Note card research
60 note cards completed
May 17th – Internet research
80 note cards completed
May 19th – Internet research
100 note cards completed
May 20th – Inspiration/Outline
May 24th – Inspiration/Outline
Completion and order of all note cards
May 25th – Rough Draft
May 27th – Rough Draft
May 28th – Peer edit
Choose a neighbor to read over your draft
May 29-31 – Rough Draft rewrite
Use peer’s notes to revise your draft
June 1st – Paper turn in
Paper is due at beginning of class
for each day the you miss a due date,
there is a point reduction for your total grade